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Flat Dab Container with Wax Dabber

This might be the best dab container plus dab tool combo. The wax tool has two different heads for versatile handling of concentrates and this container could be confused with a make up accessory. Easily slips in any pocket and is rock solid for those seeking a travel container.
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  • Product Details

    Dab Tool Listing Includes

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    • Pocket Dab Container
    • Dab Tool

    Dab Container Tool Details

    • Container interior is a no stick silicone for easy wax access and no wax loss
    • Easily slips into any pocket for easy traveling
    • Wax Container - 2.5 inch diameter
    • Dab Tool - 4.75 inches long, made of stainless steel

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    • User Manual

      Is the Flat Dab Container and wax dabber for me?

      This bundle was built for the traveler but if you typically deal with a gram of concentrates or less, this container will work for you - it was designed for those on the move but also designed for those looking for discreet storage. In terms of portability, it is tough to beat, unless you have a giant pocket book that can fit anything, then it doesn't matter. But the ergonomic shape of the wax container allows it to easily slip in and out of any pocket. Of course it would not be complete without a dab tool for the handling of wax concentrates. This specific tool has two different sides at each end. There is a flatter end which provides for a wider scrape or scoop of wax, and the pointed end is better for precision dabbing when loading wax coils or dealing with domeless nails. Of course we offer other dab tool and wax container styles, but this bundle will work for most wax vapers and dabbers and it can easily serve as a great starter set or a cool new addition to the collection.