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Heart Dab Container with Wax Tool

$8.99   $11.99
This is the best dab container if you want to surprise someone special, plus it comes with a high quality dabber tool. The non stick container is perfect for safely storing wax concentrates.
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  • Product Details

    Listing Includes

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    • Heart Dab Container
    • Dabber Tool

    Dabbing Product Details

    • Very convenient for storing wax concentrates and can also be used for storing other items too
    • The dabber easy handles wax concentrates to leave your fingers sticky-free
    • Heart Dab Container Measurements -  0.5 inches deep interior, 7/8 inch tall with the top on, 2.25 inches at the widest point
    • Wax Dabber Tool Measurements - 5 inches Long
    • User Manual

      Tips for using the Dab Container

      1. Keep the dab container inside the freezer. The cold conditions will keep the wax solidified together so not even the smallest bit can get away. It will also make handling the wax very easy and less-sticky after removal from the freezer because it will be cold. 2. Some containers are for at home and some are for traveling. Use the smaller ones for traveling because as you move, especially in warm conditions, the wax may move around up and down the sides. So the less surface area there is for the wax to travel, the better. If you put a small gob of wax in a large container and go hiking in 90 degree weather, that gob will likely end up being thin layers of wax - usable, but not ideal.