Do Wax Pens Smell - Wax Vapor Analysis

Wax Pens are very discreet, but still will have a smell to them while vaping. Read further for answers on how much they smell, does the smell linger and more great tips.

by: Chelsea O. | 11/21/19 2:30PM


Face it. Traditionally smoking is known for having a very pungent odor. While users may like the scent, it can be difficult for users to mask or remove the scent quickly. However, unlike smoking dry herbs, wax and oil concentrates offer a new and more discreet option for users.


Short Answer – Yes

In short, yes, technically vapors do carry a smell with them. Like other devices, if you take a puff and blow it out in a circle of friends, you can and will smell the vapor. However, the scent you smell, may not be the familiar fragrance you are expecting. On the plus side, unlike other methods (such as smoking), the fragrance does not stay around for very long. In fact, the scent associated with vapors will dissipate fairly quickly into the air once you have blown out your hit.

While smoking herbs has a fairly strong scent, wax pens are significantly less fragrant. Often times, people do not associate the vapor smell with wax for a box mod vape. The reality is you could be sitting 10 feet away from another person, and the other individual will have no idea you are vaping a wax concentrate as it can easily be confused with e-cigs.


What does a Wax Pen Smell like?

It does not matter whether you vape, smoke, or dab a rig, you will have some form of a smell. While wax does not have as strong of a fragrance as smoking dry herbs, vaping wax will have a slight wax smell to it. The strength and type of scent will largely be determined by the puff size and specific wax you are dabbing. Although a user will not have to worry about the heavier scents associated with dry herbs, there will be a slight fragrance from the wax and the vapor you exhale.

In most cases, wax concentrates tend to have little odor until it is heated. However, this can change depending upon the type of wax concentrate being used. Like dry herbs, different strains, as well as types (ex. shatter, crumble, etc.), can alter the scent associated with the wax. Thankfully though, even at its worst, wax concentrate does not have an overwhelming smell. Therefore, it is still fairly easy to remain discreet as the scent will dissipate into the air fairly quickly.


Can you bake out a room with Wax Vapors?

Vapors are not smoke, but they can build up if there is not much airflow or circulation, therefore, it is possible to use wax vapors to bake out a room. As with any form of smoking, a key element to keeping your room pleasant is ventilation, and just because it is vapor, does not mean there is not a scent. After all, any vaping enthusiast will tell you - you cannot vape in a room without any airflow and expect it to smell like Febreze.


How to Minimize the Wax Pen Smell

It is important to remember that although wax does not have as strong of an aroma, you will experience some form of a scent while partaking with a wax pen. Thankfully there are ways to indulge while keeping aromas to a minimum. To help minimize the scent, keep these helpful tips in mind.

  1. Take Smaller Puffs– Since the scent is associated more with the vapor than the wax itself, taking smaller puffs of wax will create more compact and less visible vapor clouds. These tinier clouds will also evaporate much quicker than larger ones.
  2. Vape Outside or in Ventilated Areas – Airflow is key to keeping any type of smell to a minimum. Therefore, you will want a well-ventilated area where there is a constant flow of fresh air rolling in.
  3. Exhale your Hits Upward– Vapors evaporate fairly quickly. However, it is a heated material, and heat naturally rises. Therefore, when you exhale, you will want to face upward rather than towards the ground. This will prevent the heated vapors from having to rise into the air from the ground.
  4. Use a Fan to Blow out the Window– Another common approach to helping to eliminate smells is to use a fan. While inside, just face the fan out of the window and exhale your puffs directly into it. This will cause the vapors (along with the scent) to go directly outside.
  5. Try a Smoke Buddy– Although a smoke buddy is not mandatory for wax vapes, some enthusiasts insist on it. This gadget is said to help remove smoke and eliminate odors. You simply exhale your hit into it by blowing through the device.

Wax Pen Vapors vs Dry Herb Vapors

Wax pen vapors and dry herb vapors are very similar and more discreet than smoking. However, they do have some key differences. First and foremost, wax pen vapors and dry herb vapors smell and look differently. For example, wax pen vapors tend to be thicker with less of a scent.

How much of an aroma that is given off is up to the device (as some let off a stronger smell than others), and the type of product you are using. For instance, dry herbs tend to offer a stronger scent than wax. This is something to keep in mind if vaping discreetly is important to you. Due to the stronger aroma of dry herbs, it is more familiar to those around you and therefore is not usually confused with e-cigs as much as wax pens are.


Can I Vape with a Wax Pen and remain Discreet?

While wax vapors do have a smell to them, it is important to remember that all vapors. However, using a wax pen is still a lot more discreet than the traditional dry herb smoking or even vaping methods. Unlike smoke, vapors dissipate more quickly and thus are easier to ventilate and partake without others realizing what you are doing. Plus wax pens also do not look like a traditional form of smoking. They look more like e-cigs (which offer a variety of scents and flavors), thus the scent can easily be mistaken for one of the various flavors/scents associated with e-cigs and vaporizers.

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