Reasons to Vape Instead of Smoke

There are many reasons to vape instead of smoke and in this article, you will learn some of the more popular reasons why some smokers have turned to vaping.

by: Joe C. | 11/18/19 2:30PM


Vaping Doesn't Smell Like Smoking Does

To say that vaping doesn't smell would be incorrect, however, unlike smoking, vaping doesn't leave behind a smell that lingers for extended periods of time. The odor leftover from vaping dissipates much more quickly than that of smoking's odor and in the case of vehicles, it doesn't leave behind a nasty smell in the interior that's nearly impossible to eradicate. If you've ever purchased a used car that was previously owned by a smoker who smoked inside of it, you may still notice the smell that the smoking has left behind. In the case of cars owned by vapers, this simply is not the case as they continue to smell fresh even after extensively vaped in.


Your house, similarly, won't smell for an extended period of time after someone has smoked inside of it. The vapor produced by vaping simply will not cling to furniture and fabrics the way that smoke does, which is obviously a good thing as it allows for a more pleasant environment both for the vaper and those around them.

Of course, it may go without saying but vaping does leave behind an odor in its immediate wake, although it does disappear dramatically faster than the odor left behind by smoking.


Vaping Does Not Stain Your Teeth Like Smoking Does

A study conducted by BAT suggests that vaping, unlike smoking, does not stain teeth brown and yellow, at least not anywhere as quickly as smoking does. For those that care about the appearance of their teeth, this is a solid reason to switch from smoker to vaper. Smoking, as many already know, does stain teeth. There's no question about it. Years of smoking can and will leave your teeth discolored. Now, if you thought yellow teeth were bad, try brown because that's just what smoking will do to them.

Vaping, in comparison, may stain teeth but to a much lesser extent than smoking. So if you like those pearly whites looking pearly white, then you're going to want to vape instead of smoke because the difference is huge

On this note, vaping, unlike smoking, does not cause your breath to smell bad, at least not as bad. That's right everyone, you won't have that stinky smoker's breath if you're vaping, which is yet another really good reason to vape instead of smoke -- that is if you care about how your breath smells. If you don't care, well, take it from us when we say that there are those around you that may very well care about how your breath smells.

Smoking Produces Tar, Vaping Does Not

Inhaling smoke and lining your lungs with tar is never a good thing. Fortunately for vapers, there is no tar in vapor. With smoking, there most definitely is tar. However, especially given the recent news, vaping may contain something else that is potentially worse than tar, but studies are still ongoing and the results can vary widely

If you have to choose between tar in your respiratory system and no tar, the obvious winner is no tar. Tar, as it pertains to smoking, is a resinous, partially combusted particulate matter. When you inhale it, it lines the surface of your lungs. Does this sound like something that you want lining your lungs? The answer, if not already obvious to you, is no. This is just one more reason to vape instead of smoke.


Smelly Hands and Gross Fingertips? No Thanks!

Smoking can stain your fingertips, leaving them yellowish in appearance. Many smokers know this because they can see it. Not only can it leave your fingertips yellow, but it can also turn them brown. Gross, right? If that's not gross enough for you, it's worth noting that it can also make your fingers and hands smell terrible. Vapers don't have to worry about any of this because vaping does not leave the fingers or hands of vapers yellow or brown. Vaping also doesn't leave vapers with smelly hands.

If you like your fingers looking a nice healthy color, the color they're supposed to look, and you don't like having smelly hands, then you have yet another reason to vape instead of smoke.



Vaping Often Costs Less Than Smoking

Money, it's something most of us think about. With smoking, the costs can really add up over the years. Add to this potential healthcare costs stemming from smoking and the toll on your pocketbook can be seriously depressing. Fortunately for smokers who switch to vaping, vaping is often much less expensive than smoking and the savings can be extremely significant, especially for those on an already tight budget.

With cheap e-liquid, it's possible to save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. More interested in vaping concentrates or dry herbs? You'll potentially save there as well, as vaping is much more efficient than smoking. If you're vaping dry herbs, you even have the opportunity to save your leftovers and turn them into oil or butter, allowing you to cook with them and really get the most out of what you buy.

There are a lot of vape savings calculators online that will tell you how much you can save by switching to vaping. In the case of some former smokers who have switched to vaping, the savings annually have been so significant they've allowed for an extra vacation. Wouldn't you like to go on an extra vacation every year? If your answer is yes, which it probably should be, then you have another very good reason to give up smoking and hop on the vaping train instead.

Is it really that much cheaper? In many cases, the simple answer is yes. While your first vape kit might run you anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars, the amount of money that you will potentially save over the course of years when going with e-juices vs cigarettes can be huge. For many smokers, it's an investment that's worth making.


Reduced Social Stigma

Many smokers have experienced it before: a less than subtle cough from a bystander or a dirty look. This comes as a result of the negative light that smoking is seen in by many who are up to date on the latest findings of doctors and scientists who have studied the impacts of smoking on human health. Fortunately for vapers, the social stigma surrounding the usage of vapes is less than that of smoking, providing smokers with yet another reason to switch from smoke to vape.


No Ash, Just Vapor

Vapers don't have any need for ashtrays because vaping produces no ash. For smokers, this can be a welcome change.

Ash can get all over the place and prove difficult to clean, especially when it gets embedded fabric. As vaping produces no ash, vapers don't have to worry about their ashtrays spilling or finding places to ash. They also don't have to worry about ash falling on their lap or embers burning a hole in their pants or the seat of their car.

While a potentially minor reason to consider switching to vaping, the lack of ash is just one of many reasons for smokers to make the switch over to vapor.

Vaping Is Argued to be Less Harmful Than Smoking

This is a big reason to quit smoking and start vaping instead: according to the e-cigarette evidence review conducted by the UK public healthcare system's Public Health England, vaping has allowed a significant amount of people to quit smoking. This pertains to e-cigarettes versus cigarettes and the conclusion is at the heart of the UK public healthcare system's push to get UK smokers to switch to vapes.

The United Kingdom's public healthcare system has taken this into account and has made an array of suggestions, including allowing patients in public hospitals to vape, removing ashtrays from hospital grounds, converting smoking areas to vaping areas, and even allowing vape shops to open at a number of hospitals.

Their evidence review was carried out by independent experts who analyzed the vast amount of available scientific evidence concerning vaping. Their findings suggest that vaping is much less harmful than smoking. For smokers, this is perhaps the most important reason to switch to vaping.

However, with recent news out by the CDC linking over 500 deaths to vaping, the jury is still out.Vaping is still relatively new and the studies keep rolling in, along with the arguments for and against it It is fairly evident that vaping can get a person off cigarettes and eventually can get them to stop everything entirely, however, it is still not clear as to what the impact could be from these types of vapors, i.e. all of these e-liquid varieties available in different flavors.

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