VooPoo Box Mod Vapes - Reviews & Buyers Guide

VooPoo Vaporizers

Voopoo is a technology manufacturer that designs, produces, and sells a wide variety of vaping products including kits, pods, tanks, coils, mods, and related accessories. Voopoo vaporizers feature innovative, industry-leading technology, including their high-end 32-bit GENE.FAN chip, which delivers a 10ms firing speed (the world’s fastest).

Combined with attention to fashionable design, Voopoo focuses on providing the best vaping experiences to its four million users across 200 countries around the world.

Vaporizers Offered by Voopoo

Voopoo has developed portable vaporizers since 2014. Their product lineup consists of more than 80 different pods, kits, tanks, coils, mods, glass tubes, drip tips, and batteries—all of which are designed to work with e-liquid. In other words, if you require concentrate functionality, you will need to look at other brands.

Voopoo DRAG Vape

Voopoo’s DRAG lineup features eight different pod-based vaporizer models, which use a built-in 750mAh battery to provide up to 350 puffs per charge, with only a one-hour recharge time. The DRAG vape lineup also boasts an ultra-light 44g weight, a patented e-juice refilling mechanism, intelligent cold boot mode and power output for optimal flavor, and five different safety protections (switch timeout, short-circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, output over-current).

Voopoo PANDA Vape

Voopoo's PANDA pod system is about the size of a Zippo lighter, but houses a 1100mAh battery, a 5ml tank, and features vertical ventilation for more airflow. Each kit also includes two pods: one for nicotine salts, and the other for e-liquids. Together with four protection mechanisms, USB rechargeability, and 1.5-hour recharge time, the Voopoo PANDA was created with beginners and minimalists in mind.

Voopoo REX Vape

The Voopoo REX Vape is powered by the company’s innovative GENE.FIT chip, which is housed inside a durable stainless-steel shell and is available in a variety of trendsetting colors. The body also boasts a curved s-shape for better ergonomics that promote one-handed use. Additional REX vape features include dual coil and mesh coil tanks with fourth-generation 510 threaded connections, seven security protections, a magnetic battery door, and a unique filling mechanism that prevents leakage.

Voopoo MOJO Vape

Voopoo’s MOJO vaporizer features a minimalistic design with hidden buttons, along with a streamlined profile that’s small enough for one-handed use. Inside its housing is a built-in 2600mAh battery, an upgraded 32-bit GENE.FAN chip (delivers the world’s fastest firing speed of 10ms, according to the company), and six security protections. Voopoo’s UFORCE tank, which is part of their REX kit, is equipped with a three-channel venting system for big, flavorful clouds. Read our post about improving your e-liquid vape session to learn more!

VooPoo FAQ

Getting started with vaping and choosing the right vape for you can be a challenging experience, so as a result, it is common for nyvapeshop.com customers to have questions before making a purchase. Especially with all of the different features and price points, it can be daunting, you can get flustered, but do not worry, in an effort to make this process easier for you, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions about VooPoo Box Mod Vapes.

What is the Best Voopoo Vaporizer?

Like any other vaporizer purchase, the right Voopoo model will ultimately come down to your preferences. For example, the DRAG Nano is one of Voopoo’s smallest vaporizer kits, and also delivers one of the fastest battery recharge times. However, their CALIBER Kit offers a 3000mAh battery with 100W of output, if maximum power is at the top of your list. Feeling overwhelmed about choosing a vape? Relax and checkout our guide to choosing a vaporizer for easy-to-follow guidance!

Where to Buy a Voopoo Box Mod Vape

Voopoo is a very popular vaporizer brand, so it’s not uncommon to find them sold at your local head shop or vape shop retailer. You can also find many of Voopoo’s models here on nyvapeshop.com, the fastest online vape shop you will ever visit, and where shipping is always free, and our age verification helps prevent minors from purchasing!

How to Pack a Voopoo Vape

Learn how to fill any vape pen here. But how you will pack your Voopoo vaporizer depends almost wholly on the tank, pod system, or kit model you choose. For example, you will press a button on the top of the MAAT tank, after which you add e-liquid to the hole it reveals. Comparatively, the UFORCE T2 tank refills via a slot after sliding its mouthpiece to the side, while the RIMFIRE RTA is much more labor-intensive since it requires that you fully unscrew and disassemble the tank, wick the cotton, and manually add the e-liquid of your choice.

How to Adjust the Temperature of a Voopoo Vape

Not all of Voopoo’s vaporizers offer adjustable temperature functionality. And of the models that do provide adjustable temperature, not all of them operate in the same manner. For example, when it comes to the VINCI X and X Mod Kits, you will adjust the temperature using up and down buttons underneath the external LED screen. The ALPHA Zip Kit features similar, although larger, up-and-down buttons, while many of the remaining models require that you press their buttons multiple times in order to scroll between temperature settings. Get more details in our guide to adjusting your vaping temperatures

Are Voopoo Mods Worth It?

Compared to many other brands available in the marketplace, Voopoo vaporizers come with relatively competitive prices. In other words, considering their broad product lineup, there is almost certainly a Voopoo model that delivers the features you need at prices you can afford. Keep in mind that many of Voopoo's vaporizers feature proprietary technology, including some of their chipsets, as well as their patented child lock, which requires more significant research and development than some fly-by-night technology companies. Furthermore, many online customers report that their Voopoo vaporizers and typically last a long time, so it seems reasonable that you might experience much of the same.

How to Charge a Voopoo Box Mod Battery

Despite their broad product lineup, all of Voopoo's vaporizers are rechargeable via USB cable. Simply plug one end into your vaporizer or battery, connect the other end into a USB port (whether on a wall, computer, or another electronic device), and wait. Depending on your model, it could take anywhere from about an hour to fully recharge, to as long as multiple hours.

How to Use a Voopoo Box Mod

Given the different functionality between Voopoo box mod models, each one will come with its own set of instructions that outlines essential criteria such as how to pack it, how to adjust the temperature, how to use it, and how to recharge the battery when the time comes (to name just a few examples). However, there are some similarities between Voopoo’s models, such as pressing a front button to power on the vaporizer, pressing buttons (sometimes different, sometimes the same) to adjust the temperature when applicable, and recharging batteries using micro USB cables.