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Big Dab Containers & Dabber Tool

Treat yourself to a big silicone wax container with multiple pockets that keep various concentrates separated. Use the dab tool to easily scrape wax off the non stick surface and confidently store wax for when it is time to start dabbing.
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  • Product Details

    Dab Tool Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature, plus Worldwide Shipping Available
    • Large Dab Container
    • Wax Tool

    Dab Container and Wax Tool Details

    • Dab Container Details -
    • Hexagon Shape
    • has 8 separate pockets that can be used to separate wax flavors
    • Smaller pockets can be used as a dab tool stand too
    • No Stick Silicone Material makes gathering the wax easy, plus no stick means no wax waste
    • Measurements - 4-3/8 inch wide at the center, 1.25 inches tall with lid on
    • Wax Tool Details -
    • 4.75 inches long
    • has two different shaped sides for versatility when dabbing or vaping

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    • User Manual

      Do I need this big dab container for wax?

      If you like to have more than one concentrate on hand, you will need a storage container that has multiple compartments or pockets that allow you to separate the flavors. This dab container certainly fits that description and it can store up to 8 different wax concentrates without having to mix them. The non stick surface means there is no wax waste and the dab tool that is included works perfectly with it. The dabber has two differing ends so that you can be more versatile when it comes to handling the varying concentrate types. If you are looking for something super portable, you may want to opt for a smaller silicone wax container, one that can fit in a pocket. We have several single compartment wax containers that you can browse through. But if you don't plan to travel much with the container, this is a solid, at-home option because of its size and design. The small wax compartments can even double as a dab tool stand which makes this an even better dabbing accessory. Plus this silicone is super resilient, so unless you take an electric saw to it, the non stick container is just about indestructible.