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Dabber with Silicone Jar Skull

Quality dab tool for handling wax inside the smallest containers, chambers and coils. The no stick wax container skull is both stylish and very useful with an ability to hold wax or dry herbs.
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  • Product Details

    Dab Listing Includes

    • FREE US Shipping - Priority, Signature, plus Worldwide Shipping Available
    • No Stick Skull Dab Container
    • Wax Dabber Tool
    • choice of skull container

    Dabber and Jar Details

    • Dab Tool Length - 4.75 inches long
    • Skull Container Measurements - 2.25 inches Tall x 1-3/8 inches Wide
    • Dab Container Interior Diameter - 1 inch
    • Skull Jar Material - Food grade, no stick silicone

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    • User Manual

      What can the Dabber be used for

      1. Bowl Clearing If you are tired of paperclips and toothpicks, the dabber aka scrape tool is a permanent solution that easily clears any bowl after each use. The thin sharp end is great for clearing the way when residue starts to build up. 2. Dabbing with domeless nails The tool got its name for a reason and that is because it is popularly used during the process of dabbing. Wax is sticky and needs to be handled, plus it is being applied to a super hot domeless nail surface. The dab tool is ideal for handling the wax from container to nail top.