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Silicone Dab Containers with Titanium Wax Tool

This popular dab accessory goes hand in hand with wax pens and dab rigs. Store wax in these large, Honey Pot Dab Jars and use the dabber to easily access and handle the wax for loading wax atomizers or nails.
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  • Product Details

    Listing Includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Priority, Signature & International options available
    • 1 Honey Pot style dab container
    • 1 Dab Tool for wax

    Product Features and Details

    • Silicone Dab Container
    • Made of food-grade, non-stick, silicone material
    • Cool honeypot design gives this container a huge capacity to hold concentrates
    • Dab Tool
    • Best tool for handling wax when either loading a vape pen or dabbing with a domeless nail
    • Length - 4.75 inches

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    • User Manual

      Should I buy the dabber with a Honey Pot Dab Jar? You can't exactly go wrong here, unless you need to store an enormous amount of wax. Another reason to maybe look elsewhere would be if you typically store more than one wax flavor and prefer to keep them separate. Wax containers are available with separate pockets for each flavor. This honey pot is one spacious area that can easily store at least 5 grams of wax. It gets the job done, plus it has a lot of character which most dab containers lack. It clearly looks like a pot and says honey on the front so this is certainly something to consider for the average user. The top attaches securely and the surface is non stick, plus the dabber completes the set. This dab tool is very popular for a reason, mostly do to the differing end designs - one is very pointy for precision handling and dabbing while the other end of the tool is flatter and better for scraping and gathering. All in all, this is a great choice unless you want something with more compartments.