What Are the Most Common Vaping Mistakes

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it comes as no surprise many users are making the switch from traditional smoking to vaping. While many would love to have a flawless vaping experience from the get-go, this is not the case for most users. Many times, new users will feel overwhelmed or confused, and due to inexperience, they will deal with some form of a hiccup to prevent them from having the overall vaping experience they are looking for. To help ensure you have a better vaping session make sure to avoid falling victim to these common vaping mistakes.

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Mistakes Made When Buying a Vape Pen

When purchasing a vaping device, there is more than just picking a device to keep in mind. With so many hardware options, even with help, it can seem a bit daunting. To help avoid the most common device purchasing mistakes, keep these rules of thumb in mind

what mistakes do new users make

Not Purchasing Everything You Need

The cost of vaping can vary depending upon the device you choose, the material you smoke, and the quality of the product you choose. Like other smoking options, you will have more upfront costs than in the long-term. Prior to making your purchase, you should determine what items you need for your vaping experience. While there are a few mandatory items (such as the device and vaping material), the exact checklist you will want to consider is dependent upon the specific material you choose to vape

  • Dry herb users generally want a grinder, device, spare filter screen, and depending upon how often you vape, a storage container for your dry herb supply.
  • Oil concentrate requirements are dependent on whether or not you are using a disposable vape. If you do use a disposable option, they typically have everything you need in one device. However, if you purchase a vaping device you will need to determine if you want to use a refillable tank or disposable tank. Disposable tanks fit directly onto your device and can be thrown once you have finished the oil concentrate inside. Refillable  vape tanks will require additional gear such as a syringe or a refill kit to help with the refilling process. However, most users tend to prefer the disposable option when just starting out to make things less complicated.
  • Wax concentrate users will want to ensure they have a some wax tools like a storage container for their concentrate and a dab tool (for handling the wax).

Not purchasing everything you need

Getting the Wrong Vape Battery Size

An important part of your vaping purchase is the battery. This includes both the one it comes with and if you decide to get any spares. Before making your purchase, you need to understand mAh and what it has to do with your battery. In short, mAh determines how powerful your battery will be, and how long your battery will last for. For example, a 320mAh battery will last significantly less than a 900mAh battery. The stronger your battery is, the more powerful hits you can take.

However, just because the battery contains more mAh does not necessarily mean it will last as long. Vaporizers differ in how much power they use, and different materials use different amounts of power to vape. For example, a dry herb vaporizer could have 2400mAh, but since it is uses more power per vape session, it may last a shorter amount of time than a battery (box mod vape) used for an oil cartridge.

Buying Poor Quality Vape Products

When you first start vaping, there are literally hundreds of choices to choose from. Like many other devices, have a smaller price tag does not always mean it costs less in the long run. There are many low-quality or generic devices out there for purchase, and while they may have a smaller price tag, they will end up costing you more in the long run. This is because they are made from low-quality materials (such as poor-quality batteries or coils), so they do not tend to work well for very long.

While there are reasonably priced vaping devices out there, you need to make sure your first option is a reliable one. Otherwise, you risk having to deal with malfunction issues, leaks, or even device failure. To prevent a purchasing mistake, you should

  1. Always make sure to do some research before you make a purchase.
  2. Avoid choosing a generic option without any feedback about the product.
  3. Never make a random or impulsive choice when selecting a vaping device.
  4. Take the time to look up product reviews, forum posts, and other articles on the device you are looking into.
  5. Watch your choice in a battery. While you may find a great deal on a battery, sometimes what seems like a good deal can actually be a way for a store to get out old inventory. Remember you want a new battery that will continually provide you with the power you need and want, not something that has been sitting on the shelf for who knows how long.

Buying products that is broken

Purchasing the Wrong Device

When making a purchase, it is easy to want the best money can buy. Unfortunately, new users do not need all of the bells and whistles found with more advanced devices. Not only do these extras tack on to the price tag, but these additions can also seriously complicate the devices. New users need a vaping device that will fit their lifestyle, and to start with you just want a good quality simple device. New vapers should always start with something that is easy to use, provides a decent battery life, and that is small enough to fit into your pocket (in case portability is ever needed).

Another important factor in choosing your device is what substance you plan to vape with. Are you looking for an oil vape, a wax pen, one that will allow you to vape all three? In most cases, it is suggested to use one made specifically for the material of your choice. This will allow you the ultimate vaping experience. If the material choice does not matter, then a 3-in-1 option may be a convenient alternative.

Purchasing from a Non-Credible Business

It is always best to make your purchases from a reliable vaping business. While the internet allows you to have a vast array of vaping sites at your fingertips, there are many that are not reliable retailers. For example, many third-party sellers opt to sell products on platforms like eBay. This can cause multiple issues for the buyer. For instance, they could end up with counterfeit products, and no way to replace the parts within the device.

Only purchase from reputable vaping business. Vapes tend to require a lot of replacement parts over time (coils, batteries, etc.), and non-credible businesses generally do not provide these replacement parts. You want a business that only sells authentic devices and replacement parts and avoids selling any type of low-quality product. Just like the device you want to purchase; you should always research the vaping business from trusted sources before you ever decide to purchase any products from a specific site or store.

What Mistakes Do New Users Make When Vaping?

Users do not just make mistakes in their vaping purchase. Often times, new vapers can have just as many mistakes when trying to vape. To get the vaping session you want, remember to avoid these common vaping blunders.

Incorrectly Hitting Your Device

One of the most frequent mistakes new users make with vaping is hitting their device incorrectly. When to inhale, when to exhale, how big a hit, how long to hold the button to produce vapor; there are so many factors that you need to consider even before you make your first hit. While part of it is something you will determine with trial and error (such as what is the best hit size for you, or what type of inhalation method you want to use), part of it is also knowing what to do and how to do it. Make sure you do not overheat your device or overfill it. While it can be tempting to take short, fast puffs like a cigarette, it is better to take longer puffs. Remember longer puffs do not have to mean harder ones. Gently suck on your device to inhale the vapor. You want an even air pressure, not a rush all at once.


Not the best store

Taking Dry Hits

One of the worst things a vaper can do is take a dry hit. Not only will this result in a horrible, throat burning taste, but it can also damage your coil. To avoid this issue, always make sure you have enough concentrate on your device prior to taking a hit. At the first sign of having a low level of concentrate refill your tank or device chamber.

Not Staying Hydrated

No matter what type of material you vape, just like smoking one of the largest side effects users can experience is an extremely dry mouth. This is also referred to as cottonmouth. To help combat this issue and to maintain the balance in your body, always remember to hydrate by drinking as much water as you can.

What Mistakes Do Users Make With Their Vaping Device?

When it comes to vaping devices and accessories, there are many common errors vapers tend to make; and whether from lack of knowledge or just not caring, new users tend to make a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately, these errors can cause a variety of issues for the user later on. So to help keep your device in tip-top shape, make sure to avoid these common vaping device mistakes.

cotton mouth

Using Coils for Too Long

It does not matter what type of vaping device you use, the coil will not last forever. Over time residue collects and builds up on the coil, once it is thick enough, it will burn during your vaping sessions. This residue is will taint each and every hit you take with a burned taste. To avoid this horrible flavor, remove any residue you see building up and remember to replace your coils. Typically, a coil will last about one or two weeks before you will need to replace it. However, more frequent vapers may need to replace their coils more often.

Forgetting to Charge the Device

The battery of your vaping device is essential. Without power, it will not work. While having a good battery is key to a great vaping session, so is having the proper amount of power. Low battery power can cause one of two things. It will either not work at all, or it can cause serious harm to your device. Luckily there are a couple of ways to prevent this. You can choose to keep a few spare batteries on hand, or just charge your device when your session is over.

Not Taking Proper Care of Your Device

Most vaping devices come with a straightforward manual about the device. These are designed to be easy to follow and understand. Inside you will find proper care instructions to help ensure you do not do anything to your device that could harm it. Proper care is more than just maintaining your device. You want to ensure you store it in a safe place, keep it clean, and avoid neglecting your device. To help keep your device in the best condition you should always

  1. Check the device weekly for any accumulated residue or gunk. If you find any, remove the accumulation.
  2. Only use the charger or battery options specified for your device.
  3. Do not overcharge your device.

Not taking proper care of your device

Leaving Your Device Activated

You would be surprised at how many people will put their vaping device to the side, in their pocket, or somewhere else to go do something and forget that it is still on. While this may not seem like a big deal, this can seriously affect the overall life of your battery. Not to mention, you could cause more damage if the device is accidentally powered up while you are on the move. While some devices do have a built-in shutoff (where the device powers off after non-use for a specified time), the best way to ensure there are no issues, is to shut off your device whenever you are not vaping.

When done correctly, vaping can be an amazing experience. Thankfully, despite the many mistakes, you can make when it comes to vaping, you can steer clear of these issues by simply educating yourself, learning the proper way to vape, and knowing what you need to avoid. So, take precautions to avoid these frequently made mistakes and prevent yourself from ruining your vaping experience before it even starts.

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