What Is Vaping Etiquette Best Practices

Vapers fall into two categories - those who are worried about how they will be viewed and those that do not care. Unfortunately, simple acts like releasing clouds of vapor into the air at the wrong time or place can result in bystanders being annoyed or even disgusted. This is where vaping etiquette comes into play.

by: Chelsea O. | 10/05/20 1:30PM


What Is Vaping Etiquette?

Vaping etiquette is how you should act to be respectful and polite while engaging in vaping without offending others. Like other social activities, vaping can be viewed as intrusive or annoying to those who do not participate. While most of these rules should be viewed as common sense, it can sometimes be easy for people to overlook certain aspects. In most cases, being aware of your surroundings will help you to easily maintain these rules and to help portray a more positive image to those who are unsure of how they view vapers.

Why Is Vaping Etiquette Important?

Like any other social situation, vaping etiquette is important so you can be aware of how your actions can (and often will) affect others. Not everyone enjoys vaping and if you are not careful you can disturb or even offend those that are around you. By practicing good etiquette, you can not only be polite to those around you, but you can also improve the perception of those that vape and use a box mod vape or any others to those who do not.

Vaping Etiquette

Are There Designated Areas You Can Vape?

When vaping, people tend to prefer not to partake in a confined space. A closed space not only means your vapor will stick around for a lengthier period of time, but there is also the chance you may have to occupy the same space with others. Unfortunately, while you may enjoy vaping, others may not be a fan of the activity. So where are you allowed to vape? Are there areas you are to refrain from partaking?

Where to Vape

Where you can vape is very much a personal choice, but to avoid offending others, you should consider any areas you plan to partake. Common choices you can vape with a few simple steps include:

  • Go Outside - When it comes to vaping, one of the most logical places people tend to consider is outdoors. Like smoking, dry herb vaporizers you will want to consider those around them before they engage in the activity to avoid being inconsiderate or even offensive. Even when you are outdoors, you should take the time to find a location that is both downwind and far enough away from others where your vapor will not bother them.
  • In Your Car - While many users do engage in vaping in their car, you do need to be careful. While you can feel confident in the fact it is your space, you need to be careful to avoid any issues with the law. Make sure to roll your windows down to avoid any issues with impairing your vision, and always prepare your device to avoid any type of behavior that can be deemed reckless. However, the most important thing you need to remember is to think about anyone you are transporting. Just because you enjoy it, does not mean they do.
  • Partake at Home - The easiest way to avoid offending others is to vape at home. It is your personal space, and you have the luxury of doing what you would like to do there. Unlike smoking, you will not have to worry about the smell or any type of stain. However, you should allow your place to air out prior to having any company over.

Where is the best place to vape?

Where Not to Vape

Places you should not vape are both for your protection and the protection of others. By disregarding the rules of society, you could not only cause problems personally for yourself, but it could also cause issues with the law. This is because certain areas have strict rules regarding both smoking and vaping, and not following these rules can sometimes be punishable with fines or even jail time.

  • Any Form of Public Transportation - No matter whether you use a bus, taxi, plane, boat, or subway; you should always avoid vaping in (or on) any form of public transportation. Most public transports have their own rules regarding vaping, which is often that they do not allow it. This is also strictly enforced, and if you disregard these rules you could end up on the wrong side of the law.
  • At Work - Whether or not you should vape at work should be a no-brainer. Vaping at work is never a good idea. If you are trying to sneak in hits between job aspects, it not only makes you less productive, but it can also give you a bad reputation.
  • In the Presence of Children or Pets - You should always avoid vaping around both kids and pets. Many vaping devices are small and can be hazardous if not cared for properly. If left unattended, small children and pets could be harmed if left alone with the device. Plus, if children are very influential, so if a child sees you vaping, it may make them want to try it themselves.
  • Public Places - It is recommended to avoid vaping while in public places. Like smoking, many places may have designated locations for vaping. However, there may be additional restrictions and warnings. In most cases, it is best to think of vaping like smoking, and never vape where you would not be allowed to smoke.

Where not to vape

Are There Specific Things You Should and Should Not Do?

If you are a vaper, there will be plenty of times when vaping etiquette will come into play. Whether you are vaping out in a public area or having friends over, there are certain protocols you should always keep in mind. While these guidelines do not cover every aspect of vaping you should consider, these are some of the more important and general areas that every vaper should keep in mind.

What Should You Do While Vaping?

A vaping session with a wax pen or other kinds is not just about how to set up your device and partake in vaping. You need to consider where you are, who you are around, and various other aspects before you even begin to engage in the activity. Before you start your next vaping session, make sure to keep vaping guidelines in mind.

  • Ask for Permission - Whether you are at another person’s house, in their car, or even in another yard; you should always ask for permission before you do something. While they may not agree with what you would like to do, and sometimes they may decline your request, it is better to ask and offer respect to your host, than to offend them.
  • Be Mindful of Others - The number one rule of vaping etiquette is to be courteous and mindful of other people. This is especially true if you are engaging in a vaping session in an enclosed space. If you partake in a public place, make sure to follow their guidelines and only vape in the designated areas for smokers and vapers. If you are around those who do not vape, be courteous, and take it outside.
  • Be Respectful of Your Surroundings - Depending on where you decide to vape can change how you should behave. For example, if you are vaping at a friend's house, you want to ask permission and find out where they would prefer for you to partake. If you are outdoors, consider where others are situated. No matter where you hold your vape session you should always be respectful of your surroundings. Even something as simple as finding a less crowded location can make a big difference in how you are perceived.
  • Use Good Hygiene Practices - Whether you are new to vaping or vaping with friends, you should always wait until someone offers you their vaping device. Remember to be health-conscious if you do share a vape with others. Germs can spread easily. If possible, it is always safest to use your own device.
  • Use Your Common Sense - While this is not a rule per se. It is more of a preventative measure. Just like you would not smoke in bed while you are tired (to avoid starting a fire in your sleep), you should not vape when tired either. If you were to fall asleep a leaky vape could create a mess in your bed; or if you were trying to charge your device, you could charge it incorrectly and risk issues with your battery.

Vaping with friends

What Should You Not Do While Vaping?

Just like there are plenty of things you want to do before you vape, there are also plenty of things you should not do. This pertains to both before you vape and during your vaping session. To avoid appearing rude or offensive, make sure to avoid these common vaping blunders.

  • Avoid Being a Vaping Snob - Nobody starts vaping as a master vaper. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it is easy to forget how much you learn over time. Never mock or belittle another vaper for what device they use. You should always support and encourage other vapers. If they are up to listening, give suggestions on how to improve their vaping experience or offer information on what type of upgrades they are interested in hearing about. Remember, people choose their current device for a wide variety of reasons, and as long as it serves their purposes, who are you to judge?
  • Do Not Expose Others Who Want to Avoid It - Whether or not you agree vaping is not perfectly harmless, you should never expose vapor clouds to those who do not want to be around it. Think of it this way. You would not want someone to force you to be around something you do not, so do not force others to do the same.
  • Never Partake Near Sensitive Locations - You should always avoid vaping in front of children, pets, or any sensitive people. This also means you should engage in a vaping session if you are anywhere close to a school, medical facility, senior residential areas, and or similar facilities.
  • Never Blow Vapor in Someone Else’s Face - When it comes to things you should not do, the most disrespectful offense you can do while vaping is to blow the vapor into another person’s face. You should never commit this offense, even as a joke. In most cases, you should just follow the Golden Rule and treat other people how you would like to be treated. Plus, there is always the chance you could start a fight by engaging in this disrespectful act.

While these rules of etiquette are far from set in stone, they are a great guideline for anyone who is new to vaping. It can help to steer you away from annoying someone, looking ridiculous, or even getting into trouble. Although vaping can be a great pastime for all, you need to be respectful in how you do it.

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