10 Tips for Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD is becoming a highly popular way for individuals to enjoy CBD. Vape pens and vaping, most commonly associated with vape juice, wax, and herbs, is now also synonymous with CBD Oil vaping. Vaping CBD wax is also new and our CBD Vape Tips will guide you from start to finish, no matter the vapors.

by: Anthony E. | 11/14/20 2:30PM

  1. What Vape Will You Be Using? – If you plan on using a CBD compatible dry herb vape like the AGO, or an oil vape like the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, make sure you always have your unit fully charged in order to maximize its potential. You would not want to inadvertently stop treatment over a preventable issue such as this. Always make sure your CBD material is compatible with your device before attempting to vape it. Simply treat it as any other dry herb or wax you would vape and make sure your CBD is dosed properly inside your unit.
  2. Where Will You Be Vaping? – If you are using a stealthy dry herb device like the E-CLIPSE or Titan 2, then you can vape your CBD virtually anywhere. If you plan on using a thick cloud producing oil vape like the SteamCloud Box Mod or SteamCloud Mini 2.0, then you might want to consider medicating on the go, or at a more private space in order to properly benefit from a vape session. Just like any other material you vape, you will want to ensure that you are able to vape in the first place without consequence. Luckily, the dry herb stealth options are best for medicating in peace.
  3. Plan Your Vape Sessions Around Periods of Rest – Because CBD is designed for medicating those who experience pain, insomnia, etc, using a high-quality oil vape pen will be most ideal. The big clouds will translate to a smaller dosage, and you can feel free to enjoy the relaxation that accompanies it. Bedtime would be the best time for vaping CBD, and having a wax or oil vape would be ideal to give you the biggest dose with the smallest amount.
  4. Vaping vs Smoking CBD – Forbes breaks down CBD vaping in this article. And smoking CBD is not as useful as vaping it, since much of its medical value is lost during combustion. Vaporizers such as the AGO provide the best of both worlds, as easing the transition from smoking to vaping can be a seamless process. This is especially true for beginners and those who come from a smoking background. The AGO is one of the best vapes on the market for testing this out, as users can switch between modalities to find what works best for them. With just a simple glass screen, your device converts into a vape.
  5. Types of CBD – Always make sure that your material is compatible with the device you are using. If you have an E-CLIPSE for example, you would NOT be able to utilize CBD wax in your unit, as it is solely intended as a dry herb vaping device. However, you would be able to use that wax on the SteamCloud EVOD with a wax cartridge, being as how it’s a versatile combination vape capable of accommodating both modalities. CBD oil would only be able to be used in box mods and oil pens that can accommodate e-juice. No matter what you choose, always make sure you start with the lowest concentration of CBD and work your way up as needed.
  6. Dosage – Your dosage of CBD will depend heavily on the type of vaporizer you are using. Only you know how much you will be able to medicate with once you start at the lowest dose and work your way up to a therapeutic level that suits your needs. If you have a dry herb vape, using high CBD strains will be your thing. Wax and oil vapes need less in order to be effective, with oil vapes producing the thickest clouds. Naturally, your dose would be minimal using this kind of vape, like the SteamCloud Stylus.
  7. The Right Temperature – Because wax and oil vapes come with preset heat settings, you will have to pick which one works best for you. Dry herb vapes like the E-CLIPSE and Titan 2 provide the most control over your temperature settings, utilizing dry herbs as their modality. You will want to dial in your preferred temperature, noting that the boiling point for most CBD sits around 356 F. With a dry herb vape, start at 325 and work your way up to 430 until you find your sweet spot anywhere in between those ranges. Most vapes will not go beyond those ranges anyway, so it really is all about trial and error.
  8. Which Vape is the Best? That really is a hard question to answer, being as how everyone’s needs are different, and everyone has their own preference. When it comes to vaping CBD, there are many who will choose to go for a dry herb vape like the AGO or the E-CLIPSE coming from either a smoking or beginner’s background. Other users will prefer the power of an oil vape to deliver the dosage they need in order to get the most out of their sessions.
  9. What if it is My First Time? – You will probably want to first experience a dry herb vape like the AGO if you come from a smoking background. This will ease you into the vape scene without overwhelming you in the process. For those who want to know where they stand on the CBD tolerance spectrum and go full on, you can go for the E-CLIPSE or the Titan 2. It would be strongly advised to stay away from vapes that produce massive clouds like oil vapes. If you plan to use one with minimal dosage, use the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 on the lowest voltage.
  10. Try to Vape in Private – This will ensure that your sessions go undisturbed and you get the most out of your experience. This goes true for any vape you decide to use, though using a stealth CBD vape like the E-CLIPSE would be highly recommended out in public. It goes without saying that sharing your vapes would not be a good idea during a time like this, and you get the most medical value out of your CBD when consuming alone. No matter what vape you decide to go with, try to remain inconspicuous in your sessions by limiting the amount of people or activity during your sessions.

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