Vaped CBD vs Topical CBD

In the medical community, CBD has come to be known as a therapeutic compound that can be used to alleviate symptoms ranging from inflammation and headaches to pain and anxiety. Depending on how it is used, CBD can be applied either topically, ingested orally, smoked, or even vaped. Of all the options available, vaping and topical usage seems to have the most pronounced effect. While ingesting also works, it takes a while to kick in and is not as quickly absorbed in the body. In this article, we will be looking at the two most popular forms of consuming CBD today.

by: Anthony E. | 10/20/20 1:30PM


Topical CBD

While not as powerful as vaped CBD, topical usage is meant for a very localized part of the body, such as a sprain on an ankle or a bruise. The pain-alleviating properties of CBD makes this a very practical alternative to other products on the market such as arnica and Tiger Balm.

Topical CBD is not meant to be used in any other way than externally on the skin. Compared to CBD, topical applications can also be absorbed through the skin to treat the patient as a whole, though the effects are very negligible. You best bet is to vape the CBD in order to experience the full range of therapeutic effects.

This is usually reserved for more serious cases such as internal inflammation, anxiety, and other issues that require more than just a topical application. While topical CBD will remain a worthy option, vaporization is said to offer a faster-acting method.

Tpoical CBD lotion

Vaped CBD

The best and most practical method used to administer CBD, vaporization covers a wide range of issues, with certain modalities working better than others. For beginners or those looking to transition into vaporization for the first time, a dry herb vaporizer such as the AGO from Dark Side or the E-CLIPSE would be very worthwhile options to consider.


Other vaporizers such as the SteamCloud Box Mod Vape are more advanced and capable of vaporizing CBD in its various forms, such as dry herbs, wax, and oil. For those looking to have a bit more control over their sessions, it is highly recommended to get a hold of one of these 3 in 1 vapes. Because vaporization hits the lungs during inhalation, medicinal doses are administered accurately and can be experienced by the patient more quickly.

Of all these, oil vaporization produces the biggest clouds with the least amount of material. Less is more while using an oil vape such as the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, as CBD oil is concentrated and can deliver a massive hit. Conversely, oil vapes are easier to use as their heat settings are preset and can usually be activated with either the push of a button or by simply drawing in your breath.

It is worth mentioning that those who wish to keep their sessions more private while being on the go would do well to consider looking into a dry herb vape that is small and ergonomic so that you can vape while on the go. The vapors produced by combustion vaporizers are very discreet and dissipate into the atmosphere quickly.

Vape CBD

Which Method is Better?

It is tough to say as the answer to this question can be dependent on one’s own preferences.  However, some would say the winner here is vaped CBD in a vape tank, since it can cover a much wider range of conditions in a very versatile setting. More control is given to the patient in terms of dosage by variable temperature settings and inhalation methods.

Topical applications are reserved for very acute and localized conditions. In fact, it would be advisable to even combine them in order to benefit the most from the healing aspects of CBD. Vaporization removes the mess, is easy to maintain, and can be used for the long run.

The clear winner would be the vaping method for its sheer delivery method alone that can also benefit conditions reserved for topical applications. Ultimately, it will be up to the user whether he or she will want to go with a dry herb vape for dry herb CBD, a wax vape which can be more powerful, or the strongest delivery method of oil concentrate vaporization.

It should also be noted that because oil vapes produce so much vapor, having a session in private would be highly recommended when medicating. While users can go for a dry herb vape while being on the go, oil vapes are notorious for leaving behind both a visual and olfactory indication of what you were doing. Privacy is paramount to ensuring a safe and therapeutic CBD vape session.

Which Method is Better for CBD


CBD Vaping Tips

While we already mentioned that combining vaped CBD with topical CBD can maximize healing potential, vaping CBD alone can be all you really need. In fact, with such a small amount of CBD required in a vape such as an oil pen like an EVOD vape pen, you can come to find that the sheer thickness of just one cloud of vapor is all you need to have a proper vape session.

Naturally, you will want to make sure that you always have replacement coils, atomizers, charging cables, and any other tool or smoking accessory that will aid in maximizing the best experience possible. Whether you end up with a dry herb, wax, or oil concentrate vape, you will want to keep in mind that keeping your unit fully charged will ensure you have an uninterrupted vape session.

The main area of focus when it comes to maintenance will always be the mouthpiece, and you will want to make sure not to tip over your oil pen to prevent leakage. Despite being vapes, none of these require any serious cleaning like a bong or a pipe would.

No matter what your choice is, the vape you end up choosing will ultimately be up to you. Just make sure it serves all your needs and try to go for a combination 3 in 1 vape to cover all your bases as you grow into other vaping modalities.

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