What Can I Use to Vape CBD

Depending on the type of vape that you need, you can use a variety of different vapes to deliver the experience that you want. Some vapes are better than others when it comes to producing thick clouds, while others are better for quick stealth hits while on the go. Users from all walks of life and professional backgrounds all use CBD to combat pain, anxiety, etc. The type of vape is important to determine what you need, how it should be administered, and how long it will last.

by: Anthony E. | 11/03/20 2:30PM


Dry Herb Vapes for CBD

The majority of dry herb vapes on the market will be suitable enough to accommodate the requirements to vape CBD properly. Because CBD has a boiling point of 356 F, most dry herb vapes will be able to reach this temperature. To get more vapor, you can turn the temperature up to as high as 428°F

However, it is important to consider that not all vapes are created equal, and so the dry herb vape that you end up using will be dependent on your individual preferences. Dry herb vapes such as the E-CLIPSE and Titan 2 offer the user full control over their vaping temperatures and are ideal for maximizing CBD’s healing potential in a session.

Other vapes such as the AGO from Darkside are ideal for those transitioning into the vaping world from a smoking background, or those just starting out on the vaping scene. Because combustion vapes such as this have no temperature control and actually burn the herbs, it will be up to you if this will end up serving your needs for whatever happens to ail you.

Eclipse and Titan 2 with a brick background

Wax Vapes for CBD

Because wax comes in a variety of forms, having the right wax vape will be crucial to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. A CBD wax vape like the SteamCloud EVOD and Mini 2.0 or the Pulsar APX would be most ideal for vaporizing CBD wax.

While the vapors produced by wax will not be as pronounced as an oil vape, less is needed for a wax vape due to the high concentration of CBD. This translates to shorter sessions and saving money in the long run on to deliver the CBD you need.

This makes it an all-around device for getting the most out of your CBD products. Other vapes work by switching out the atomizer and adjusting the voltage to the coils. Most of these have preset heat settings.


Wax Vapes for CBD

Oil Vapes for CBD

The most heavy-hitting of the three, oil vapes for CBD can deliver those big fat clouds that are notorious for creating smoke-like vapors. Most oil vapes that are designed for e-juice are compatible with oil tanks that can be used to vape CBD oil.

Vapes such as the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 are perfect for this type of vaping and can accommodate any strength of CBD. Another perk is the dosage delivery, as higher concentrations of CBD can be apparent through the massive vapor production, less is needed to achieve the desired effect.

With just the push of a button or by drawing in your breath, the device is activated and instantly delivers a big hit which provides the user with the convenience of vaping on the go and having much shorter vape sessions.

What is the Best Type of Vape for CBD?

Depending on your experience level and personal preference, it would be highly advisable to start out with an entry vape if you are new to vaping in general. Combustion vapes such as the AGO are great for smokers and former smokers, beginners, and seasoned pros alike.

The versatility that this vape provides will ensure a great demographic will be pleased by its ability to vape and combust dry herbs. By inserting a glass screen, the vape converts into a convection vape. Wax can also be used in the AGO by placing the material on the coil and taking a hit. Those who smoke will be pleased by the vape’s ability to ignite dry herb CBD to deliver medicinal doses without using an additional lighter.

The simple button activation streamlines your sessions without over complicating things. Other vapes like the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 are also known as combination vapes that can do the same thing. These are perfect for those wanting a little bit more control over their temperature settings and for those who want to also vape oil vape tanks for their CBD.

What is the best type of vape for CBD

CBD Vaping Tips

Whether you end up choosing a dry herb, wax, or oil vape, always make sure that you have the right type of vape to suit your needs. The best tip we here at NY Vape Shop can provide to you is to recommend a 3 in 1 vape to cover all your bases and work your way up to a modality that suits your needs the best.

Some people choose to start out with smoking then they eventually move over to vaping. After starting off with say a dry herb vape, they can then move onto a stronger modality which offers more strength while using less material. This is especially true for CBD users.

A combination vape will be the most versatile type of vape to have, as users can seamlessly switch between their preferences. Another great tip to remember is to always keep your units charged to ensure the best possible experience with every session. Never use charging cables that are broken or incompatible with your unit, and always keep them away from direct sunlight.


The last tip which is probably one of the most overlooked, is to simply have enough coils and replacement parts. Coils eventually burn out in wax vapes and having more than one atomizer for your oil vapes is never a bad idea. Always keep your device in tip-top shape, having all your accessories handy, and you will never have a bad session while vaping your CBD.

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