CBD Oil Vape Pen Guidance and Expert FAQ

One of the most common ways to consume CBD is by vaping CBD oil. Most commonly available in prefilled, 510 threaded cartridges, CBD oil cartridges can be connected to various vape pen styles to satisfy all your vaping needs. If you are in the market for a vape pen, we have dozens for you to peruse right here, along with expert reviews and how-to guides to get you started.

by: Joe C. | 10/26/21 1:30PM


Choose CBD Oil Vape Pens

Variable Voltage CBD Vape Pen

CBD vape pens offer a wide variety of different customizations and options and one of the most important options is the ability to customize the voltage output. Some vape pens come in a single voltage, which function alright, but they greatly limit the range of CBD product and brand you can use. CBD oils vary in their viscosity, requiring varying voltage. Even the cartridges themselves can have varying resistances that require tweaking to get the ideal vape. A vape pen with variable voltage opens the door to all different kinds of brands and distillates to use.

CBD Oil Vape Pen Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery is also going to vary depending on what vape pen you decide to purchase. It is important to be familiar with how long your battery can last because, once it goes out, there is no way to vape the CBD oil until the vaporizer has been recharged (and vape pens cannot be used while recharging). Most can be charged with a micro-USB cable, but if you plan on vaping frequently, a large battery capacity is absolutely necessary.


Get a Vape For Your CBD Oil Vape Pen

The most common way to get CBD oil is to purchase a pre-filled cartridge or vape pod. The universal style has a 510 threaded end. The cartridge is then attached to the vape battery and is good to go for vaping. It is super easy! Of course, not all cartridges are the same, so ALWAYS make sure to get a vape that will work with your cartridge of choice. In addition, the cartridges have different strengths of CBD, varying flavors, and differences even exist in how thin or thick the oil is made. Some vape pens come with vape pods that can be refilled and are meant only for that specific pen.

CBD Oil Vape Pen Designs

There are all kinds of different vape pen designs available. Most commonly, you will find EVOD style batteries (they look like thick pens). You can find smaller if you want something really discrete, like a slim micro style. If you plan on vaping for long periods of time on a regular basis, box mods offer a variety of different functions and batteries with huge capacities. Box mod vapes work with a wide array of atomizers and the SteamCloud Mini rocks a revolutionary side-by-side design.

CBD Oil Vapes FAQ

What is a CBD Oil Vape Pen?

CBD oil vape pens are devices that can be used to vape CBD oil distillate. Most vape pens are compatible with 510 threading, and most CBD pre-filled cartridges are made with a 510 threaded design – however, specific vape pod designs also exist. Vape pens can have a number of features, including voltage variation, heating options, and LED screens that display a variety of information. They can also be found in a variety of sizes, though EVOD, slim, and box mod styles are the most common. Pens can also have refillable e-tanks, allowing you to mix and customize your own CBD oil concoction.

How to Use a CBD Oil Vape Pen?

Using a CBD oil vape pen is easy. First, determine what kind of cartridge you want to use, and make sure that it is compatible with vape to be. For pre-filled cartridges, attach the cartridge or vape pod to your pen, power the pen on, set it to the lowest voltage setting, and take smooth, gradual puffs to ensure your settings are exactly where they should be! If using a fillable e-tank, adequately fill the e-tank with your desired CBD oil and attach the tank to the CBD vape pen and follow the same steps as before. When done, always turn the vape pen off, detach the cartridge or vape pod, and store them in an upright position – will help prevent leaking.


What is The Best Vape Pen for CBD Oil

The best CBD vape pen is going to end up being the vape pen that best fits your needs. If there is a particular CBD oil that you know you want to vape, choose a vape pen that you know is compatible with that vape pen. If you plan on vaping a variety of different CBD oil products (or venturing into CBD waxes or even dry-herb hemp), then the best CBD vape pen for you is one with different features and functionality. It could end up being as simple as a vape pen that best fits into your price range! Take your time shopping, do the research, and you will end up with the ideal vape pen for you.

CBD Oil Vape Pen VS Box Mod Vape

Vape pens and Box mods are both fantastic options for vaping but offer different vaping experiences. Vape pens are generally simpler (some allowing for voltage customization), making them straight forward to use. They tend to be less expensive, and most cater to one kind of CBD product (for example, oil vs wax or oil vs dry herb). Box mod vapes, on the other hand, are more complex and offer a wide variety of different functionalities, including a broad range of voltage options and heating options. Most have the voltage power to accommodate a wide variety of attachments, including attachments for wax vaping and dry herb vaping. Box mods also have a much larger battery, allowing for longer vape sessions or several sessions throughout the week.

How To Avoid Burning Out a Vape Oil Cartridge

Since different oils and different cartridges can handle varying levels of voltage output, a good rule of thumb is to always start on the lowest voltage setting. If you find that the taste is off or you are unable to really get a hit, gradually increase the voltage setting until you find the perfect fit. Burnt oil tastes awful but worse than a bad taste is shorting out the cartridge itself, which means having to replace the product, even if there is plenty of CBD oil left inside. Especially if using a box mod with high voltage capabilities, start low to get to the perfect settings!

Where Can I Buy CBD

CBD oil vape pens are widely available, especially EVOD designs with 510 threading. Vape shops have them, dedicated CBD retailers generally have them, and you can even grab vape pens at gas stations. If you want a specific model with specific features, your best shopping experience is going to be online. If you want a quality guarantee with amazing product support, you can buy your vape pen right here at nyvapeshopcbd.com. Shipping is always free, too! There are a lot of options for vape pens, so take your time, do plenty of shopping, and get the pen (or pens) that are best for you.

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