Tips for having a vape on the beach

Summer is FINALLY here. That means, sun, sand, surf and relaxation! What could be more relaxing that vaping at the beach? Here are five tips for you to make your beach vape as successful and relaxing as possible.

by: Joe C. | 05/25/16 1:30PM


Keep Your Device In a Cooler

It’s imperative that you avoid leaving your portable dry herb vape or box mod vape vape supplies sitting in the direct sun or inside a hot vehicle. Temperatures inside a car can easily reach as high as 132º F, especially if the car has a black interior, which can severely damage both vape and any dry herbs, wax pen concentrates or oils that are left for too long in the heat. It is especially important to keep your batteries cool and safe. When heated past 100º F, the lithium ions in batteries will begin to form the metal itself resulting in the battery holding progressively less and less charge. Even worse, if a lithium-ion battery gets too hot, higher than 120º F, they can “go thermal,” where they rupture and explode. Instead, store your vape, batteries, and any other vaping supplies such as an herb grinder in a cool place, like in a plastic bag inside a cooler, when it needs to be left in a car or exposed to direct sunlight like on a boat or beach blanket.


Store In A Travel Case Or Sealable Plastic Bag

Just like with any electronic device, you really don't want sand ending up in your vape pen. To avoid this, keep your vape and vape supplies safely hidden away in a travel case or plastic baggie. This will keep it separated from all the elements. If wind gusts are high, we suggest you take a break from the sand and surf and vape on. You should read about these 5 trails to hike while vaping.


Bring Extra Supplies

Beach days tend to be lazy, unstructured days -- which is great for relaxation and regeneration -- not so great for vaping. If you don't know when you'll be near a power outlet next, we suggest taking two extra, fully charged vape batteries with you, just in case. Same goes with your dry herbs, wax concentrates, and oils. Be prepared and plan ahead.

Know The Rules

Look up the vaping rules in the state you will be enjoying your sunny vape day in. Vape regulations country to country can vary. State to state and even from county to county, so make sure you do your research. The best way to ruin your relaxing beach day is getting in trouble with the police.


beach bag

Pick Your Spot Strategically

Avoid setting up your spread near large groups of people, especially ones with children, as vaping poses risks to these little ones. Parents are most likely to be the ones that call the authorities on you if they think you are doing something illegal around their kids. If possible, try and find a spot that is a secluded with the wind traveling away from the general public.

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