Can You Vape Wax in a Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vapes are the most efficient when it comes to maximizing your vape sessions in all aspects. Not only do you get to extend your vape sessions, but you also get the added benefit of not having to worry about battery life or stealth issues. While portable vafpe pens are superior in terms of travel and discretion, desktop vapes come out on top for being the most powerful. Here we will be looking at what a desktop vape can do, as they are renowned for their dry herb vaping capabilities. Though modern desktop vapes now have the ability to vaporize your favorite wax concentrates, let us take a closer look at what is available to us now that wax is a featured modality for using in a desktop vape.

by: Anthony E. | 05/15/20 1:30PM


Why Desktop Vapes Are Superior

While it is no secret that any device that is directly plugged into a power source will likely emit a high-power frequency, may people still choose portable vapes. This is because they excel when it comes to stealth.

On the other hand, we have a desktop vape which is plugged into a wall outlet. The difference can be seen in the extended time that can be utilized in a session with a desktop vape. Not only do they provide larger holding capacities for dry herbs, some also provide a fan which blows hot air through your dry herbs, enhancing the baking effect.

Desktop vapes may not be portable, though they are much better at thoroughly baking your dry herbs and getting the most out of them. Precision temperature control is one of the hallmarks of a high-quality desktop vape.


Hybrid Desktop Vapes

Advances in vaping technology have made it possible to vaporize wax concentrates from desktop vapes instead of being limited to just dry herbs. Brands like Storz and Bickel have a high-quality desktop vape called the Volcano Hybrid.

Like the original Volcano, the Hybrid is capable of dry herbs and wax concentrates. Other vape brands and models are capable of accommodating both modalities, making way for a whole new type of session.

The upside to this is that you can invest in something like this instead of a traditional dab rig, which can be much more cumbersome and delicate. While dab rigs reign supreme when it comes to filtration, desktop vapes that can vaporize wax are fast becoming a popular option.


How Do Desktop Vapes Actually Use Wax?

Most high-quality desktop vapes that can use wax come with a specialized drip pad that can soak up the wax as it melts, preventing waste and utilizing heat more efficiently. Since the drip pad spreads out the wax and soaks it up, it can technically last a bit longer this way depending on the temperature at which you choose to vape it at.

This is another added bonus about using a desktop vape for your wax concentrates. You can choose a much lower temperature to vape your wax to get more out of it. This is much harder to accomplish using a torch and dab rig.

By simply scooping up your wax and placing it on the drip pad the way you would with dry herb in a bowl, you must wait until the desired temperature is set beforehand. Failure to do so will end up showing you with an empty bowl of vaped wax!

Desktop Vapes vs 3 in 1 Vapes

The main difference here is really about power and portability. While 3 in 1 vapes run off of batteries, desktop vapes can go for a very long time in just one session. Desktop vapes also come with an auto-shutoff feature to prevent overheating, though they can take much more than the average vape pen.

3 in 1 vapes are excellent when it comes to traveling and taking short stealth hits also dry herb vaporizers work great, using either wax, dry herbs or oil. The atomizer can be changed within these types of vapes. When considering whether to go with either a desktop or portable vape, make sure to take these points into consideration.

What you end up choosing in the end will ultimately be a matter of personal preference, though if you are looking for power in a more private setting, a hybrid desktop vape is the way to go!

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