SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Vaporizer Review

Top quality oil vape pen battery here. We review the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, cover its new variable voltage features, offer a detailed look into all other features plus so much more.

by: Lindsay C. | 09/03/18 1:30PM


Vapes pens have increasingly grown in popularity, and the amount of people who use vape pens on a regular basis has increased over the last decade. The growth in demand has led to an evolution of vape pens that are easier to use, more cost-efficient, and more discreet than ever. Technology, companies, and stores have been doing a great job of keeping up and introducing new products to the public. Such a scenario is evident with the SteamCloud Mini 2.0

The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 vape pen is to be used with the common, skinny, 510 pre-filled cartridges, whether for oil, wax or dry herbs. As you might expect, it is an upgraded version from the StreamCloud Mini. The SteamCloud Mini 2.0’s latest developments include enhanced features that make it even more oil cartridge friendly. You now have the ability to choose what vape temperature and battery output, aka how much power goes from the battery into the cartridge. This is important as not all cartridges are created the same and some have higher or lower resistance levels. Plus some people just like lighter or thicker vapors.

This vaporizer is a top of the line item and should be considered a must for anybody who is a fan of oil vape pens or is thinking about getting a vaporizer for the first time. Many additional features and components will be discussed below, including what comes in your SteamCloud Mini 2.0 kit, cleaning, and maintenance of the pen, proper use of the pen and additional tips that will enhance the value of the pen.



What Is In Your SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Kit?

The SteamCloud vape company includes everything you would need in your vape kit. Within the kit are two metal ring oil cartridge adapters, one wax atomizer (not available in all kit options), one SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Cartridge Battery, one USB charging cable, and one insert with instructions and other details on the use of the pen. So you have the basics to cover all your oil vaping needs, and then potential buyers also have the chance to include that wax coil cartridge with the kit. This add-on piece of equipment is great because it allows the buyer to now have a vape pen that is multi functional.

Why Choose Between A SteamCloud Mini 2.0 vs. Anyone Else?

Whether you are looking to purchase your first ever vaporizer, or are trying to switch to a new pen entirely, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. As the market and need for them have evolved vaporizers have moved forward with it. The continuously improved enhancements with vaporizers since vapes were first released to the public provides a variety of options many did not think possible. However, because of this, you might find it hard to know which ones have the best features that will satisfy your needs. For starters, it is important to understand the kinds of features you should be aware of and look into. This will help draw conclusions for you and help decide what you think is more important to have in a pen. Some of these include the following:

  • Knowing what you are vaping – dry herbs, wax or oils and e-liquids
  • Battery life with the pen
  • Discreetness
  • Heat function
  • Voltage

Once you know the importance of these features, you can begin to research and compare various pens that will fit your needs. Fortunately for you, we have listed out these features with the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 to help you make a decision that is best for you.


Pros of the SteamCloud Mini 2.0

For starters, the side by side battery design on the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 is great because it is not a long stick, it will not snap off, and it is much smaller overall than many of the other vape pen battery options. Just because it is super small does not mean the battery life takes a hit. It does have a powerful enough battery to last all day, especially if you compare it to more popular, EVOD vape battery that are common with oil cartridges. Additional features include the magnetic cartridge connection, a super strong and easy to use and remove the magnet, cartridge pre-heat capabilities (engaging this setting will let the vape put out only 1.8 watts of power for 15 seconds, thus allowing the cartridge to be used with higher watt settings), and variable voltage settings. The last feature gives you the capability to either put off more or fewer watts into the cartridge which decides how hot and how fast the coil heats up. The more power the bigger and thicker the vapors. Less power equals lighter vapors.

How to Use the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Pen

With some other vaporizers, once you have purchased the pen, you can find it overwhelming in regards to using it correctly. With a lot of different parts and features, it might seem like it is a confusing and challenging task each time to vape. With the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, it is the complete opposite, and we have laid out step by step instructions on how to use your vape.

  • When you have decided between an oil cartridge or wax cartridge, make sure to fill the vape cartridge with the wax or oil. Once filled or pre-filled, next you are going to want to screw the magnetic ring onto the bottom of that cartridge.
  • Whether wax or oils, once the cartridge is loaded, slide it into the open slot from the top of the Mini vape pen battery. Once it slides in, the magnetic, metal ring on the bottom of the cartridge should connect with the connection at the bottom of the cartridge slot.
  • It is essential to hear a snap when the cartridge is correctly inserted into the slot. That sound is the magnetic ring snapping into place. Feel free to give it a light pull to confirm the connection was made correctly.
  • After it is properly in place, it is time to turn the device on. Quickly press the power button five times in a row to do so.
  • If this is a new cartridge, click the power button only two times. This will pre-heat the cartridge for just 15 seconds which is a way to prime the device before exposing it to larger amounts of power.
  • To change the voltage on the pen all you have to do is to press the power button three times quickly.
  • When you are ready to vape, you have to press and hold the power button to heat the cartridge.
  • If needed you can use the USB cable that is in your kit to charge the SteamCloud Mini 2.0.
  • To maintain the pens battery life as long as possible you should unplug the device once it has a full charge. It is important to know that you should not use the pen when it is charging and does not ever let it charge overnight!


Tips About the SteamCloud Mini 2.0

Typically you may notice that all pens have standard features such as watt control, strong battery lives, and heating components. Each pen though does have unique and original aspects that are designed to help give you the best experience possible. Being attentive and understanding of these things can let you get the most out of your vape pen.

In regards to the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, it cannot be stressed enough how relevant and useful the metal ring attachment is with the pen. This metal ring is what keeps the cartridge and vape pen together thanks to a strong and constant magnetic connection. This feature makes it easier and more efficient to use. Loss of the metal ring is not devastating because the cartridge will continue to work with the battery. You will have to push it down manually to create that connection. The good news is spare rings do come with your kit.


Cleaning and Maintenance on the SteamCloud Mini 2.0

Cleaning and maintaining these pens is effortless. Quite frankly the vapes don’t need much to manage them, which is a considerable relief. Perhaps the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 might just be the easiest vape pen to clean and properly maintain. All you really have to do with this vape pen is wipe the oil residue away. Aside from that, there is not much more that needs to be done in terms of upkeep.

You should also know that no matter what happens, we have replacement parts available. Whether you have lost the magnetic screw pieces for the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, need a cartridge battery replacement, or a new wax atomizer, we have you covered.


Is the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 the one for me?

We understand the uncertainty that can go into choosing a vape pen. With some many types and features available the decision feels like it might be getting tougher and tougher to make. Just know that in the end your choice should be decided on your preference and budget. However, if you do choose to go with the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, you will soon realize that the pen is more than satisfactory and will get the job done for many vape sessions to come. This oil vape pen will be a product that you are sure to enjoy with each use.

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