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Secret Stash - Real Hair Brush Hiding Spot


Real, high quality hairbrush that doubles as a secret stash container. The interior of the stash spot boasts over 4 inches in length and more than an inch wide. Use this spacious hiding spot to hide different valuables.

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  • Product Details

    Secret Stash Spot Includes

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    • 1 Secret Stash Spot Hair Brush

    Hairbrush Secret Stash Spot Details

    • Top Attribute - This is a real, high quality hair brush that can be used to brush the hair and to hide valuables such as jewelry, money and so much more.
    • Stash Spot Interior Measurements (length x diameter) - 4.25 inches x 1.25 inches
    • Hair Brush Measurement (Length x Brush Head Width) - 8.75 inches x 3 inches
    • Equipped with a soft rubber grip for comfortable handling and brushing
  • User Manual

    Why own a Secret Stash Container shaped like a Hair Brush

  • Hide valuable items in plain sight - The average thief is operating under the pressure of time and likely will not spend it checking hair brushes for valuables even if they make it to the bathroom. A hair brush can easily sit in a basket of other brushes, lotions, hair dryers and other clutter making it one item among dozens of others.
  • Truly can be used as a Hair Brush to easily blend in - Not only can items be stored inside, but this has a quality brush head that can be used on an every day basis.
  • Potentially save thousands of dollars in losses for less than $20 - Wrap up the diamond earrings and toss them in the stash along with some rings and whatever else that is not worn often. If you think you are at risk or just want to be safe because you never know, easily store thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in a safe place for a low price.
  • Store anything that will fit - Sometimes leaving something out in the open is not an option for whatever reason. Solve that issue and store jewelry, money, pipes, herbs, important documents or anything else that will fit inside this stash container.
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