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Dugout Pipe One Hitter wooden set

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High Quality Wooden Dugout with one hitter plus a scraping tool to clear the pipe. Stylish, discreet and portable for use on the go or at home on the couch. Everything plus the herbs fit neatly inside behind the magnetic top.

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  • Product Details

    Dugout Set Includes

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    • 1 Wooden Dugout Compartment
    • 1 one hitter pipe
    • 1 scraper/herb clearing device

    Product Features and Specifications

    • High Quality hand finished wood design with varying color grain and finish
    • Wood Dugout Dimensions  3.75 inches Height, 2 inches Length, 0.75 inches Width
    • Magnetic Top to securely close the dug out
    • 3 Compartments  there is a space designated for the one hitter, the herbal scraping tool, plus the largest space to hold the herbs



  • User Manual

    What is a Dugout Pipe

    The Dugout is the main part that holds everything else together which includes the one hitter pipe, the clearing tool, and a storage area for the herbs. This amazing invention has been around for a long time and has clearly withstood the test of time. It is still one of the most convenient ways to travel around with all of the smoking supplies in one, compact place. The design makes it very easy to remove the pipe and freshly pack simply by pressing the front end of the pipe into the herb compartment. This can be packed, smoked and then cleared of any ash or leftover herb all in under a minute if you wanted to.

    Benefits of using a Dugout One Hitter

    1. Superb Portability Obviously you can get yourself the high-tech E-CLIPSE dry herb vape, or any vaporizer for that matter and be portable. But for those that like smoking, the typical glass pipe smells and is not easy to transport. Rolling papers are great but not so discrete. The Dugout the best route to go for anyone that wants to smoke on the go. 2. Discrete Smoking So papers and cigars are very portable but light one of those up and you are no longer under the radar. The dugout has all the tools necessary including the one hitter that can be packed, smoked and put away in under a minute. The dugout design will limit any odor from either the stored herb or the used pipe. 3. Simple, Easy to Use This device is just so easy to operate. Just grind up some herbs with an herb grinder to store in the dugout. From there the one hitter can be loaded and smoked within seconds. The clearing tool means you never have to search for a toothpick, paperclip, pine needle or anything else to clear the used packing. And everything is always in place together for easy access and use.
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