What is a Dugout Pipe

Dugout Pipe

Dugout pipes are pipes designed to fit inside a wooden box called a dugout. A dugout has conveniently-designed compartments that hold all of your tools in one place. They have compartments to hold your herbs, pipe, and a cleaning tool. Because of the various components, dugout pipes are perfect for practically everybody in the market. Dugout pipes are typically one hitters that are used for quick and discreet smokes. In the following sections we will dissect the different components of dugout pipes that make them a universal favorite.


Cigarette one hitter

One of the most popular components of a dugout pipe is the one hitter that mimics a cigarette. Their popularity stems from the ability to smoke discreetly in public places. This pipe fits snuggly into the dugout and is perfect for discreet smokers. Because of its dimensions and color scheme, it gives the appearance that the user is taking a casual, old school smoke break. Using a cigarette one hitter is very simple and straightforward. You can easily pack the pipe by vertically dipping the bowl into the herb compartment of the dugout. Once the pipe is packed, light the bowl and simultaneously inhale slowly to reduce the chance of inhaling ash. You will be able to get at least one hit, but you can often get two or three. Once it’s cached, you can blow the ash out or tap it on a hard surface. That will usually do to clear it for another hit, but if needed you can use the included scraper tool to poke it out.

Scraping Tool

Sometimes it’s impossible to clear an herb pack by blowing or tapping it out, so the scraper tool is included in each dugout. The scraper is a thin metal rod that fits conveniently inside a slot within the dugout so that you always have easy access to it when needed. You can push the scraper through the pipe to push the resin out as needed too. The scraper tool can also be used to mix up herbs in the compartment, which can be helpful to keep the herb from clumping, providing a more even pack.

How to use a Dugout Pipe

Using a dugout pipe is a really simple process that leads to a relaxing, hassle free smoke. We’ve narrowed your enjoyment down to four really simple steps that will allow you to have the best experience with your dugout pipe.

First, load the dugout

There are typically three spaces in a dugout- the two compartments for the pipe and scraping tool and the third compartment for the herb. Load up that dugout compartment with ground herb. Be sure that you don’t load whole buds. Ground herbs will allow for a much smoother loading and smoke.

Next, pack the pipe

Packing the pipe is pretty self-explanatory, but there are a couple of tips that might make packing your one hitter more efficient. First, be sure to pack the pipe vertically. Push the pipe down into the herb compartment with a slight twisting motion. This will allow the herb to pack tightly into the bowl, but do not go crazy and super-pack the herb in there.

Thirdly, use the pipe

Light the bowl and inhale slowly as you light. If you inhale or exhale too quickly, you could suck in some ash. First-time users often inhale ash at some point, but after some practice everyone gets it down pretty easily. As mentioned earlier, a one hitter is always good for one hit (hence the incredibly descriptive name), but you can often get two or even three hits. When it’s cached, you can gently tap it on a hard surface or blow the ash out.

Finally, clean the pipe

Cleaning the pipe is also fairly easy. You can run the scraping tool through it as noted above to remove the ashed herb. Other options include cleaning it with a toothpick or paperclip. These are quick cleaning options of course. You will need to do a quick clean after each hit so that the resin will not build up. If you want a thorough cleaning job, you can soak it in warm water and alcohol and run a Q-Tip through the pipe. A thorough clean isn’t necessarily needed after each hit, but you will need to clean your pipe regularly, otherwise build up will incur and clog the pipe, making it not smokable.

Dugout Variety

There are many dugout and pipe options that are available for purchase. The main differences between both the dugouts and included pipes are in the aesthetics. The size, shape, color, and material vary between products, but they all serve the same purpose. Regardless of which dugout you choose, you can expect them to have a similar structure in regard to the compartments and function. Similarly, the different pipes have little variation in function. Keep reading as we introduce some different dugout styles and discuss each type in a general way with some good info.

Wooden Dugout

Wooden dugouts are the classic option as far as dugouts go. You can find them made from any type of wood and the design is fairly discreet. Usually they are of solid quality with the ability to last a very long time.

Mini Dugout

Mini dugouts are a great option if you’re needing something really small. They don’t always come with a scraping tool, but they definitely hold a pipe. Their compartment for herb is generally the same size as a regularly-sized dugout but the pipe is smaller to fit into the smaller dugout.

Metal Dugout Pipe

Metal pipes are the more common option in pipes. The pipes that mimic the cigarette are most commonly metal.


Where to buy a dugout pipe

Dugout pipes can be bought in a lot of different places. Vape shops, head shops, and smoke shops always have them in stock. Because of their popularity, you can often find them at gas stations as well. You can also find them online at nyvapeshop.com with free shipping.


Glass Pipes vs Dugout Pipes

There are, of course, pros and cons of using dugout pipes as opposed to a glass pipe. For starters, a dugout pipe is significantly more durable than a glass pipe. The dugout pipes are made of metal, so even if you were to drop it several times you would have no issue using it. With a glass pipe, however, a single slip of the fingers can end your entire evening of fun.

Glass pipes don’t need to be packed after every hit, which can be seen as a major downfall of dugout pipes. Dugouts are designed to be portable and make it very convenient to take places, but typically the herb packing is good for a hit or two. Glass pipes are a little less convenient to carry around but you can pack 5, 6 or more hits into a bowl piece.

The glass pipes don’t have to be cleaned quite as often as the dugout pipes. The dugout pipes must be cleaned every so often as the resin builds up. Glass pipes tend to have larger interiors so clogging is only an issue further down the line.

But unfortunately, glass pipes are often designed to have intricate details and curves, which make them tougher to clean when that time comes. The resin often gets stuck in the corners and creases of glass pipes, which is not an issue for one hitters because they are a straight pipe. Simly push a few toothpicks or paper clips through the one hitter and you are good to go. Or even soak it for some time to make things even easier.

Why buy a dugout pipe?

Dugout pipes are a convenient, discreet, and trendy way to smoke. The dugout makes traveling with your pipe very easy. It can easily fit in a handbag, pocket, or glove box. The cigarette design of the pipe and the reduced smell allow you to smoke more discreetly in public areas. When you inhale one of these pipes, the majority of the smoke goes directly into your lungs, reducing the odor the public smells. Granted, you can still smell it, but it is a little subtler than a standard pipe. Dugout pipes are also cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. You can only pack a small amount of herb into the bowl of a one hitter, which means that you are essentially using less herb, meaning that you will save money in the long run.

All in all, a dugout pipe is well worth the purchase. Even if a dugout pipe isn’t your first choice, they are no doubt handy to keep around. You will never misplace your pipe, cleaning tool, or herb again because they will be conveniently located within the dugout. Not only that, but their cost-efficiency, subtly, and trendy nature make them great options for everyone in the market. You can never go wrong with the purchase of a dugout pipe.