What is a One Hitter

One Hitter Pipe Introduction

A one hitter pipe is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a small pipe with an attached bowl just the right size for one epic hit of dry herbs.  Most people just refer to them as a one hitter.  With these smoking pipes, a single hit is a guarantee, but with many one hitters it is very possible to get two or even three hits before it’s cached. Using this type of smoking device is a pretty straightforward process. You simply pack the herb of your choice into the bowl, take a hit, and enjoy.

One hitters, often called chillums and bats by the insider public, are a popular choice within the smoking pipes category for several reasons. Besides their subtle nature and ease in portability, they’re also growing in style and becoming quite the trend in modern smoking. Their growing popularity is due in large part to the ability of the user to smoke discreetly in public. The typical smell of smoke that is usually produced is inhaled into your lungs, meaning that the aroma is less noticeable. This significantly reduced smell from the smoke of the one hitter makes it convenient to smoke in heavily populated areas without “that look” from conservative old people. In addition, the small size and misleading design of the pipe can keep it low-key and casual.


Clay, Glass, Wood, Metal One hitters

A popular metal pipe design is constructed with dimensions and coloring that are made to mimic an old-school cigarette, so much so that it gets the name, ciggarette one hitter.  These are the most popular style on the market to date and can be purchased in smoke shops and head shops every where, including online shops.  These metal pipes are sometimes referred to as bats, likely due to the design that resemble the shape of a baseball bat. These are the most durable of the styles of one hitters and are conveniently sized to fit seamlessly into pockets, purses, and dugouts - which is ironic because bats should go in a dugout. Get it? Bats? Dugouts? Anyways, these metal one hitters often come within a wooden dugout, which is a small case that compartmentalizes the pipe, the herbs, and even a cleaning tool. The sleek-design of the dugout pipe set plus the superior functionality have made it a popular, trending style.

Other frequently-used materials in one hitters include glass, which is often hand-blown in a variety of unique designs and colors. These one hitters are most commonly referred to as chillums and are less subtle than metal-style one hitters, but more attractive in design and uniqueness. NY Vape Shop carries several intricately designed chillums in our Online Store.  Metal and glass pipes aren’t the only pipes on the market. Some older and less popular style of one hitters can be made of wood, clay, and even bone. These hitters often boast abstract designs and unique looks.

How to Use a One Hitter

One hitters are easy to use. You can pack the herb right into the bowl, or if you’re not in a hurry you can grind them beforehand. Grinding them before you pack them will give you a nice, even grind for a smooth smoke.  NY Vape Shop has a huge selection of herb grinders and you can purchase them in our online vape store.  When you pack the pipe, be sure to do it vertically by dipping the bowl into the herb. Pushing down with a slow twisting motion should get the job done efficiently. If there are hanging loose ends, you can easily get rid of them by pushing them up with your fingers.

As you are lighting the bowl, begin to inhale slowly. If you inhale or exhale too quickly it’s likely that you will inhale ash, which is an unpleasant experience to say the least. If this happens to you, don’t be discouraged. Many users complain of inhaling ash the first few hits until they get the hang of it. After a few uses, you’ll be a pro and have no issues with this.

1 Hitter Benefits

There are an abundance of benefits to using one hitters. Smoking can become really expensive really quickly and if you’re on a tight budget, this can be an issue. The good news with choosing to smoke a 1 hitter is that it is significantly cheaper to use this type of pipe. So for all of you college kids and adult kids who are smoking on a budget, this pipes' for you. There is no carb which means that less smoke will go to waste. In addition, you need only pack enough herb for one hit. Sometimes you may be able to get two or three hits from a hitter, but each bowl can fit only so much, which means that you won’t be able to pack some huge bowl.  This will allow you to conserve your herbs and save some serious cash in the long run. A one hitter will land you a quick buzz while using lessherb that you might otherwise have used for a standard pipe. One hitters are also beneficial for on the go users. Pack it before you leave in the morning and slide your dugout into your pocket. You can take it out later for a quick, easy, and discreet buzz during your lunch break. Using one hitters are great for discreet smoking. The inhalation of the majority of the smoke goes into your lungs, which means the smell is reduced. It’s still there, but it is much more subtle than a standard pipe. The discreet design of the cigarette pipe is a huge benefit if you’re trying to be discreet about what you’re smoking. Pack one of these metal pipes and light up and you’ll fit right in with all the non-millennials trying to get their nicotine fix.

The One Hitter Cons

Now, one hitters aren’t all pros with no cons. There are some obvious drawbacks to using a one hitter as opposed to a regular multiple-hit pipe- the first being the obvious issue of only getting one hit. If you have a high tolerance and need more than one or two hits you’ll have to keep repacking, which can be a nuisance if you’re in a hurry or trying to be discreet. One hitters are also not usually ideal for group hangouts. Again, you’ll have to repack frequently while all of your buddies effortlessly smoke theirs without repacking. Another potential drawback is the need to clean the pipe more often than other pipe types. Although cleaning a pipe is an easy process, it can be annoying to have to clean too often. You can get away with not cleaning it for however many uses, but eventually it will land you with a dirty and unsmokable hitter - you'll need to take empty bowl hits just to clear a path for smoke. So, if the cleaning/clearing is a hassle for you, this can be a deal breaker. But don’t sell out just yet, because the cleaning process is an easy one.

How to Clean a One Hitter

The process of cleaning hitters is relatively simple. It doesn’t take much time at all. Immediately after smoking the pipe, you can blow the ash out or gently tap it on a hard surface. This will suffice to clean it out enough for to pack and smoke for a second hit, but it generally will not be the most thorough cleaning tactic every time. The resin is sticky and won’t come out entirely using this method alone. To clean a glass pipe, it is recommended that you run hot water through the pipe and use a pipe cleaner to remove any buildup of residue. Pipe cleaners are very inexpensive and easy to find in most stores.  Cleaning brushes for vaporizers are available and they would work equally as well on one of these pipes.  Metal pipes need slightly more work because resin tends to build up a little more easily in metal than glass pipes.  This isn’t a huge issue though because a toothpick or paperclip will work just fine to get the residue out of the inside of the pipe. If you want to do a more thorough clean, you can soak both the metal and glass pipes in alcohol and scrub them clean with a cleaning brush or Q-Tip. Soaking them in alcohol does not have to be done every single time, but it is a good process for getting them squeaky clean whenever you think is necessary. Want more? Read the detailed guide to cleaning smoking pipes!


Regardless of whether a one hitter is your go-to pipe or not, it is a handy tool to keep in your tool belt for those quick lunch break smokes and discreet concert hits. Not only are one hitters useful for discreet smoking and quick hits, but they are also trendy and will keep you relevant in the rapidly changing world of the twenty first century.