Are Vapes Superior to One Hitters

Anyone who is a fan of herbs can conjure about a million different ways to smoke 'em. Enterprising herb enthusiasts have found a multitude of creative, sometimes ingenious ways of delivering our most favorite of God’s herbs.

by: John Winston | 10/28/16 1:30PM


However, two of the most popular, economical, and convenient methods of smoking herbs are the one-hitter and the vaporizer. And you can see the reasons: both are light, small, and easily transportable; both require you to carry around a minimal amount of herb product;


A National Institutes of Health article about the long term affects of smoking marijuana have found that the smoking of herbs -- regardless of the form in which it is done -- may be harmful to the lungs of the user. This is because, when a person inhales smoke, they are also inhaling the toxins and other chemicals that are contained within the smoke. Indeed, those who smoke herbs have been found to exhibit lower periodontal health (though, curiously, not the lungs.)

Vaporizers, on the other hand, do not exhibit the same general threats to health that are posed to those who smoke the substance, whether through a one-hitter or other means.


Red heart living a healthy life


With a one-hitter, what you see is essentially what you get: a small, cylindrical pipe used for smoking herb flower that has a small chamber on the end into which a minute amount of the substance is placed and then smoked.

Vaporizers are much more complicated. There are dry herb vapes, which, you’ll be shocked to find, are used for the purposes of smoking dry herbs and should always be prepared with an herb grinder; there are also wax and oil vapes, which offer slightly different highs and are offered in wider and more precise varieties than are bags of flower.


Carrying around a bag of flower is oftentimes cumbersome and risky. The smell may permeate your clothes, and the need to keep refilling your pipe after a few hits means that you’ll constantly be having to handle the bag, which is pretty much the opposite of discreet.

An oil or vape pen, on the other hand, allows for the user to experience the experience for an extended period of time without having to constantly replace the product.

Convenience is everything now a days


Leaving aside the wonderful, beautiful aroma that is emitted by a herb vaporizer -- we are partial to that given off by the Titan 2 vape -- the issue of smell is a legitimate consideration when determining whether to use a one-hitter or a vaporizer.

On the one hand, smoking a one-hitter not a smoking pipe -- particularly when smoked indoors -- immediately gives off a pungent smell of freshly-smoked herb that is impossible to miss or ignore. (If you doubt us, try getting past a bouncer after having done it.) The smell of the herb, while great, sticks to your clothes and ensures that you will walk around for the next several hours smelling like herb.

A dry herb vaporizer, on the other hand, does not give off nearly the same amount of odor. The aroma emitted after using a vaporizer, while detectable at first, disappears in about a minute and does not leave any noticeable trace upon your clothes or person. And that’s just if you’re using a dry herb vape -- if you’re using a wax or oil vape, you have the added bonus of not toting around potentially-smelly herb flowers and instead carrying a substance that is all but undetectable to the sense of smell.



This is one of those reasons for which both one-hitters and vaporizers are popular- because they both require a minimal amount of flower in order to do their job.

Unlike the rolling of a joints, spliff, or blunt, one-hitters and vaporizers require simply a pinch of herb in order to induce an effective delivery experience in the user.

But is there a way to be even more economical than that? Yes there is, and the vaporizer accomplishes it tenfold over the one-hitter. It relates to the health aspect covered above: Whereas a one-hitter burns the entire flower and forces you to inhale everything into your lungs at once, a vaporizer simply extracts the essential materials from the flower and allows you to inhale that instead. You are essentially imbibing only the ingredients of the herb flower that are needed.

The economical aspect is also reflected when the imbibing is done and it’s time to empty the two pieces out. Whereas a vaporizer’s contents may be emptied out with one or two nudges, a one-hitter requires scraping and cleaning that requires more time and energy than we’re in the mood to spend.

Economical reasons

No Need for Other Accessories

If you’ve ever indulged in a one-hitter, you’ll identify with the immediate horror a one-hitter lover feels when they suddenly think, “Wait... do I have a lighter?”

Sometimes this phenomenon occurs when an entire group of people has gathered with one-hitters- four or five people frantically searching their pockets in the hopes that someone -- anyone -- managed to remember a small yet crucial appendage to the one-hitter experience.

With a vaporizer, on the other hand, there is never a need for an added accessory. As long as you ensure that your vape is fully charged when you set out on your adventure, you can guarantee that your vape is the only thing you will need to tote around all evening.

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