AGO Jr Vape Pen Review

The AGO Jr is a very popular vape pen that can be used with either wax or dry herbs. The Jr is super portable, discreet and only 4 inches tall. Easy to use, simple, straight forward vaporizer.

by: Joe C. | 06/13/16 1:30PM


The AGO Jr is the newer and younger sibling of the supreme and well-loved AGO G5. This vape pen is smaller than the original AGO Vape, measuring only about 4 inches in height and half an inch in diameter – certainly petite enough to fit in a pocket for on-the-go vaping.


Out of the box, the AGO Jr is ready for wax or dry herbs. The vape is most popular for wax vapers, but the ceramic chamber can also be used with dry herbs – just don’t mix the two! As a bonus, if you already have the original G5, the two chambers are interchangeable, making the AGO Jr a great complementary vape.

The AGO Jr relies on direct contact with a hot coil to heat any choice of wax or herbs. This means that the entire chamber heats up, but the heat is coming from a metal coil at the bottom of the heating chamber. This is one of the original, but still preferable ways to vape concentrates. For herbs if you want a simpler way to get combustion the Jr is great. However, if you are looking for convection, the healthier way to smoke herbs, you should seek a different option.

The AGO Jr is a very simple, straightforward vape pen. If you want something simple this is for you. Furthermore, it is a perfect vape pen for those times when you want a quick and unassuming session in the middle of a busy day. The discreet and easy-to-conceal experience makes this a solid vaporizer choice.

Best Vape Pen Attributes

Of the numerous vape pens on the market today, the AGO Jr is one of the smallest and most discreet. Measuring only 4 inches long, this ultra-portable pen fits in the palm of your hand and slips into most pockets, still leaving plenty of room for your keys or change, making it a top choice for out and about, on-the-run vaping.

In addition to its size, the AGO Jr is well-loved for its ease of use. Simply, load it up, press the power button, the pancake-style coil heats up and you’re ready to roll. The heating chamber is easy to load when it comes to wax, and same with dry herbs, although make sure to use a grinder for herb – that is vaping rules 101.

The AGO Jr is a solid contender in the wax pen category. It heats up quickly and disperses the heat well, allowing the wax or other concentrate to burn evenly, offering a rich and smooth smoking experience. If you are looking for a healthy way to burn dry herb, you might want to consider searching a more specific pen that is designed for flower. It is important to note that, if you want to smoke wax AND dry herb, you must use separate chambers. Otherwise you will end up with a dirty and sticky chamber that will not function as expected – it gets nasty.

Quick Vape Specs

  • Measurements - 4” in Length X 0.5” in Diameter
  • Battery Capacity - 350 mAh
  • Weight - 4.8 ounces
  • Heating Chamber - Ceramic Chamber with metal heating coil
  • Windproof for those that want an easier way to smoke herb

Vape Kit Includes

  • 1 AGO Jr Vape Pen - comprised of a battery, heating chamber, mouthpiece and connector
  • 1 Dab Tool
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 User Manual

How to Use the Jr Vaporizer

Out of the box, the AGO Jr is easy to charge, load, and enjoy. Follow these simple instructions, and you will be ready to get going. If needed, charge the AGO Jr battery with the USB charger found in the vape kit. Simply screw the battery into the charger and plug the charger into a USB port for power. The light on the bottom of the battery will blink and then remain solid, and the LED light on the charger will appear red until fully charged, at which point it will turn green. A full charge takes no longer than 2-3 hours. Never leave the battery charging overnight, as this can overheat the battery and cause failure.

When charged, remove the battery from the USB charger and screw on the heating chamber. You can test it by pressing the power button to see if the coil gets hot and turns red, meaning it is ready for use. We say test it because after time a coil can become burnt out, or can damage if mishandled. No sense in load fresh dabs or herb into a chamber if it does not even function.

When using wax, place a small ball-size amount into the chamber. DO NOT OVERLOAD, or else you run the risk of leakage which can make things sticky and messy, plus it is not the best for the coil, nor the most efficient way to consume your products. Place a small to medium size ball of wax into the chamber and push it towards the coil gently, making sure not to press too hard, or you will risk damaging the coil.

When using dry herb, be sure that the herb is ground up very well. Don’t break the herb up with fingers, but rather use an herb grinder – not looking to upsell grinders here, it just makes sense, even with glass pipes, but more importantly with vaporizers for herb. With ground buds, load the chamber and pat the herb down, but again, Do Not Over-Pack or push too hard. If the chamber is overloaded, it will damage the coil and potentially overheat the battery.

Please note, separate chambers are necessary when switching between wax or other concentrates and dry herb

Now once you have the product of choice loaded, simply screw the mouthpiece back onto the heating chamber top. When ready, press the power button to initiate the heating of the coil. In seconds the coil will get hot and vapors will be produced immediately.  To enjoy your product, start to gradually inhale and get a feel for the new vaporizer. Sometimes a bit of vapor will ooze out from the vents on the sides of the chamber – this is normal, just pull harder and/or take your finger off the power button. In time you will master the AGO Jr just like any other vape, it just takes a few sessions to know how it operates.

The AGO Jr. has a built-in 10-second safety stop feature. If you hold the power button down for longer than 10 seconds, it will automatically turn off. Simply release the power button and then press it again.

Great Tip - After use, when using wax or any other liquid concentrate, keep the AGO Jr upright. Do not lay it on its side or rest it in your pocket with the mouthpiece facing downwards or even sideways. The warm wax will flow more easily and travel up and out of the heating chamber into the mouthpiece and towards the exterior of the vape pen. This leads to unnecessary stickiness and ultimately making it very difficult to unscrew the chamber and mouthpiece.

When using dry herb, empty the chamber after each use, maximizing the condition and life of your chamber.


Maintaining the AGO Jr

To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to clean the connector mouthpiece routinely to remove any debris or leftover sticky waxes. There is a screen in the mouthpiece connector that keeps stray bits away from your mouth. And a result, things will build-up and, if not cleaned, will create a blockage. Like all vaporizers, soaking the mouthpiece in soap and water will help keep the component clean – go for rubbing alcohol to really clean the mouthpiece. Never submerge the battery or the heating chamber in water, or you will permanently damage them. After repeated use, components will wear as they should. All pieces can be replaced at affordable prices, so no worries there.

Ago jr pen vape

Jr Wax Pen for Me?

Vaping is personal. We know that. Whether you are looking for something to fit your specific needs or budget, there is a vape for you. Some people prefer larger pens with a battery that lasts for a long time. Others want a pen that is only for one kind of material.

The AGO Jr is a good performing, compact vaporizer pen for those who are looking for an easy way to vape wax concentrates and herbs on-the-go. If you are looking for a pen that can meet your basic, everyday needs, look no further than the sleek and stylish AGO Jr. It is easy to use, attractive, and discreet. It also doubles as a dry herb vaporizer if you don’t have any wax concentrates.

You could spend more and purchase a vape pen that has more functions or has a longer battery life. But for the price, the AGO Jr is a solid and reliable vape pen that will keep you satisfied, guaranteed. For a good time, try the AGO Jr.

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