All About The Ago VAPORIZER For Dry Herbs

The AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer is a combustion vaporizer but can be turned into a convection vape with the use of glass screens.  It is reliable, lightweight and fits in your pocket as a portable vaporizer for use on the go.

by: NY Vape Shop | 02/29/16 4:21PM


AGO vaporizer is reliable, lightweight and fits in your pocket for use on the go. Whether it is a windy morning on your boat, a rainy afternoon at the park, or a freezing day on the mountain, with the press of a button you can conveniently enjoy yourself. This portable vaporizer can be used with both dry herbs and wax concentrates. This simple, amazing design makes it both easy and convenient to use. The main components that make the AGO consist of a battery, heating chamber, chamber connector and mouthpiece. A typical kit comes in a protective travel case and will include the AGO vaporizer pen dab tool, storage container, and other vape accessories

The Components and Operating Instructions:

style="text-align: left;"> AGO battery: this is your power source and, at 650mah, can easily last all day and night. It’s equipped with an LCD screen that displays the battery level and puff count. To turn the battery on and off, press the power button 5 times quickly in. To charge the battery, screw it into the USB charger. Then either plug the USB into a power source directly or use a wall charger—the light on the USB will be green at first but then turn red. When the light on the adapter turns green again, the battery is fully charged.


AGO heating chamber: you can opt for either dry herb or wax heating chambers. Technically wax can also be used in the dry herb chamber, but we do not recommend it. A typical dry herb chamber comes with a pancake style coil on the bottom of the chamber. A typical wax chamber has a horizontal wick style coil. In either case, the chamber should be screwed onto the battery before it is packed.

For dry herbs, grind them up as fine as possible and then gently load the chamber. Do not over-pack or risk too much downward pressure on the coil. For wax, gently load the chamber and do not touch the coil directly. Again, do not over-pack. 

ago-mouthpiece-connector-vape-shopAGO mouthpiece & chamber connector: within these components you will find a ceramic filter, metal screen, and metal spring. The spring should not be used with a wax chamber and it is optional for the dry herb chamber. Screw the connector and mouthpiece onto the top of the heating chamber after it has been packed. If at any time you have trouble getting a pull from your vaporizer, check your ceramic and metal filters—specifically with wax, the filters can eventually clog but can be cleaned or replaced.


Special Notes & tips:

  1. Every component of the AGO vaporizer from the battery to the rubber power button on the battery is interchangeable and replaceable. Mix and match with different colors to create your own unique style.
  1. For dry herbs, when using this vaporizer, you’ll get combustion versus true vaporization. It is more of a convenient way to smoke versus the healthier vaporization that you’d get with higher end dry herb vapes. Learn more about this at our informative blog post here.