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Atmos & AGO vaporizer ceramic filter set

Vape filter screens and springs can become clogged from vapor residue. A blocked pathway will hinder the performance of your vape and waste valuable product. Buy this filter set today and enjoy a clear vapor pathway everyday.
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  • Product Details

    Ceramic Filter Set Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • 3 ceramic filters
    • 3 metal screens
    • 3 metal springs

    Filter Set features and specifications

    • Whether you have the Atmos and AGO vape for wax or dry herb, it always helps to have an extra set of filters and screens around.  As you vape and the vapor travels through the mouthpiece, particles will stick to the sides of the vapor pathway.  With wax the accumulation will build up faster.  A clogged filter screen can prevent the flow of vapor and make it difficult to get a pull.  With the filter set you will never have to worry about a blockage.
    • The filter set components can be used with the following vapes - AGO, Atmosrx, maybe others, reach out and we can help.
    • User Manual

      Will this filter set work with my vape pen?

      If you have the Atmos rx dry herb vape, an AGO vaporizer or other similar models, this filter set will work for you. It does NOT matter what the thread of your vape pen is when dealing with the ceramic filters and screens.