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4 Piece Grinder with Herb Catcher

These cool herb grinders are a must-have for any dry herbal vape owner. Quickly grind with 28 blades, store herbs for later use, plus build a nice herb particle collection in the catcher below.

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  • Product Details

    Herb Grinder Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature Priority, plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • 4 Piece Herb grinder with razor sharp blades
    • choice of color options

    Grinder Details

    • 4 Piece Grinder - includes the grinding area, herb storage, and pollen catcher at the bottom
    • Cool Attribute - Magnetic Top
    • Material - Aircraft grade aluminum, annodized for a durable finished product
    • Blade Count - 16 on top, 12 on the bottom

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    • Color Blue
  • User Manual

    Why Buy this 4 Piece Grinder Nearly Indestructible This piece a a far cry away from the cheap plastic herb grinders that are usually given away for free. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum so it can last you a lifetime, although technically over a very long time through general ware and tare, the blades may not be as sharp - sometimes you just want to upgrade or make a switch, but in terms of durability, no worries here. Must have for any Vape Pen, aka Dry Herb Vaporizer Owner It is important to pack a vape chamber with evenly ground herb - small dense nugs are inefficient because the outer flower will vaporizer while the inside is untouched. A Dry Herb Vaporizer will eventually heat through it all, especially at high temperatures, but the grinded flower has more surface area and therefore is turned into vapor more evenly as the hot air travels throughout the chamber. Razor Sharp Blades Quickly and easily break down the buds into smaller pieces. The sharpness of the blades in this grinder will help mince with little resistance. Storage Compartment Unlike a 2 piece, this 4 piece grinder has a compartment below where the grinding takes place. The storage area is a huge benefit is many ways - as you grind the herb, it conveniently falls below so you can continue to grind without having to empty as you grind. No guess work here, just keep turning and the storage will fill - then pick from from the herb pile and leave the rest to be used conveniently at a later time. Color Variety These sleek, cool herb grinders offer the chance for some sort of customization. The base color is black but the herb particle catcher and grinder top are accented with a color of your choice, from blue and green to purple and red. We make this point here only because the average model does not offer this customization. What is the Herb Particle Catcher Within a 4 Piece Grinder, there are 3 compartments - the grinding area, storage area underneath, and the herb particle catch on the bottom level. The bottom area is where only the finest particles are able to fall to. Over time the small particles from every grind session will build and eventually can be gathered to be used for a variety of purposes.