Herb Grinders - The Complete List of Grinders

Want to see some wacky grinders? This is the Ultimate Herb Grinder List. We list every herb grinder you can think of, along with a quick review, plus pictures and more.

by: Lindsey C. | 11/19/18 2:30PM


As you might be able to guess from the name, an herb grinder is a device that can be used to grind up various herbs into smaller bits. Grinders can help you simplify and expedite the process of separating your dry herbs. It also makes it much easier to conserve your herbs when they are finely ground up. There are many different herb grinders that have come out over time. Some are just a simple device, whereas others are much more complex. While they all have their similarities, they are also all unique. To help you with your herb grinder purchase, we have put together a complete list of all the different dry herb grinders out there. We will continuously update the list as more grinder models come out. Scroll through and see some really cool options!


The Grinder List


1. Vibrating grinder

If you are looking for something that can optimize and increase the accumulation of herb particles each time you use it, then a vibrating grinder is a good option. It has a grinding area, herb storage, pollen catcher, and a thin battery area that allows you to get more herb finely ground, faster. During a grind session with a non-vibrating grinder, the inside of the grinder levels including a screen that gets covered with herb particles. The vibrating grinder stands out because the vibrations cause the tiny particles to go into the pollen catcher at the bottom of the grinder. That means more herb for you to use later.


2. Electric grinder

This grinder comes equipped with a screw-on plastic cap that can hold at least a gram or two of herb without spilling. Thanks to the battery operated grinding action, you will not have to give yourself a repetitive strain injury from having to twist the chambers around. For those who are vaping with a big crowd and need to grind up a lot of herbs, then it can be nice to have an electric grinder to make the process go a bit easier.


3. Death star grinder

Any true fan of the Star Wars saga needs to get this grinder. Shaped like the iconic Death Star, it features sharp diamond cutting aluminum teeth so that the grinding process is as efficient and effortless as possible. The fine pollen from the ground herbs can easily fall down into the big pollen catcher. While it looks like memorabilia, this three-piece grinder is made with durable materials that help to give you a positive grinding experience. It also features strong magnets that help to form a tight seal between the two halves, so you can transport herbs in it without having to worry about spilling it all over your backpack or bag.


4. Pikachu grinder

This grinder is not only adorable, but it also gets the job down well. It is great for all PokemonGo and Pikachu collectors who need a great grinder for their herbs. This Pikachu grinder is discreet enough that you could keep in your room without anyone realizing that it is a grinder until you start using it. At about 2 inches in length and two inches tall, it can fit easily in your hand and turns very easily.


5. Pokeball herb grinder

Everyone who loved Pokemon as a child can relive the glory days with this iconic Pokemon Pokeball herb grinder. It has two pieces and contains sharp aluminum teeth to cut through and grind all of your herbs. While the outside is plastic, the rest of the grinder is metal so that it can get the job done with no problems. This Pokeball herb grinder is a fun way to add a bit of nostalgia to your vaping experience. It can be a great novelty item that can stay on your desk or shelf until you are ready to use it next.


6. Sharpstone hand crank

While this grinder might not look like a grinder you are used to, it is extremely easy to use. It is made up of four pieces - cap with turn crank, the middle layer with sharp cutting blades, stainless steel pollen screen, and the pollen catcher - that can be separated to better access the grinder, screen, and herb. This will be a bit larger than your typical grinder, but it is just as easy to use and works just as well. A Sharpstone hand crank is better than the average grinder, so it can be perfect for someone who is looking to take their grinder to the next level. It is especially ideal for someone who has issues with arthritis or something similar because it is a lot easier on the hands and wrists when you are trying to grind up herbs.


7. Silicone herb grinder

Silicone herb grinders have become some of the most popular grinders out there thanks to their sleek, stylish appearance, not to mention the newly designed blade system. The outside of the grinder is covered with a soft silicone material that helps you to grip the grinder better, helping to lead to a better overall experience. The positioning of the teeth inside are well thought out, plus they are essentially razors on all sides, so they can reduce your herbs to smaller pieces in literally a few seconds. The silicone herb grinder comes with four pieces and is not particularly lightweight but it is very well-made. Thanks to the silicone material, you can scrape out all the pollen from the catcher without leaving any behind.


8. Rolling paper top grinder

What makes this grinder stand out from the rest is the versatile top that can also hold a pack of rolling papers and some herbs. This four-piece grinder has a small bowl on the top to hold the herbs either while you are rolling, smoking, or vaping. Instead of having to constantly open and close the grinder every time you want to pack a new bowl, having the bowl on top allows you to place those extra herbs there. This grinder is the evolved version of what you might have seen in the past. The blades are just as sharp as always, but they are designed in a pattern that allows for the herb to become ground into even smaller particles, to allow for a more enjoyable smoking or vaping session. With the unique design on top, you can spend less time looking for papers, and more time enjoying your herbs.


9. Rubber grip grinder

This is one of our favorite grinders out there because it is the same size as a grinder but helps you to grind up the herbs effortlessly thanks to the rubber grip and newly designed blade system.  The herbs are designed to be placed in an open space versus the usual smooshing that goes on with other herbs – from there, the top also goes on without any smooshing needed. Just twist left and right without hurting your hands or writs. The grinder helps to dice the herbs into smaller pieces, which helps to create more surface area which is essential for vaping.


10. Clear top grinder

The advantages of a clear top grinder should be clear - you can easily see into the grinder to see how much herb you have left or how finely ground it is due to the grinder’s transparent top. It functions just as well as a completely steel grinder, but it does make the grinding experience a bit easier because you no longer have to keep opening and closing the top. One of our favorite clear top grinders is the Sharpstone herb grinder because of its sharp blades that mince herbs in seconds.


11. 4 piece grinder

The 4-piece grinder is more of an overall herb grinder category that encompasses many variations. There are many different four-piece grinders out there that vary in size, shape, color, design and so much more. Some are so small they seem like novelty pieces, whereas others are so large you wonder how they could be necessary. Depending on your needs, a four-piece grinder could be what you are looking for. Many have a very similar design: two-pieces to grind the herb on top, where it then drops down to a holding chamber, which has a screen and herb catcher. This is one of our favorite four-piece grinders with herb catcher because it has 28 blades designed to mince your herb into the tiniest particles possible.


12. 3 piece grinder

Another overall herb grinder category, the 3-piece herb grinder has just two chambers. There is always a grinding area which is the area with the teeth.  The sharp teeth are what grinds buds into evenly, broken-up herbs. The second area is then either an herb storage area where the herbs fall after they are ground. Or the second area could be a pollen catcher. While three-piece grinders are not as common, the Death Star grinder mentioned above is and is a great herb grinder for the price, plus it is heavy weight and would look cool on a desk or shelf, maybe even double as a paper weight.


13. 2 piece grinder

The most basic of the herb grinder categories, a two-piece grinder is the most basic version of grinders. It is great for beginners because it is, simple, usually very low cost and gets the job done. It will only have one area, the grinding area where the 2 parts meet to mince herbs into smaller pieces. These grinders can usually fit in the palm of your hand. It is called a two-pice because it has just a top and a bottom. Once you put the piece together, you have created the single area. It won’t have the holes at the bottom of the chamber for the herb to fall down in and like the four and three piece grinders, but it still does get the job done. The small herb grinder with razor teeth gets the job done with no extra frills attached.


14. Sharpstone Grinders

If you are buying an herb grinder for the first time or looking for a grinder with name-brand recognition, Sharpstone Grinders are a fantastic option. Sharpstone has been an industry leader for dry herb grinders for a long time, and for good reason. As their namesake suggests, the blades used in their grinders are extremely sharp, giving you a fantastic grind every time. They also produce a variety of designs, including 2-piece and 4-piece grinders, grinders with differing number of blades, and grinders with different features, such as a pollen catcher or hand-crank. They offer a variety of designs as well, so if you are looking for something small and discrete, or something that is a little more creative or expressive, you will be hard pressed to find a better option than a Sharpstone Grinder.


15. Beer Bottle Herb Grinders

These petite grinders are perfect for grinding on the go. This all-in-one grinder has a 4-piece design that touches on every aspect of the grinding process. The top is a storage compartment that holds up to 3 oz of dry herb, the middle compartment is where the grinding takes place, and the bottom compartment is where you will find the pollen catcher. Coming in at just 3 inches tall and 1-1/8 inches in diameter, it is the perfect discrete travel companion for wherever your travels take you! With 9 designs available ranging from lager to Coca-Cola, you are sure to find the bottle that matches your style!



16. Crowned Skull Herb Grinder

Looking for a grinder that will catch the eyes of your friends, or simply a grinder that has a bit of a different look than a more traditional grinder? The Crowned Skull Herb Grinder is the unique styled grinder that you have been looking for.The grinder comes with two components, one for grinding dry herb, and one for storing your dry herb once it has been ground. It grinds easily, as well. Simply put in the amount of dry herb you want and twist away! No need to worry about losing any of your ground dry herbs, either, as the two components are magnetic and seal tightly. This 2-piece grinder makes an ideal gift for a friend or loved one who may have a darker sense of style!


17. Belt Loop Herb Grinder with Storage

If you like to keep a decent supply of dry herb with you, the Belt-Loop Herb Grinder is a wonderful choice. Not only does this 2-piece grinder have what you would expect from a traditional grinder, such as sharp blades, and a compartment for holding ground, dry herbs, but there is also extra storage that runs along the entire back of the grinder. It is a great compartment for holding rolling papers! You will also find a third storage compartment that can hold whatever you need it to, but we recommend packing in the dry herb that is waiting to be ground. If convenient, versatile storage is a must for your grinder, then the Belt Loop Herb Grinder is the perfect choice for you!


18. Lightning-Metal Herb Grinder

Every once in a while, you may feel the need for a bit of spark in your grinding game. What better choice could you make than the Lightning Metal Herb Grinder This electrifying grinder has drop holes that are shaped like lightning and are clearly visible through the clear top. That lightning design is not just for show, either! The unique design of the grinder gives you a great, moderate grind. No worrying about whether the grind will be too fine or too coarse, this grinder will make it just right!  This grinder is a 4-piece model and includes a pollen catcher, so you will be sure to get the most out of your grind every time. We are sure you will find the quality of this grinder shocking!


19. Metal Grip 4 Piece Grinder

What good is a stylish grinder if it prevents you from getting a good grip to grind! The Metal Grip 4 Piece Grinder brings the world of design and utility into one product. The outside of the grinder is designed with grips for easy grinds without having to worry about dropping the grinder and spilling dry herb. The inside is as practical as the outside, with a convenient 4-piece design, pollen catcher, and a new blade design that gets you the perfect grind faster and more easily than ever.  This sleek, practically designed grinder is the perfect addition to the repertoire of any regular grinders and makes a great gift!


20. Large Metal Herb Grinder

The perfect grinder for handling larger amounts of dry herb! The Large Metal Herb Grinder is specifically designed not only to grind and hold a more than the usual amount of ground dry herb but also with an ergonomic grip that allows for a no-grip handling experience. The grinder has a magnetic top so you will not have to worry about losing any dry herb if you do happen to lose your grip on it, and it also comes with a pollen catcher! If you want to get the most out of your grinding experience, while grinding the most during your experience, the 4-piece Large Metal Herb Grinder would be a great fit!

21. 4-Layer Metal Smoke Smoking Tobacco

If you want a premium grinding experience, look no further than our 4-Layer Metal Smoke Smoking Tobacco Grinder! Its design has convenience and ease in mind for you, including being made from a zinc-alloy and having top quality blades that are great for grinding dry herb and tobacco to get the best smoke possible. The grinder has a large capacity but is very easy to clean. Your ground product of choice conveniently comes out of the side of the grinder, making for an easy time getting the grounds out, and even comes with a little shovel to make sure you can easily get everything out! This top-quality 4-piece grinder makes a great gift for friends and even a better gift for yourself!

22. Easy Herb Grinder

What could be an easier grinder than a grinder that does all the work for you! That is exactly what you will find with the Easy Herb Grinder. This 4-piece, battery-powered grinder has ease and utility in mind. This lightweight grinder holds about 300 grinds worth of power, and if you happen to have any left over, the dispensing end can turn into a handy storage container, holding up to 2.5 grams of dry herb! The included ion battery is rechargeable, but if you find yourself with a dead battery, the storage space can be detached and used as a traditional hand-crank grinder.The Easy Herb Grinder offers a cutting-edge, easy and user-friendly experience for novice and experienced grinder alike.


23. Yocan iShred Grinder

The Yocan iShred Grinder is not a grinder on its own, but is actually builit in to the iShred dry herb vaporizer. We just wanted to point out this all-in-one experience, from grinding dry herb, to vaping the ground herb, and even storing some for later use. The all-ceramic heating chamber allows for quick heating and vaping once you have your dry herb ground, and the digital display on the outside cover gives you all the information you need for a successful vape. It shows the current temperature, the temperature that it is set to reach, and it will remember the temperature setting you choose for your next vaping session. The Yocan iShred with a built in herb grinder comes with everything you need for vaping, including a cleaning brush and a USB charging cable. There is absolutely nothing else you need! For the absolute best and truest all-in-one vaping experience on the market, we are sure that the Yocan iShred Grinder will be perfectly at home with you!

24. Finger Grinders

No, this is not a clever name for a product; we actually are just talking about using your fingers! Your fingers are likely the first grinding product you used on your dry herbs, as it is quickly available and free! However, if you really want to get the most out of vape pens that use dry herb there are several reasons you move away from your fingers to a proper grinder.

For starters, it is a lot less mess when you use a proper grinder. When you use your fingers, they get sticky and covered in residue, and inevitably get on everything. That sticky residue can get on the mouthpiece of your vape pen and even the buttons, which not only will affect the taste, but could potentially hurt the longevity of your equipment. It is also a great way to drop dry herb and otherwise ruin your product. Even beginner grinders are a better alternative to making a mess!

More importantly than a mess, a proper grind is essential for use in vape pens specifically designed for dry herb. An even burn through your herb of choice is extremely important, which a proper grind allows for. Grinding your herb, especially with dry herb that is particularly dense, helps unpack it and loosen it up, which translates to a more efficient burning, which is perfect for getting the best vapor from your dry herbs.

Lastly, grinding is just faster than using your fingers. No matter how experienced your fingers are, you are not going to beat steel blades and manual or automatic crank. If you really want to take the time to get a fine, consistent grind, it will take an incredibly long time just using your fingers. As we mentioned before, you may be completely unable to get the exact consistency you want unless you use a grinder.

A faster, higher quality, cleaner experience should be all you need to convince yourself to finally make the small investment and get a grinder! There are a variety of grinders to choose from, so take your time shopping and find the one that is right for you!

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