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Sharpstone Herb Grinder with Clear Top

High quality herbal grinder with razor sharp blades designed to easily mince herbs in seconds. A second level catches and stores the herbal remains and a stainless steel pollen screen allows only the finest pollen to fall to the bottom herb particle catch.
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  • Product Details

    Sharpstone Herb Grinder Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature plus Worldwide Shipping Options Available
    • Sharpstone Grinder with a clear top
    • 1 Protective Cloth Pouch Grinder

    Sharpstone Clear Top Grinder Details

    • Features a clear top to watch the grinder blades in action
    • 4-piece grinder with 3 separate levels. The ;grinding level, storage level plus the herb particle catch on the bottom

    55mm Grinders

    • 55 mm
    • 47.8 mm
    • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Rod; Anodized for a smooth finish

    63mm Grinders

    • Diameter 63mm
    • Height 49.5mm
    • Material Aircraft grade aluminum - quality metal grinder
  • User Manual

    Grinder Parts

    The Grinder is composed of four main components that combine together to create 3 main chamber levels.

    • Level 1 - Grinding Area: This is the top of the grinder. You can look through the clear top into this area and see the many sharp blades that will chop the herbs as you twist and turn the grinder. As the herbs are chopped up into smaller pieces, they will fall through the holes into the next level.
    • Level 2 - Ground herb Storage: This is the second level, or the middle level of the large herb grinder. After the herbs are ground up, they will fall into this compartment. You can take the herbs out for use, or leave them here for later.
    • Level 3 - The Herb Particle Catch: This is the bottom of the grinder. As you grind up your herbs and they fall into the middle level, tiny crystals and particles will fall even further to the bottom into what is called the herb particle catch.

    How to grind your herbs

    1. Remove the top of the grinder to reveal the sharp blades.
    2. Break your herbs into smaller pieces if needed. Push them down onto the top of the sharp blades.
    3. Push the top with the blades down into the herbs onto the top of the grinder. Twist and push if needed.
    4. Continue to twist and grinder the herbs. Turn left, turn right and the herbs will fall through the holes.
    5. If you like a medium grind, you can open the top of the grinder and clear it out before all of the ground herbs fall into the second level.
    6. To access the second level and the ground herbs, just unscrew the top.
    7. Over time, herb particles will build up in the bottom chamber of the grinder. You can use the scraper or something similar to scrape it together into clumps or whatever necessary to retrieve it.

    Why Use a Grinder

    • Typically, dry herbs can be very sticky. Use a grinder to avoid getting pollen all over your fingertips. Nothing is worse than breaking up some buds and then touching your eye.
    • Some herbs can be very dense and when you break them up by hand, you are only little dense pieces. The grinder will slice up the herbs and give them more fluff and surface area.
    • Speed. A grinder will break down a bag of buds quicker than fingers.
    • Herb Storage for later. Not only can you slice and dice a whole bag within a couple minutes, but you can easily store already ground herbs in the second compartment area of the grinder. Get your grinding for the day done in one grind session.
    • Quick Review

      This Sharpstone Grinder is made from aircraft grade aluminum rod using the best in CNC machining technology. The entire grinder has been anodized to create a smooth finish and to prevent wear and smudge marks. Powerful Neodymium Magnets will help keep the top closed and a thin poly ring around the top grinding section help ensure smooth grinding without friction PLUS the clear top allows you to peer inside as you grind the herbs.

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