7 Herb Grinders that Make Life Easier

Have difficulty using an herb grinder? Want something electric, with a hand crank, or how about a vibrating herb grinder. We breakdown 7 cool herb grinders that make grinding life much easier.

by: Robert H. | 08/05/19 1:30PM



Hand Crank Herb Grinder

This type of grinder is going to work well with someone that finds turning and twisting a conventional grinder to be a bit of a chore. After all, sometimes with some extra sticky herb it is difficult to grip the grinder and properly twist, turn, and grind the herb. A hand crank allows, using physics, for just that individual to get a perfect grind every time without worrying about pain in their wrists. Hand crank grinder is certainly worth the money and definitely worth a peek.



Silicone Herb Grinders

The Silicone Herb Grinder is arguably the sharpest and most efficient herb grinders when it comes to dicing your herbs. Only the exterior is silicone and the interior is essentially razor blades, intelligently positioned to mince herbs like butter – and there are varying size holes that lead to the herb compartment, so you get a very nice grind that isn’t too fine or too coarse. If a regular metal grinder is a bit awkward to hold, but you don’t want to sacrifice sharp metal blades, try these. The silicone exterior is softer than just metal, is easier to grip, and easier to twist and turn, especially with the razor-sharp blades doing all the work.


Vibrating Herb Grinder

This grinder is designed with kief maximization in mind. The vibrating function will ensure that any loose particles floating around are not simply going to get stuck or clump up together. This is certainly beneficial in general and of particular note to the herb connoisseur. The vibrating function will send particles that normally would be stuck to the side of a blade or screen, down into the kief catcher. You can vibrate while grinding so particles don’t even have a chance to stick to some surface. We guarantee you will increase the kief build up much faster when using a vibrating grinder versus a standard herb grinder commonly used with vapes. Definitely worth the investment for any kief conscious people looking for a way to get even more, faster.


Electric Herb Grinder

An electric herb grinder is fairly self-explanatory – all the wonderful grinding action of spinning blades but without all the hassle of manually twisting anything oneself. Like the hand crank grinder, this is useful for those with delicate hands or who typically don’t have the wrist strength or grip to manually operate an ordinary grinder. Note, this is different from the vibrating grinder, as the purpose of the electric in this grinder is to power blades that spin and chop the herbs into smaller pieces so you don’t need to grip or twist anything. Powered by batteries, this is a very popular grinder that is great for those that have handle issues, arthritis and anything similar to that. If you can’t grip something, just press a button.



Belt Loop Herb Grinder

The belt loop grinder is a handy piece of equipment that is more for convenience than being known for a robust ability to grind herb. Essentially, the belt loop grinder is just meant to attach to the belt of one’s pants to ensure a convenient, easy way to grind and access herb. Most importantly, it serves as an external storage for the dry herb outside of one’s pockets. This can be especially useful if wearing tighter clothing or on a hike where someone doesn’t need a backpack but doesn’t want to have a bulky item in their pocket jabbing them in the leg. Rather useful despite the somewhat lacking grinding power compared to other contenders on this list.


Rolling Paper Top Grinders

This is certainly a novelty item that is extremely useful for fans of rolling (and clumsy, forgetful people as well). Overall, the basic premise of this sort of grinder is that it is always useful to have rolling papers around if that is the preferred method of smoking dry herb. Particularly when taking into account the annoyingly tiny nature of most packs of rolling papers and their propensity to be lost in bags, pockets, purses, etc. Why not have rolling papers and grinder in one place. If that sounds like something that would particularly prove useful, make sure to look into one of these fantastically useful niche items.


Clear Top Herb Grinders

This is probably one of the most common-sense innovations to hit the grinding market and it’s mind-boggling to wonder why it took so long. Nothing is more annoying than having to constantly open and close a grinder because the dry herb is not fully ground or ground to one’s liking. We have all been there. Worry no more! Clear top grinders make it convenient and easy to see inside the grinder and ensure that the constant back and forth of continually having to check inside is a thing of the past. Moreover, this will also allow someone to know when they are running low or need to add more. It can also prove useful in making sure that everything is kept clean and maintained. When the clear top itself becomes dirty or hard to see through this can be an indication of a need to clean out the grinder.


Which Herb Grinder is Best to Buy?

All in all, there is not one specific grinder that can be pointed out as being the absolute, objective best. As one can see even from these descriptions, there is a lot of mention of preferences and competing needs. To someone with delicate hands, a hand crank or an electric grinder may be the move. Looking for a traditional grinder with a twist, and super sharp blades, try the silicone herb grinder. It is really up to you, what you need or want, and what you like. To a rolling enthusiast, having papers is vitally important, and having them on your grinder minimizes the 15-minute search for papers before every session. Essentially, to each their own when it comes to which is the best to buy.

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