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Cool Herb Grinders with Rolling Paper Top

Cool, 4 piece herb grinder features sharp blades plus a useful top that can hold a pack of rolling papers and even some herbs. Get the ultimate herb grinder today with FREE shipping.
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  • Product Details

    Cool Herb Grinder Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature, plus Worldwide Shipping Available
    • Herb Grinder with a multi-use top for rolling papers
    • Scraper for use in the kief catcher

    Cool Herb Grinder Details

    • 4 Piece Herb Grinder - includes grinding area, storage compartment herb particle catcher
    • Multi-Use Top -the top of the grinder has a slot that can be used for holding rolling papers. In addition, it features a small bowl that can be used to hold herbs while rolling or smoking.
    • Smart Blade Design - grinders have evolved and the blades are not what they used to be. They are sharp as usual, and maybe more so, but more importantly they are sharp where it makes sense, and they are designed in a pattern that makes chopping herbs much easier than in older models.
    • Diameter - 3 inches or 76mm
    • Height -2-1/8 inches or 54mm
    • Width of Rolling Paper Slot - 1 inch or 25mm

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  • User Manual

    Cool Herb Grinder - Why is it so Cool?

    Never Forget the Rolling Papers Again

    The top of this herb grinder has a slot that will hold a pack of rolling papers. Forgetting the papers is easy to do. When that happens you dole out a few bucks for a new - over time that adds up. The grinder is always around, so slide the papers in to the top so not only will you never forget the papers, but more importantly, you will never lose them again. In one place, attached to another essential smoking device such as the grinder, this is the spot for rolling papers. Spend less time looking for papers, and more time grinding & smoking.

    Useful Herb Dish

    Typically the grinder is opened and closed each time you have to pack a fresh bong, and each time, valuable herb pieces are randomly lost. You can opt to keep the grinder open, but then one wrong move and the ground herbs are everywhere. The top of this grinder has a small bowl that will allow you to place extra herbs that can be used for the next bowl pack. It is one of those things that become more useful as it is used because you realize how great it is.

    How to Clean a Big Herb Grinder

    Cleaning really is not necessary. Usually a grinder can be worked and worked without the need to be cleaned. What we really do recommend though, is the constant maintenance of the dry herb grinder like scraping the screen lightly after use and other cool tips listed out below.

    Fully Grind Through

    Do Not halfway grind some nugs and leave them in the top, grinding compartment. You want to avoid particle buildup as much as possible - so grind everything placed inside, anything left over should be dumped back into the storage container or into the storage part of the grinder.

    Tap-pity Tap Tap

    After each grinding session, tap a hard surface like a countertop to help the flower parts fall from the top to the mid section. This will help slow the build up of residue on the blades as well as the threads where the pieces connect. In addition, the tapping will bring down more of the smaller fine particles that you barely notice - they will fall to the bottom of the grinder and collect in the pollen catcher.

    Keep things Standing Upright

    Especially with certain buds, it is impossible to keep every tiny particle within the interior of the grinder solely. Over time, build up will happen every where, but it will happen faster with the dry herb grinder rolling around on its side or upside down. Keep the grinder right side up and maximize the use out of what is inside.

    If needed, do a thorough Cleaning

    The average grinder, especially this one, really does not need a cleaning unless you put some gross stuff through the blades. But after a ton of use, if you insist, the grinder can be soaked in rubbing alcohol or some other 420 cleaning solution. Soak it in a bag, include some salt to act as a scrubber, and shake things up to add friction to the mix. You can also use a toothbrush or some other device to scrub while soaking. If the grinder blades seem to be dull, or not working like they once were, perhaps the resin build up on the blades is covering some of the sharpness as well making things stick more. If that is the case, try a thorough cleaning.

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