Bukket Pipe Bong Review

The Bukket Pipe is a gravity bong that operates similar to the traditional grav, but it does not require any avocados or snorkles. It extends up to 20 inches and will deliver the biggest hit ever, guaranteed.

by: Hannah P. | 12/18/17 2:30PM


Bukket Pipe Introduction

The Bukket Pipe is a lightweight and highly portable gravity bong. Gravity bongs are typically homemade and constructed using plastic bottles or some other random object found around the house. The Bukket, however, is an industrially manufactured gravity bong that you can purchase online and in stores. With homemade gravity bongs, duct tape, buckets of water, and other spare parts are needed for creation to function, but the Bukket does not require any additional parts separate from what is included. It is currently the most popular gravity bong avavailable for purchase on the market. It is great for smoking dry herbs at home and even on the go. The Bukket Pipes are known for being one of the most fun bongs to smoke and, more importantly, for their huge hits.


The Bukket Pipe

Top Attribute? Mega Hits!

One of the most important characteristics of a tool used for smoking is the hit it delivers. The top attribute of this bong is the mega hit. In general, bongs obviously have much bigger hitting power than your average smoke or hand pipe, but a grav offers hits even a step higher than a traditional bong! This can be accredited to the gravitational pull of the smoke inside the pipe. The size of the pipe’s chamber allows for a large amount of smoke to be milked inside. This, combined with the gravity, allows for a massive hit when you compress the piece. This product delivers a hit so epic that it is often referred to as a one hitter quitter.

Bukket Pipe Features and Details

  • Dimensions: Base Diameter 3.5 inches
  • Smoke Capacity: Can be extended to 20” inches at full stretch.
  • Included Bong Bowl: Diameter ½ inch, length 2.75 inches, ½ inch deep
  • Material: Bong designed with molded plastic, bowl is metal
  • Assembly: No assembly required apart from placing the bowl into the slot at the top of the bukket.


How to Use the Bukket Pipe

1. Grinding the herbs - First thing’s first. Make sure that your herb is ground using an herb grinder. Grinding your big buds instead of pulling it apart will allow for a smoother, more even smoke. Plus you won’t have to worry about pollen in the eye.

2. Loading and lighting the bowl - To start, the Bukket should be fully collapsed. Once you have fully collapsed the bong, place the metal bowl into the stem at the top of the bong, then pack your herb tightly into the bowl. Now, grab a lighter and place the flame above the bowl. Now pick up the top half of the Bukket pipe and as the pipe expands like an accordion, the upward motion will suck the air in from the outside. Along with that air, the pressure sucks the flame down into the herbs as well.

3. Filling the Bukket Corridor - As you light the bowl with one hand, and raise the hard-plastic top part of the Bukket, the herb lights. Continue slowly to pull the top of the bong, allowing it to expand. As the bong lengthens, the corridor fills with up smoke. There is no carb, so as soon as the Bukket is fully expanded and filled with smoke, pull the bowl out.

4. Taking a hit - Immediately after you have removed the bowl, place your mouth over the piece where your bowl was previously placed – or at least plug it with a thumb. Inhale slowly to take a hit. To take a bigger hit, you can even collapse the bong as you pull. As you collapse the bong, the smoke will be forced out the mouthpiece and into your lungs at a rate higher than normal. It’s important to note that collapsing the bong can deliver a huge hit! Also note that one light can suffice for several hits if you properly expand and collapse the smoke-filled corridor strategically. Once you have taken a hit, collapse the Bukket, relight the bowl, and repeat!

Bukket Pipe Maintenance

Maintaining your Bukket Pipe Gravity Bong is very simple. Not much cleaning is required, so upkeep doesn’t take a lot of work at all. Mostly, you’ll just need to worry about keeping the bowl piece screen clean. It will get clogged over time, so it’ll need to be cleared by scraping off the residue and then soaking it in a cleaning solution. A cheap and effective cleaning solution is to add some salt to warm water. The Bukket itself won’t need to be cleaned after every use, but it should be cleaned infrequently. This can be done by wiping down the outside plastic with water and the inside can be soaked in a cleaning solution similar to the one used for the bowl screen. The inside can be washed by filling with water and shaking. The water can then be poured out. This process can be repeated several times at your discretion. This will help to clear out any build up on the inside.


Is the Bukket Pipe Bong for me?

Our bong dictionary page has some great info on bongs in general. But whether or not to buy the Bukket Pipe Bong is really a matter of personal preference. Things to consider when deciding to buy are your budget, your smoking style preference, and whether you will find a practical use for it or not. The Bukket is great for any type of hit - it can deliver huge hits or smaller hits, it all depends how you want to use it. So, regardless of how you want to smoke, this has you covered. Additionally, the Bukket is a unique pipe, so it has the potential to be a great addition to your smoking pipe collection. Plus it is affordable and portable. If all of these things suit your taste, then this cool bong is definitely for you!

Bukket Gravity Bong vs Homemade Gravity Bong

Homemade bongs and Bukket bongs are very similar in their ability to get the job done. But there are a lot of differences in the two. To start, a homemade bong requires a lot more hassle in the assembly. To put together a homemade gravity bong, you have to have a plastic bottle, aluminum foil, a bucket, and some water – if not that combination of random materials, you’ll need to McGyver something else. Regardless, in contrast, the Bukket is already put together with no assembly necessary. Just add the herb, light it, and enjoy. This cool, pre-built gravity bong will save you a ton of time and is guaranteed to work whereas the homemade type doesn’t always work like it should.

The Bukket ravity bong

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