Smoking Pipes that May Surprise You - 7 Awesome Pipes

If you want to find an affordable smoking pipe that offers a blown-away smoking experience, check out this list of unique, cool pipes. These smoking pipes are often underdogs, however, they usually outperform most expectations.

by: Colby M. | 06/15/20 1:30PM


Admittedly, there are a lot of smoking pipes out there. Peruse any local headshop or an online store and you will find hundred of pipes in a range of sizes, materials, and styles. Each type of pipe is unique and offers a special experience. Here are 7 smoking pipes many folks overlook or underestimate. These under dogs will surely beat all expectations in price, functionality, and ease of use. Shall we begin?

Swan Bubbler Pipe

First up on our list is the swan bubbler pipe, which gives users the benefits of water filtration in a compact, reliable package that is affordable. The swan body is constructed with silicone – easy to clean and durable. Attached to the silicone swan body is a glass pipe or bowl which holds water. For quite a few smokers, water filtration is as good as it gets in terms of flavor and cooling down smoke. You would be hard pressed to find another water pipe that ticks all of these boxes at the low price of $20.



Lipstick Smoking Pipe

At first glance, one may feel that this pipe is rather gimmicky. That could not be further from the truth. The lipstick smoking pipe offers smokers a discreet, cleverly disguised way to enjoy their favorite hobby. Of course, this pipe functions as intended, even with its unique look. Simply pack the internal bowl, light, and inhale from the lipstick end. It is hard to think of another pipe that fits so perfectly in a purse.

14 Inch Silicone Water Bong

While it is true that glass remains king in the eyes of many bong enthusiasts, there is no reason to follow the trend. Why not consider a water bong made from silicone instead? As a material, silicone is incredibly durable and easy to clean in comparison to glass which is delicate and burdensome to maintain. This water bong offers the benefits of water filtration (smooth puffs) as well as huge hits, a must if potency is your goal. Also, it is less than $40. Talk about a win win.

14 inch silicone bong all different colors

Bukket Pipe Wateless Gravity Bong

Both affordable and straightforward to use, the bukket pipe is an excellent option for people who love potency and massive hits. This device includes a metal bowl piece and slide for herb as well as the bukket pipe itself. Enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience with the bukket pipe!

Mini Silicone Bong

Perhaps a standard sized bong is too much of a hassle because of its cumbersome nature. What if you want to enjoy the benefits of a bong on-the-go? We recommend you check out the mini silicone bong, it is durable, affordable, and will fit in a big with total ease. If you are planning on a smoking sesh with friend while out for the day this bong would be a solid choice. It operates in exactly the same way as a traditional bong, just in a more compact package.


Mini Silicone Bong black and yellow

Double Barrel Dugout Pipe

The double barrel dugout pipe offers TONS of benefits to smokers who enjoy using one-hitters. For one, this dugout pipe is hand-milled from select woods and has the capacity to hold two one-hitter pipes. If you have ever used a one-hitter before you know how prone they are to getting clogged and the hassle of having to repack them constantly. With this pipe, you can hold two pre-packed one-hitters in case one gets clogged or you plan on smoking a second time. Also, this product is made in America, which is pretty awesome.

Hammer Bubbler Silicone Pipe

Achieve a simplistic and smooth smoking session with the hammer bubbler silicone pipe. These pipes are highly portable and durable due to the body of the pipe being made from silicone. Also, keeping this pipe clean is incredibly easy in comparison to glass, which can be expensive and a hassle to keep clean. Overall, this pipe is an incredible value and gives one all of the benefits of water filtration.

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