Cool Pokemon Pipes and Smoking Accessories

When it comes to smoking, it is meant to be fun. So it comes as no surprise you can find plenty of amazing novelty themes to choose from. These entertaining options can include Alice in Wonderland, Christmas, Jack Skellington, animals, and a wide variety of other options. While some devices and tools just add amusement, others can showcase very impressive works of art. One of the best parts of themed pipes and smoking accessories, is you do not have to compromise the quality of the product for the appearance. There are plenty of quality products available to showcase your quirky side, without having to just showcase your novelty item on a shelf.

by: Chelsea O. | 09/02/20 1:30PM

Pokeball Silicone Smoking Pipe

If you are looking for a more indestructible option, then look no further than the Pokeball Silicone Smoking Pipe. This easy to use silicone smoking pipe has a built-in glass bowl to provide a great smoking experience to all users. It is 4.5 inches long and is available in two color schemes - red and red, white, and blue.

Pokemone background with a pokemon bowl and a pokemon tool

Pokeball Glass Smoking Pipe

This impressive hand blown pokemon glass pipe contains a very deep bowl to allow for larger packs of herbs. It is 4.5 inches long and is designed to look like the Pokeball used for capturing your favorite Pokemon. The bowl head includes a carb hole for airflow and a marble grip for comfort. This reuse-able pipe is a worthwhile investment for glass collectors, Pokemon fans, and smokers alike.

Pikachu Herb Grinder

After being captured, your favorite electrifying Pokemon has been altered to create the perfect 2 inches tall Pokemon herb grinder. The Pikachu herb grinder is made from metal and is the ultimate Pokemon option for grinding and mincing your dry herbs. Like most two-piece grinders, it contains a small collection chamber and a lid. As you grind the dry herbs, it will collect in the bottom of the collection chamber. Once it has reached your desired consistency, simply remove the dry herbs and place them into your smoking device. This highly detailed grinder features a plastic Pikachu exterior, with the rest of the 2 piece grinder (including the blades) made from metal. The grinding area diameter is 1.5 inches long, with a 2-inch diameter for the entire grinder.

Pokeball Storage Containers

While Pokemon Storage Containers can be used to store dry herbs and other things, they are typically used for wax concentrates. Pokemon Ball Dab Containers are easy to use and made from non-stick, food-grade silicone. These Pokeball dab containers feature a 1-inch diameter, and just like a real Pokeball, they open around the middle (splitting the container in half). Not only will they fit right in with any Pokemon collectibles collection, but they are also a great gift for a Pokemon enthusiast. Plus to help you “catch em all”, you can order them in 2 or 4 pack options.

Giant Poke Master Water Bong

Whether you are an avid Pokemon enthusiast, or just like to play Pokemon Go!, the Giant Poke Master Water Bong is a great inspiration to help you catch them all. This dual-chambered glass ball features a colorful detailed glasswork of four of the first generation Pokemon starters, as well as a nice assortment of colorful Pokeballs. The exquisitely detailed design is not the only awesome feature of this bong. It also boasts a double-chamber to provide double the hit size, an ash catcher, a built-in percolated downstem, removable glycerin chiller attachment, and a female joint with the bowl.

Pokemon Dabber Tool

Pokemon Dab Tools and accessories are not just for smokers. In fact, there are a wide variety of dabbing tools, storage containers, dab rigs, mats, and more you can find equipped with cool Pokemon characters. A fun fan favorite is this adorable Pikachu dab tool makes the perfect addition to any Pokemon collection and provides an entertaining way to evenly place your wax concentrate for your dab rig or vaporizer.

Gotta Dab Em All Dab Rig Mat

The “Gotta Dab Em All” dab rig mat is a Pokemon parody design created to protect and showcase your favorite dab rig or water bong. Featuring Pokemon Gengar Raichu and Muk, this one of a kind dab mats provides a colorful and creative work of art with a rubber backing to prevent sliding. The dab rig mat is 1/8 inch thick and is a great decorative coaster for your preferred dab rig or water bong.

Mini Pokemon Dab Rig

The handmade glass Mini Pokemon Dab Rig is 5 inches tall and has a 2-inch diameter base. Made entirely of glass, the base of the dab rig provides the appearance of a Pokeball. Very similar to a bong, this dab rig provides a water chamber and has a built-in downstem. It features a 14 mm male joint and comes with a 14 mm dome and nail.

Like other themed paraphernalia, Pokemon-themed devices and tools can be found both in-store at your local head and smoke shops, and at online retailers like NY Vape Shop where you can get everything from Dry Herb Vaporizers to grinders. You can find a large array of Pokemon-themed options from dab tools, to spoon pipes, to water bongs, and everything in between. Each selection offers a fun and amusing conversation starter and is a great way to bring a smile to your face.

pokemon grinder with a pokemon bowl both red and white

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