What is a Homemade Bong

Homemade Bong Introduction

At the core, this is a smoking device, built at home, with the intention to function like a water bong, usually because there is no other way to smoke the herbs you have laying around. The funny thing is, most of the devices created could be considered homemade pipes if you want to get technical because often, water is not involved, likely out of convenience because making an official homemade binger is not always easy.

How to make a Homemade Bong

This is a question that cannot be answered with one single answer. That is because of the nature of this product – it is homemade and does not come with directions, although you can find some on the internet, ultimately it is just about working with what you have. This type of binger is where you get McGyver-like and hopefully construct something that can be used as a bong or at least a poor excuse of a pipe. Just make sure you have a mouthpiece, a place to pack and light the herb, plus some sort of tube or space for smoke to travel through.

Common Supplies for a Homemade Bong Idea

  • Plastic bottles in different sizes and shapes
  • Various Fruits and Vegetables
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Tubes of pens and markers

Cool Homemade Bongs

How to make a homemade gravity bong

If you don't have yourself an actual smoking pipe, the simplest and most effective homemade bong to construct is a homemade gravity bong.

Step 1

Get two plastic soda bottles. A two-liter bottle and a one-liter bottle work best.

Step 2

Cut the bottom off the smaller bottle, and cut the top off the larger bottle. Do not cut too much, you can always cut more. You will want to leave most of the larger bottle since it will be responsible for holding the water (in a similar process, you can fill a sink, a bucket or anything else to instead hold the water). Just be sure to leave enough of the small bottle because that is where the smoke builds up, similar to the interior of a glass bong. The more space in the bottle the more smoke that can build and the easier it is to operate. You really just need to cut the very bottom off of the small bottle.

Step 3

Now, take the cap from the small bottle and bore a hole in it. It may be easiest to splice an “X” in the cap first with a steak knife. You are going to cover that cap with aluminum foil, forming a bowl towards the interior of the cap – this cap will be screwed back on the bottle so be aware of which side is which. With the tin foil in place, finally, you will pop tiny holes in the foil bowl with a paper clip or a pin, even a thumbtack.

Step 4

There is a reason you are making the bowl inside the cap! Don’t think you can do a shortcut and just put the foil over the top of the bottle opening. You can, but there are optimal ways to do things and with this is one way – with it the cap can be screwed back on the bottle to create a tight seal.

Step 5

You will want to make sure the foil is also secure around the cap so you can get suction. We don’t recommend using any adhesive for a better seal, you’re really just trying to McGyver something quick here.

Step 6

When all is cut properly, next, fill the two-liter, larger bottle with water. Again, in place of this 2 liter bottle you can use a large pot, a bucket, a sink, whatever you can fill with water.

Step 7

Now finally, load that homemade bowl piece! SLOWLY submerge the smaller bottle into the water but stop below the neck and mouthpiece part of the bottle. The further submerged the bottle, the more smoke that you will be able to bring into the makeshift bong.

Step 8

Once submerged, light the bowl, then SLOWLY pull your “pipe” out of the water. You will watch it fill with white smoke as you do. The pressure created by pulling the bottle upward will pull in air from the outside, as if you were taking a hit, but the pressure does it for you and the smoke comes into the bottle and stores in between the mouthpiece and water.

Step 9

When that bottle pipe is filled with smoke, screw that bowl off quickly (don’t have it fully screwed on to begin with) and push the bottle back down inside the water just as you took it out. Again, pressure is at work here, except it is the opposite effect and it will push the smoke outward through the mouthpiece because of the incoming water. While pushing down, make sure to cover the bottle opening with your mouth and that is where the “bong” hit is taken.

Any bongs like the ones here give a powerful hit, especially gravity bongs, so keep that in mind when operating!

How to make a Soda Can Bong

This works just fine, even if people think it’s so terribly ghetto or cracky looking. It’s the quintessential homemade bong if you can even call it that. All you need to do is get a can and crush it right.

Step 1

Make the indentation in the center of the can simply by pushing down. Attempt to form a bit of a bowl formation, but don’t go crazy – aluminum cans are super sharp when broken down.

Step 2

Next, on one of the indentation slopes, towards the center of the bowl formation, poke tiny holes with something – a thumbtack is really optimal for this, at least I have found.

Step 3

Now the aluminum pipe is made and all you do is place your herbal remedy over the holes and spark up. With this legendary soda pop can bong, you actually will get a huge hit, albeit a little harsh – if you bend the can right you can get a little water on the one side to create somewhat of a homemade bubbler.

How to make a Toilet Paper Roll Bong

This often is referred to as the most ghetto of all pipes in a pinch. In fact, it is effective at delivering a powerful, albeit harsh hit. The pipe is easily assembled with common items available most anyplace you might wish you had a bowl pipe, but do not. In fact it might be preferable to a clogged glass or metal pipe.

Step 1

Simply find a toilet paper roll. Make a cat happy if the roll full so that it doesn’t go to waste. You’ll need all the paper removed from the roll.

Step 2

Next, cut a little square out of the top of that toilet paper roll. This is where the homemade bowl piece will be placed so keep that in mind.

Step 3

You are going to take that trusty aluminum foil and form a bowl piece. Put it in the cut square and simply take a paper clip or pin and poke holes in the new found metal bowl – by the way, if you have a salt shaker head, that also can work, but it is not always an option.

Finally, tape that aluminum foil bowl piece into place on the roll, right into the little square that was cut out. Take care not to set anything on fire – including the roll – when you take your hit. All you do is put one end of the roll to your mouth and your hand over the other end. Next, take a puff as you would with any other smoking pipe or bong. When you want to clear the hit out, just remove your hand and pull.

How to make a Potato Bong

One often cultivated, rarely celebrated homemade bong is a potato. It’s really quite simple, and the potato gets baked along with you.

Step 1

Hollow out the potato and bring out the inner sculptor. Simply create a hole at the top and another on the opposite side - you're trying to mimic the average glass pipe design here. Tunnel down from the top, but make sure it’s a skinny tunnel. You don’t want your buds falling inside of the potato. If that happens, add cheese, bacon and pop it in the oven. Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.

Step 2

Next, place the herbs over the top of one hole, as if that hole is the bowl piece in the Roor bong you don’t have. The hole on the other side acts as the mouthpiece and the tunnel between the two is well, that is where the smoke travels through. Once you have that built out just light up and get to it like Bob, no tin foil necessary.

Most people prefer to apply this same concept to an apple, which may taste better. But remember, you have to work with what you have and sometimes you may only have a potato.