Electric Herb Grinder Review - No Twisting Necessary!

Some say this is the Best Electric Herb Grinder, so we breakdown everything you need to know. We cover grinder basics and details to keep you accurately informed about this electric grinder for herbs.

by: Greg H. | 08/13/18 1:30PM


We Review the Electric Herb Grinder

Using an electric herb grinder is the fastest and easiest way to get your herb ground up into smaller pieces. Any herb grinder helps to get the most out of your dry herbs. And this type of electric grinder does all of the work for you in seconds. It has a very sharp blade and along with the automated grinding mechanism, and this makes for a much easier and less demanding process.

Top Attribute – Automated Grinding

Gripping a grinder and twisting it left and right can be tedious and tiring when done repeatedly or with very dense or moist nugs, especially if you don’t have sharp blades or have stuffed the herbs into the grinder incorrectly. Using an automated, electric grinder completely eliminates the need for any manual twisting as the device does not require twisting and takes care of everything for you. Simply place herb in the cup, attach it to the rest of the grinder, press the the power button, and you will have your buds chopped into smaller pieces in seconds.



Electric Herb Grinder Specifications


The average grinder in our shop is a completely different shape than the eletrcic grinder, for obvious reasons. Overall the electric grinder is not very big, but it is slightly larger than the typical grinder, especially in length.


The grinder blades are powered by 3 AAA batteries. Operates with a simple push of a power button.


Outfitted with 3 separate pieces that include the extended handle, the middle layer with razor-sharp cutting blades, and a plastic collector cup for the ground herb.


The electric grinder has some slight weight to it when you consider the batteries, but overall it is more or less heavier than a standard herb grinder.


As mentioned, the middle grinding piece is outfitted with optimized grinding pieces that are very sharp. These grinders are guaranteed to break your herbs down into smaller pieces that will burn much more evenly than simply trying to burn large dense pieces. Vaping dry herbs without a grinder is not recommended and results in uneven burns that will ultimately lead to herb loss plus it does not capture the full flavor profile of the herbs.


How to use the Automatic Electric Grinder?

Using this grinder is as simple as it gets. It is made up of just a few pieces that can all be separated in order to access the grinder and cup that the ground up herb is collected in. Make sure there is power in the batteries so that the grinder can operate to its max potential.

1. Start by de-stemming the buds and break them down into smaller pieces - do not break things down completely, but it will serve you well to not place large and dense nugs into the container cup.

2. Fill the cup about 30%. Do not put more than as you can always add more if needed. Once properly filled, attach to the rest grinder by screwing the grinder onto the top of the container cup. Make sure to hold firmly and avoid spilling the herbs - the cup should be upright with the open top facing upwards.

3. When the two parts are screwed in together press the power button and slowly turn the grinder upright. As this happens, the herbs will fall towards the spinning blades and become chopped. Continue this action back and forth until the desired level of ground has been reached.

4. Remember, carefully unscrew the plastic container to avoid any mishaps. Place the container down on a flat, secure surface and enjoy!


Maintaining and Cleaning the Hand Crank Grinder

Grinders do not require much cleaning - other than simply making sure it does not become clogged. The best way to ensure longevity with your grinder is to just make sure to clean the corners of the grinders. This can be easily done by using a wire brush to scrape out the portions of herb that may have gotten stuck. By doing this after every use you can not only get more herb out of the grinder, but can also reduce the amount of residue buildup over time. After a couple months of use, you can clean the blades with cleaners like 420 formula to make it feel brand new again. However, this can ruin the color coating of the exterior parts of grinder, so be aware.


Is the Electric Grinder for me?

If you want to find the perfect grinder it is simply a matter of preference. If you are tired of having to manually twist and grind your herb and desire an option that does the work for you, an electric herb grinder is just for you. While this grinder does not have some typical grinder features such as a pollen catcher or screen for catching, the ease of use and quality of the grinding process is top notch.

Using a grinder is much easier than just using your fingers. It is faster, does not give you sticky fingers, results in more evenly ground herbs and overall streamlines the smoking experience and makes it much more enjoyable. The average grinder needs to be gripped and twisted. Using this Electric grinder gives the added benefit of easing the pressure on wrists, fingers, and hands.

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