What is a Vape Mouthpiece

Vape Mouthpiece definition

The vape mouthpiece is the part of a vaporizer responsible for providing the physical path for the vapor to travel from a heating chamber up to the user. The vape mouthpiece component is typically removeable, replaceable, and typically made from a silicone, glass or plastic material. Need a replacement or spare mouthpiece? Browse our vape mouthpiece parts for sale and find the one for your vape!


How to Clean a Vape Pen Mouthpiece

Wax Pen Mouthpiece

Wax is a messy substance and after some use the mouthpiece, screen and filter can begin to clog and blog the pathway for vapor to travel. It is always nice to have a super clean vape but that is not always possible, especially when dealing with wax pens. When pulling becomes difficult, it is time to clean or repalce. To clean, just remove and toss the mouthpiece along with any screen into a small container or bag filled with rubbing alcohol. You can also use other cleaning products like the popular formula 420 cleaning solution. Let the components soak and after some time you can start to scrub them with a q tip like device until the component is clean to your satisfaction. You can also do this with boiling water but it will stink of your house, can be dangerous, and will put a glass mouthpiece at risk of cracking. Once a mouthpiece is cleared, rinse it thoroughly in warm water and remove and last remnants.

Mouthpiece for Herb Vape

Dry herb vaporizers are not nearly as sticky and messy as wax so the mouthpiece cleaning process will be less often and may not even be needed. The main issue with the herb vapes occurs after a bunch of use that eventually clogs the filter screen. If you are having a difficult time pulling vapor, the screen is likely clogged with residue and can either be replaced or cleaned. Just like above, simply toss a screen in rubbing alchol, 420 cleaning solution or boiling water and stir it up to help break up the residue attached to its surface. Within 5 minutes you should have a cleared screen that can now be rinsed under warm water. Dry it off and replace to start vaping again!

Oil Vape Mouthpiece

Oil is not as bad as wax but the cleaning of the mouthpiece components should be treated in a similar manner. If things seem to be clogged, toss any screen and other clogged component into a cleaning solution. 510 attachments are composed of many parts so we do not recommend throwing any 510 attachment into a bag of cleaning solution. You can likely remove a clogged mouthpiece part and other screens to single out and clean individually. Toss the proper parts in to soak and just like with other vapes, use a q tip to assist in removing any residue and rinse under warm water once complete.

Mouthpiece Replacement for My Vape

Many of the vape brands on the market use similar vaporizer components so replacement parts will overlap and work with more than just one brand. Some vape accessories can be used with 20+ different brand names. Below is a list a some of the vaporizers available in the market from herb and wax to oil. Each vaporizer name will link to the replacement mouthpiece that it will work with.