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Titan Vape Mouthpiece Replacements

This quality mouthpiece replacement is compatible with over 10 different vaporizer models such as the G Pro, Titan plus more. See a complete list of vapes in the information tabs.
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3 Pack

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  • Product Details

    Vape Parts Listing Includes

    • FREE USA Shipping - Priority, Signature, plus Worldwide Shipping Available
    • 3 vape mouthpiece replacements (each mouthpiece includes the screen and metal screw-in part)

    Vape Mouthpiece Details

    • The mouthpiece is made of a durable, food grade abs plastic.
    • The metal screw in part is stainless steel
    • The filter screen is stainless steel
    • The mouthpiece is for use with one of the most popular dry herb vaporizer models that has been branded by many companies.  This mouthpiece replacement can be used with the following vaporizers

      • Titan 1
      • G Pro
      • K Vape
      • Wulf
      • Tundra
      • Plus More

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    • User Manual

      Will this mouthpiece fit my vaporizer?

      This mouthpiece is compatible for use with over 10 different brands including the G Pro, Titan 1 and more. To find out if this mouthpiece will work with your vaporizer, check out our list in the Description Tab or reach out to our customer service team.

      How to clean my G Pro mouthpiece

      1. If needed, remove the mouthpiece from the top of the vaporizer. 2. Disassemble everything so that you have the mouthpiece, the screw piece and the screen all separated. 3. The easiest solution is to soak all of the parts together in either boiling water or rubbing alcohol. If you use rubbing alcohol just rinse the parts under warm water after. 4. Whether boiling or just soaking, make sure to stir the parts around, shake them up and whatever else to help loosen up any particles stuck to the parts. 5. After the parts have been soaked and rinsed off, make sure to dry them completely before connecting everything back together.