How to Use a Glass Blunt Pipe - Expert Instructional

Glass Blunt pipes mean you can enjoy smoking one of the most popular forms of smoking, but now without paper! Glass Blunts are easy and fun smoking pipes we all need.

by: Matthew S. | 03/18/18 1:30PM


Every so often, something unique will rise from the ashes of your run of the mill smoking pieces. Glass blunts are one of those pieces that really deserves a second glance. If you have ever wanted an easier way to roll up your favorite flower without having to deal with brittle cigarillos, or you are just searching for the next new trinket or bauble to add to your growing collection, then glass blunts are right up your alley. And to the contrary of common misconceptions, these pieces are not only conversation starters, but they also hit like a champ, pumping up your smoking pipe game to the next level with ease.

Efficiency and quality are only two of the factors that really make glass blunts worthwhile. Simplicity is a key factor that draws many smokers to using cigarillos; there is just something so incredibly natural about the act of rolling up an old-school blunt. Glass blunts mirror that simplicity, generally only comprised of a few pieces and easy to pick up and start smoking quickly. Just a couple steps to follow, and you will be enjoying your herb ground up in your herb grinder of course in no time at all. Check out just how easy it is to pack up and start puff, puff, passing.


Steps for Using a Glass Blunt

  • First things first, grind up your herb in a handy dandy grinder of your choice. Unlike a traditional blunt, it doesn't make much of a difference if your flower ends up course or fine.
  • Based on the type of glass blunt, pull or twist back the inner chamber, leaving plenty of empty space to place your herb of choice. Keep in mind that the amount of herb that you will have to use to fill a glass blunt is based off of how far the inner tube is removed.
  • Open up that grinder and start packing away. Fill up the empty space with the finest herb.
  • Now, if you have a corkscrew or twisty style glass blunt, give that barber's pole a twist and watch as your herb is perfectly packed. For the suction variety of glass blunt, press the inner tube into your flower until it is packed tightly within the piece.
  • Everyone knows what comes next – it is the most satisfying part. Set fire to the flower and puff away.

Glass Blunt Tips

There is a lot of information out there concerning glass blunts of all shapes and sizes. A lot of this can be very convoluted and drawn out, beating around the point instead of just telling you the key tips to keep in mind. Well here you go, some simple tidbits of knowledge that will help you enjoy the full experience that glass pipes or glass blunts can provide.

TIP 1 - Figure Your Favorite Form

Glass blunts generally come in two forms, a suction tube version that looks like a syringe or a version that resembles a corkscrew or barber's pole. Whether you choose to go with one kind or the other is generally up to your personal preference, but there are some pros and cons to each form of the glass blunt.

The barber's pole iteration is what people are referring to most often when they are talking about glass blunts. A lot can be said about the popularity of this version. If used properly, this is the way to go and it is easy to use. A corkscrew mechanism allows you to pack in a ton of herbs simply by twisting away. Twist the other way to pop off some ashes or to clip the blunt. Older glass blunts were typically smaller and sometimes had complicated parts. This styles is straight forward and without small crevices or complicated spaces, it is easy to clean.

Syringe style glass blunts sport a far less fancier aesthetic than their barber's pole brethren. Your standard issue piece is usually comprised of two parts, and at first glance can resemble a gas station back-shelf glass piece. This is what generally gives this style of glass blunt a bad rap. Sure, there are a bunch of ornate looking syringe glass blunts out there, but the one that is most common to head shops and dispensaries does not have much curbside appeal. Once you get passed the wonky look, though, you will be surprised at just how tightly packed and smooth a glass blunt can feel. The downside of most of the barber's pole versions is that if not packed tightly enough, they will let the flower separate along the twisted metal internals, which can sometimes make it harder to keep a cherry. Interrupting your smoking session is not the reason glass blunts were invented.

TIP 2 - Packing is Principal

What most new users to glass blunts do not realize is that there is an art to packing these pieces perfectly. As said before, there is not much difference between the use of finely or coarsely ground herb. But, you have to make sure to pack up the piece carefully so as not to run into to losing your ember halfway through a session. It only takes a couple uses of the glass blunt to find the sweet spot for packing your favorite herb. Make sure it is tight in the pieces, but not so tight that it will clog it up or gunk up the works. It is a difficult concept to detail, but it is simple enough to grasp for everyone that gives glass blunts a whirl.

Syringe style glass blunts are much easier to pack up nice and tight, what with their nifty suction cup designs. The herb gets pushed to the brim of the glass blunt, and there is not a whole lot more to it than that. Make sure to not push the inner tube too hard against the flower or you will run into a clogged up piece.

Glass blunts are arguably some of the most satisfying pieces to pack. There is something about twisting a small knob and watching flower get twisted into the perfect smoking position. This version the glass blunt might be prone to having issues keeping a cherry lit when users don’t pack tight enough, but it definitely beats out its competition when it comes to having an oddly satisfying packing process, when done right.

TIP 3 - Ash and Move the Stash

One of the most common issues smokers have when first trying to use a glass blunt is that they do not push out the ash from the piece and move their flower forward far enough to stay glowing red hot. While you are puff, puff, passing a glass blunt, make sure to regularly check for loose ash on the end and an opportunity to push out your flower, providing the optimal smoking experience. Twist or syringe that burnt up material out of there, and enjoy the remainder of your session.


How to Clean a Glass Blunt

Most smokers out there know the general ways in which they can clean their favorite pieces. The beauty of the glass blunt is that these standard issue ways will work just the same. Whether you choose to use alcohol and rock salt, or some fancy cleaner from your local head shop, you will be able to get the job done. No need to complicate your cleanup any more than it has to be; just soak the pieces of your glass blunt in the chosen cleaner for an allotted amount of time (usually overnight for most methods), rinse, and put back together to smoke once more.

Glass Blunt Benefits

There are a plethora of pros and cons for using a glass blunt, but there are definitely more benefits that will sway you to give them a chance. These pieces are portable, simple to use, and will provide you with the same, if not better, experience that you will get from your standard cigarillo blunt. The most prominent benefit is that you will never have to be bothered to roll up again. Just pack, smoke, ash, and continue or save for later. Whether you pack enough to last you multiple sessions, or you are down for a one and done, you can satisfy those needs with a glass blunt.

Another benefit of glass blunts is that they are becoming increasingly more accessible with their growing popularity. A while back, glass blunts were few and far between, not getting much love from the overall smoking community. With their recent spurt in popularity, they have taken quite a foothold in the industry and show up pretty much everywhere. Due to how simply glass blunts are made, they are generally in line with your average hand-blown piece. You don't have to break the bank to get your hands on this simple tool that will bring your sessions to the next level.

Blunt Conclusion

Glass blunts may not be for everyone, but they should definitely not be slept on. Whether you are long-time smoker looking for relief from the use of cigarillos, or you are just looking for something new and unique, then you should try your hand at using a glass blunt. There is not a whole lot of reason not to give these awesome little pieces a shot.

There are not many innovative products coming out nowadays that change up the way you smoke. Glass blunts do a great job of providing an awesome experience that still sports a sense of familiarity for most smokers. So go out and use your newfound knowledge on how to use a glass blunt; pick one up and see if it will suit your fancy.

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