How Much Water to Put in a Bong

Water bongs come in many sizes, shapes and styles. It is not always easy to know the best water level for your bong. This article will discuss everything you need to know about filling your bong. From percolators to honeycomb bongs, there is an optimal water level for all.

by: Robert H. | 11/06/19 2:30PM


General Answer

There are all sorts of bongs available whether online or in your local smoke shop. While the general understanding of filling a bong with water is universal, all the different varieties may or may not have a particular way they recommend doing it. Basically, just make sure that you put enough water to allow the downstem to infuse and percolate the smoke and water. This level entirely depends on the size of your bong, downstem, etc. Outside of that, pay attention to any specialty features or designs that affect the way the water operates in a bong. For example, a percolator or multiple percolators could drastically affect the way water flows. This could also change the levels of water you need. So, for the specifics of your type of bong just make sure to actually look for instructions on filling the bong. If there are particular needs, they will be listed with the product specs and details.


Can you fill a Bong with too Much Water?

Absolutely. The point of a silicone bong or glass is to allow the water to cool off and smoothen a powerful hit. If you put too much water into your bong then you will not have room for smoke to billow. Not to mention, nasty tasting bong water can fly up into your face or mouth if the water level is too high in the main bong chamber. Make sure you leave enough room for the smoke to billow and collect and keep your mouth and face dry of bong water. Not to mention, water can be somewhat heavy. In a smaller bong, there is not enough capacity to worry about a weight differential. However, in a larger bong, if you’re not careful, putting in too much water can make the bong significantly heavier and more awkward to use and hold. If someone isn’t paying enough attention, they may injure themselves or the bong by dropping it, inaccurately shifting the weight, etc.


Can you Fill a Bong with too Little Water?

Once again, absolutely. The entire point of a bong is to use the water to make the hits smooth and cool. So, if you don’t give the bong enough water to function properly you are going to experience much harsher hits. While this will not ‘damage’ a bong it will certainly defeat the purpose of having one and make the entire smoking pipe or glass pipes experience less enjoyable than it should be. No one likes to have rough hits that just make you cough the whole time. More to the point, if you prefer something that uses less or no water (and this is why you’re underfilling it) than look into bubblers or pipes that do not use water. The point of a bong is to have enough water to make the hits tasty and smooth.



How to put Water in a Bong

As mentioned before, there are a variety of different ways to fill certain, particular types or brands of bongs. This can be because of different bong attachments like percolators, ash catchers, and other bong features. Generally, you’re just going to need to fill the main chamber with water through the top. It’s recommended you remove any loose pieces to avoid breaking them on accident. However, you can fill the bong carefully while leaving the downstem and bowl inside if you prefer. Again, look out for specific instructions for different types of bongs from the manufacturer or retailer you’re buying them from. There might be a particular way you want to fill a bong with percolators or other unique design features.

Why do you Put Water in a Bong?

Bongs use water to make your hits smoother and cooler, therefore, making them more enjoyable. Not to mention, because they are much smoother, you can take bigger hits without coughing as much. Because bongs do this by infusing and percolating the smoke into the water, you need to put water in a bong for it to function properly. Just make sure to keep your water (and bong) clean and your hits will be smoother than almost any other experience.


How does a Water Bong Work?

A water bong works like a normal bowl or pipe but with water percolation. You can pack your bowl just like another piece and place it into the downstem. The downstem is the tube that carries the smoke into the water and percolates and infuses it. Then the smoke collects in the main chamber of the bong waiting for you to inhale it.

Flavored Bong Water

Naturally, unflavored bong water tends to be the norm. However, some people want to add some flair to their smoke sesh. Adding flavored water will simply change the taste of your hits. You can do the same thing with different types of liquids (or ice) that will also affect the way your hit will taste or feel.


How often Should I Replace Bong Water?

Generally, there is certain a preference people have with the maintenance of their bong. For cleanliness sake, it might be worthwhile to clean out a bong more frequently than not. The buildup will certainly affect the flavor because of resin as well as that the water itself will begin to incorporate those flavors and start to go ‘stale’. At the end of the day, it’s up to you, but we recommend emptying the bong after every session to avoid nasty buildup of any kind.

Where to Buy Water Bongs

Water bongs can be found almost anywhere! You can walk down to your nearest vape or smoke shop and find them. However, for a larger inventory, quality reviews, and FREE SHIPPING for all orders shipped in the USA (always) visit!

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