Why Thick Ass Glass Pipes are Awesome

Smoking is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Everything from tobacco to cannabis can be enjoyed in a glass pipe. Here we will explore the different types of glass pipes, and why one type in particular is considered much better than the rest.

by: Anthony E. | 11/02/21 1:30PM


Different Types of Glass Pipes

Chillums, spoons, Sherlocks, bubblers, steamrollers… you have heard of them all, you know they are made of glass, and some of them even change colors, but did you know that it takes a real connoisseur to spot the difference between a cool pipe, and a cool pipe that will last?

Not all pipes are created equal, and what you want to really go for, no matter what style or design preference you may have, is a glass piece that is double blown. This means that encased within a hardened glass shell is the actual pipe.

You can come across these types of designs most common in the more intricately patterned glass pipes. This is because it takes hard work to create and design a pipe, and many are then reinforced with tempered glass to ensure the integrity of the pipe for long-term usage.

Which Pipes are Better?

When it comes to durability, thicker is better. Chillum pipes can be found in all types of lengths and designs. The high-quality ones are usually double-blown and have some really thick glass surrounding the inner tube.

Spoons and bubblers are the most common to feature the double-blown design. Steamrollers are notorious for being incredibly hardy and boast a double-blown casing that can withstand the rigors of daily usage.

Sherlocks are among the most delicate due to their elongated shape and thinning proportions in certain areas. Nonetheless, if your Sherlock is double blown, you will be better off. When it comes to the best, it just boils down to personal preference, as all the aforementioned will last you a long time, provided it is made of thick glass.


The Thicker the Better

When a pipe is double-blown or otherwise tempered to be thicker than normal, you end up with a piece that is made to last. While a fall off a high table might spell disaster for a glass piece regardless of its thickness, you stand a better chance of its survival the thicker it happens to be.

In fact, there are glass pieces out there that are not double-blown and have been known to break simply falling onto carpet! Falls, knocks, rolls, and accidents in general are like kryptonite to anything made of glass. Unless your pipe is reinforced with extra glass, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will eventually need to replace your glass piece.

Unlike metal or other pipes that are made from wood, etc., glass is produced and made to be inert when it contacts heat. This is profoundly noticeable upon your first hit. Simply comparing it to metal and other mediums, you will find that flavor is enhanced and not tainted by other chemicals and materials.

What Makes Thick Ass Glass So Awesome

With thick ass glass, you get some mean ass colors and designs. Thicker glass means more room to create intricate designs that can be protected with a layer of heavy glass. Therefore thicker glass pieces are prettier and tend to cost a little more.

With this, you are paying for quality, durability, and the aesthetic value that the pipe provides. If your precious piece were to inadvertently take a hit or a fall, if it was made with very thick glass or was double blown, you stand a good chance of your glass piece surviving with only a scratch or a nick.

Thick glass pieces are awesome because they also do very well to insulate the pipe and immediately cool down the piece upon ceasing combustion. This is very difficult to accomplish with metals and other types of smoking pipes. Heat is transferred throughout the entire piece and in turn mitigates the heat that is concentrated at the bowl of the pipe. Features like this are what make thick ass glass pieces so awesome.


Why Thicker Glass Pieces Need Less Maintenance

When thick glass gets dirty, its surface area is usually a breeze to work with since it is bigger and thicker. Compare this to a thin and fragile glass piece that has the potential to break when a little too much elbow grease is supplied.

Thin glass or single-layered pieces are difficult to maintain in the long-run due to these shortcomings, and you will often find that replacing your piece is usually the only way to mitigate the fragility of them. No reason can truly justify having a weak glass piece. Smoking in of itself requires the use of separate accessories that are often carried along with your pipes.

This has the potential to chip, break, or crack your glass pieces when on the go, and further compounds the reason why everyone who smokes should carry a thick ass glass piece with them. Forget about metal, wood, stone, and other materials that make your smoke taste like crap. Glass is truly the way to go.

How Thick Glass Impacts Smoking

With thicker glass, your smoke ends up being less harsh and much tastier. Add to the fact that bubblers can utilize water to cool down a hit, and you end up with a smoking experience that is truly divine. Longer pipes like the Sherlock do not usually incorporate water yet can cool down a hit significantly due to the length of the pipe from the bowl.

Other pipes like the chillum are perfect for one hitters and smaller tokes, making them ideal for stealth and everyday carry. Spoons are great because they have good sized bowls and usually have a choke or a hole on the side that allows for one to clear out the pipe at the end of a hit.

Steamrollers are awesome because they give massive hits and are simple to use. No matter what type of glass piece you end up choosing, know that they are all awesome. All that really matters is that you choose one that has a thick ass glass encasing to ensure you will enjoy the best of what every glass piece has to offer.

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