Glass Smoking Pipes - The Complete List of Cool Glass Pipes

Glass Smoking Pipes have been a staple for a long time.  From cheap pipes, to high-end heady glass, click into this in-depth, amazing list of Glass Pipes for descriptions and pics!

by: Matthew H. | 04/29/19 1:30PM


Welcome! You have arrived at the definitive source of glass pipes! Glass pipes are generally used to smoke various dry herbs and come in a variety of different shapes and colors. Glass pipe designs can be completely aesthetic, looking pretty and adding nothing to form or function. However, the design of the pipe can allow for customization of the hit, including a place for the smoke to go over water, holes to control airflow, and more!

The glass pipes on this list are presented in no particular order and many of these cool pipes can be found right here at This list is ever growing, so if you know of a glass pipe that absolutely belongs on this list, let us know!


With that being said, from spoon pipes, to chillums, sherlock pipes, bongs and more, it is time to dive into this in-depth list of glass smoking pipes!


Blue Glass Bowl Pipe with Chameleon Glass:

These glass pipes are designed with a classic bowl design just as other silicone pipes are made. The dry herb goes into the concave bowl and you are able to draw the hit from the opposing side. As with most glass pipes, this one includes a carb hole to control the hit, but the chameleon glass sets it apart with its design. As you smoke from this pipe, it changes color! A simple, but fashionable, choice!


Chameleon Glass Spoon Pipe:

Another chameleon glass option with a different color design to choose from. This specific glass pipe is smaller (spoon pipes generally are less deep than bowl pipes), but functions very much the same. This spoon pipe has a carb hole which greatly impacts the quality of the hit that you take. The glass will also change color while it is being smoked (though a different color from the previous pipe). If you want a slightly smaller pipe that still has cool chameleon glass, this spoon pipe is for you!


Dichroic Swirl Glass Pipe:

If a large pipe is more your style, this dichroic swirl glass pipe is calling your name. It is 4.5in long and has a huge bowl, making it an ideal choice to pack once with dry herb and then just enjoy the smoke session. Its size is not the only useful feature, either. This glass pipe also has a carb hole to control airflow and is made with an amazing swirl design. If you like to pack big bowls, this glass pipe is perfect!


Chameleon Glass Chillum Pipe:

Have you been using one-hitters and are looking for a slight upgrade? Chillum pipes are a good choice, and this particular pipe is a great choice! This pipe allows for medium packing upfront, so it will not hold as much as a bowl pipe but still will hold more than a one-hitter. The mouthpiece fans out into a flute, allowing the smoke time to cool before you take the hit. Of course, you can not forget about the chameleon glass, either! Sometimes a pipe that is more straightforward is what you want, and you will certainly find that in this chameleon glass chillum pipe.


Octopus Chillum Pipe:

Interested in a chillum pipe but want a bit more of exotic flair? Well, how about smoking your dry herb straight out of an octopus! This chillum pipe has the tentacles down towards the bowl where the dry herb is packed, and the mouthpiece is the top of the head of the octopus! This pipe comes in a wide variety of colors, so you will be sure to find the one that fits your style perfectly!


Glass Bubbler Pipe with Color Changing Swirls:

Bubbler pipes are perfect if you like using a bong for your dry herb but are unable to take it on the road with you. Glass bubblers are like mini bongs. The dry herb goes into the bowl, but when you draw, the smoke is filtered through water, making for a wonderfully smooth hit. This particular glass bubbler not only provides amazing hits but is also beautifully designed. It will stand on its own (no need to worry about spilling the water!) and it includes a carb hole, further allowing you to control your hits. If you want to guarantee nice, smooth hits with every pull, this glass bubbler is the way to go!


Big Glass Steamroller Pipe:

For a simple, no frills smoking experience, a steamroller pipe is perfect. And for a big smoking experience, the big glass steamroller pipe is looking to go home with you. This 7in steamroller pipe has the carb hole towards the mouthpiece, which means the smoke from the hit is coming straight from the bowl to your lungs. Definitely not for beginner smokers, or the faint of heart, the harsh, flavor heavy hit this steamroller pipe provides will definitely keep you on your toes.


Glass Grip Chillum Pipe:

Another chillum pipe finds its way to our list and it is a simple, straightforward choice. Handblown for that unique, vibrant design and color, this chillum pipe was blown with grooves along the base of the pipe. This allows for easy, secure handling (which can be a problem with glass pipes). Not only does it look great and is easy to handle, but its modest price point makes it a great grab for those looking to see what chillum pipes are all about.


Mini Glass Spoon Pipe:

It can be hard to find the perfect pipe with which to travel. However, these small glass spoon pipes fit the bill just fine! These are traditional spoon pipes except miniaturized, which makes them ideal for travel! However, just because they are small does not mean they are weak. They are made with a double-blown design, have a carb hole, and still have a bowl large enough for an average amount of dry herb. The perfect little solution for your glass pipe needs.


Spiral Glass Bubbler Pipe:

This bubbler pipe is not only quality made but stylishly crafted as well. Sure, you get the benefits of what a high-quality bubbler pipe provides, namely a smooth hit and easy to control smoke. But with this glass pipe, you also get a dazzling, eye-catching design that will certainly be the envy of all who smoke with you. The design includes a carb hole and a shape that makes handling a breeze.


Pokemon Glass Pipe:

Gotta smoke em all with this uniquely designed glass pipe. Inspired by Pokemon fandom, this pipe features a red/white color scheme and the bowl is made to look just like a Pokeball! And that poke-bowl will catch a lot of dry herbs. It is incredibly deep and made for very healthy packings.  Hard to go wrong with this Pokemon glass pipe!


Cool Glass Pipe with Built-In Screen:

If you want a pipe that allows for long, deep draws, then this pipe is perfect. It has a built-in glass screen, which allows for a more even burn of the dry herb (essential for optimal hits). The neck is also a wide disk shape, allowing for more smoke to build up in the pipe and giving you, the smoker, a much larger hit. Puffing gigantic smoke clouds are always fun, and this glass pipe gets the job done well.



Inside Out Glass Pipe:

Glass pipes that look something other-worldly are always a fun change in pace. This inside out glass pipe looking absolutely incredible and even more so while being smoked. It sports a classic bowl design that is fit for a large packing of dry herbs, and the smoke can be seen as it travels through the pipe. A gorgeous option for seeing every step of your hit, from bowl to mouthpiece!


Cool Sherlock Pipe with Color Changing Glass:

For those that want a pipe that is a bit more regal, this Sherlock pipe will definitely please. The bowl and mouthpiece design looks more like a traditional pipe, with a large, deep bowl and the stem connecting to the bottom of the bowl. However, unlike traditional pipes, this glass Sherlock pipe changes color throughout the course of your smoking session. If you like the look and feel of more traditional tobacco pipes, this glass Sherlock pipe captures the style perfectly.


Heady Glass Chillum Smoking Pipe:

There is nothing wrong with wanting a straightforward, heavy duty glass pipe. This heady glass chillum pipe comes in at 4in long and, unlike other chillum pipes, offers a nice, deep bowl. Of course, do not just look at the function but also the form! It is handblown from the heart of the USA in Ohio, and the patience and care put into its craftsmanship are clearly evident. A great, high-quality choice for those looking to go for a high-quality chillum pipe.

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