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Glass Bubbler Pipes with Color Changing Swirls

This bubbler water pipe provides a great experience as smoke is filtered through the water on every pull. Check out this hand pipe and the cool options available.
Bubbler Pipe Options

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  • Description

    Pipe Listing Includes

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    • 1 Glass Bubbler Pipe

    Bubbler Details

    • Hand Blown Glass that will change and enhance in color over time as the bubbler is used.
    • This is a water pipe, meant to be used with water.
    • The pipe will stand up straight on its own.
    • Each bubbler option has a different colored accent on the mouthpiece and carb hole
    • Measurement - 6 inches tall while stanging up by itself on a table top or counter
    • Bowl Piece Size - Medium to Large.  Can easily fit a solid amount of dry herbs at once in this bowl piece.