What are the Best Pipes to Use at Home?

Not everyone is looking for a glass pipe to smoke while they are out and about. Many are more than happy to keep smoking their favorite dry herbs in the privacy of their own home! What makes a pipe good to use at home and not in public? We'll review that and other considerations inside this article!

by: Matthew H. | 03/03/21 2:30PM

Smokers and Their Pipes

While many smokers are looking for easily portable, discrete pipes to use while in public or on the go, there is a swathe of smokers that are content to smoke in the comfortable privacy of their own home. When you don't have to worry about transporting a pipe or how conspicuous it is to use, it opens the door to a lot of different smoking options.


For many, that doesn't help narrow down the choice. Looking at the dozens of pipes available today, you may find yourself having trouble narrowing down some choices that are ideal for home use. Fortunately, you've landed on this article! We've waded through your options and have created a list just for home pipes!

Sit back, relax, and let us tell you which pipes are our favorites for home use.

Green silicone bong may fit your smoking needs perfect

Water Bongs

Bongs are one of the best pipes to use at home. If you aren't familiar, bongs are usually large water pipes, made from glass or silicone, that draw smoke from dry herbs through a water reservoir before the smoke is inhaled. The result is a cool, crisp draw every time you take a pull.


Water Pipes Best for at home

Bongs are fantastic pipes, but are poor choices for public, on-the-go use for a variety of reasons. First, bongs vary in size but tend to be large, at the very least requiring two hands to operate. If you are on the go, finding a place to sit down, pack your bowl, and safely take draws without dropping your bong can be extremely challenging.

Their size also makes them very, very noticeable. If you are trying to discretely smoke dry herbs in public, a bong is guaranteed to draw attention. There's practically no way to hide them while using them, and their shape and design are generally eye-catching and noticeable.

Finally, many bongs are glass and fragile. If you end up using them in public while out and about, the odds of your mishandling them and breaking them are extremely high. In general, it's just not worth the risk to use them while in public.

Why They Are Great Home Pipes

Bongs excel in an area where you can safely set them down and take long, powerful draws while you light the bowl. This means they are perfect for a home environment, where you can easily clear space for using them (or even have a dedicated space for the pipe to live).

You can also make sure to have clean water in the reservoir every time you use it (and potentially change it out in the middle of a particularly long smoke session). Bongs really get a chance to shine when they have a dedicated, safe space to be used in, which makes them ideal for home use!

high quality Dab rig being heated up and smoked

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are similar to bongs, but instead of smoking dry herb, they allow you to enjoy wax concentrates (often called dabs). Like bongs, they make use of water filtration to help cool and smooth out the hit before you inhale, creating a fantastic smoking experience.

Not exactly on-the-go Pipes

Dab rigs don't work great in public for a lot of the same reasons bongs don't. While dab rigs tend to be just a bit smaller, they are still much larger than hand pipes and need a flat, stationary location for successful dabbing.

Unlike bong smoking, using a dab rig usually requires the use of a blow torch to heat a dab nail, a dabbing tool to apply the wax concentrate to the heated dab nail, all the while taking hits. This is an involved process and attempting to dab on the go will result in broken pipes, wasted concentrates, and even burns.

Dab rigs are great pipes, but they are poor pipes for public use.


Why They Are Great Home Pipes

Similar to bongs, dab rigs excel when they have a dedicated space for use. It makes it easier to handle all the required tools for a successful dabbing experience while still getting to enjoy the benefits of water filtration. For dabs, this is particularly important, as the vapor produced can be upwards of 900F.

If you've struggled to use dab pens because of how harsh the hits are, you may have a very enjoyable experience using a dab rig at home!

Gandalf Pipes

Gandalf pipes are a unique version of spoon pipes. They feature deep bowls but have long, elegant stems. Not only is this aesthetic appealing to many, but it has a functional use of allowing smoke time to cool before it's inhaled.

Gas mask being worn at home by yourself

Not the Best Public Pipes

The biggest reason is they are extremely noticeable. When we say they're long, we're talking at least a foot long, sometimes longer. Some Gandalf pipes can have more intricately designed stems, which are certain to turn heads when used in public.

Their long, thin design also makes it a challenge to pack. Unless you're ok with literally carrying in your hand all day, a Gandalf pipe is likely to frustrate you with how inconvenient it is for public, on-the-go use.

Why They Are Great Home Pipes

Gandalf pipes are excellent home pipe choices because they provide a gentler smoking experience than other hand pipes. Again, this is thanks to the long stem, which is a benefit instead of a liability when you don't have to worry about traveling with it.

Gandalf pipes can also be durable (depending on the specific design), and they are far less involved than water pipes like bongs or dab rigs. They generally feature deep bowls, which are perfect for a long, relaxing smoke session.

Gandalf pipes are great options for home use, especially if you're not interested in water pipes like bongs or dab rigs.

Sherlock pipe being inspected by Sherlock Holmes himself

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes, named for the traditional pipe attributed to Sherlock Holmes, are another unique hand pipe option. They have large, upward-facing bowls and long and curved stems that are great for letting hits cool a bit before you inhale them.

At home Type of Pipe

Sherlock pipes are generally bigger, hefty pipes, which means discrete, public use is not the easiest. People will notice you using it, regardless of how discrete you try to be. The size of most Sherlock pipes makes it difficult to pack and travel (not as bad as Gandalf pipes are, but it's still not exactly easy.)

Since the bowls tend to be so deep, you're looking at needing to really pack the pipe to enjoy it to the fullest, which isn't always an option for public use. While they aren't as inconvenient as Gandalf pipes, Sherlock pipes don't exactly shine while being used in public.

Why They Are Great Home Pipes

Despite having different designs, Sherlock pipes and Gandalf pipes share similar benefits. The deep bowls that sherlock pipes usually make for great extended smoke sessions, and their curvy stems are fantastic for helping hits cool a bit.

Sherlock pipes are usually designed to be set down while in use (they have little knobs at the bottom of their bowl that help them stay upright without assistance). This is a tiny feature but makes home smoking so much more convenient, especially if you expect a smoking session may feature a few interruptions.

What is the Best Home Pipe?

The pipes in this article cater to different smoking needs, so you're not going to find an objective "best" home pipe. Instead, consider what these pipes do well and try to match that with your personal smoking preference.

For example, do you regularly struggle with harsh hits? Then consider using a bong to take advantage of the water filtration. Do you enjoy an elegant style and large bowls? Then a Gandalf or Sherlock pipe might be a fantastic fit. Of course, dab rigs are there for those looking for a little more of a kick than dry herbs provide.

There isn't really a wrong answer. Grab a pipe (or several, if your budget allows), and see which style fits your home smoking style best!

Online shopping for your smoking pipe

Where Can I Find Pipes for Home Use?

These styles of pipes are not uncommon, and you'll have several choices where you want to buy them. If all four of these styles are unfamiliar to you, consider shopping at a brick-and-mortar retail store (like a vape shop or CBD dispensary) first. It'll give you a chance to get a close-up look (and maybe even handle them) to help you decide whether it's a good fit.

If you already have a solid idea of which style would work well for you and you're looking for variety, then online shopping is going to be your best bet. That includes here at nyvapestore.com, where we carry a variety of all four of these styles.

Remember, any purchase you make with us comes with FREE U.S. shipping, with no purchase minimums required. Feel free to buy one pipe or several to kick off a premium home smoking experience!

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