7 Smoking Pipes that will Surprise You

One of the hardest things to do is pick out the ‘perfect’ pipe. Well, good news, it isn’t necessary to find the ‘perfect’ pipe. That being said, given the tremendous amount of diversity in pipes these days, it can be daunting to just pick one out that will suffice or find the badass thing to impress the friends with. This means that there are a ton of different types of pipes that are often left overlooked and underappreciated. As such, check out the seven types of pipes below to get an idea of some hidden gems that will shock you without badass they are.

by: Robert H. | 09/10/20 1:30PM


Swan Bubbler Pipe

The swan bubbler is not necessarily just a pipe – it’s a bubbler. Beyond, of course, being absolutely badass because of the swan-shaped pipe, this is a great choice because it won’t break the bank and is a bubbler – meaning that it will provide silky smooth yet powerful hits to whomever should be so bold to own it. Impress the crew with this badass bubbler.

Swan Bubbler pipe with new york city back drop

Lipstick Smoking Pipe

This is something that is equally campy and amazing at the same time. Being disguised as lipstick will work better for some as opposed to others but from a distance it is nearly impossible to tell that this is not a real piece of lipstick. That being said, remember that anyone watching will know it isn’t lipstick the moment smoke comes out. Compact, affordable, and packing a potent hit this little piece of camouflage might be just the right pipe for those looking to smoke on-the-go and not draw too much attention.

14-inch Silicone Water Bong

This bong is an absolute game changer. This 14-inch Silicone Water Bong is affordable, durable, and powerful. There is really not much more anyone can ask for. Silicone is extremely durable as a material and is not difficult to clean at all. On top of that, it is not an exorbitantly priced material either. This means that silicone can be formed into almost any shape without breaking the budget. Finally, like all bongs, this bad boy kicks like a mule. Literally, bang for the buck.


14 inch silicone water bong

Bukket Pipe Wateless Gravity Bong

Why this pipe is so overlooked is truly a mystery. Gravity bongs are notorious for two things: being powerful and being messy. The Bukket pipe takes away all of the mess and hassle of owning a gravity bong by removing all of the nasty gravity bong water that tends to stagnate and eventually make it into the hit of an unsuspecting victim. By creating a vacuum tube, this pipe mimics all the power and effect without any of the mess.

Mini Silicone Bong

This badass little bong piggybacks off of the earlier silicone bong in terms of ease of use, lack of fragility, and power. That being said, this piece is significantly more mobile than the last bong. That means that this little thing can be tucked into a glovebox or a backpack and taken on any road trip or hike that one can imagine. Moreover, there is less water needed to fill the chamber for a proper hit meaning that the needs of this bong aren’t as great.

Double Barrel Dugout Pipe

What’s better than a dugout pipe? Two, obviously! This nifty little contraption allows someone to stash away two fully-packed dugout pipes for doubles hits or simply to allow a nice back-to-back hit without having to dig around for more herb. All told, anyone that has ever owned a dugout pipe knows how wonderful a second one would be.


Hammer Bubbler Silicone Pipe

Finally, the hammer bubbler. This silicone bubbler incorporates all of the wonderful elements of bubblers and silicone – powerful, smooth hits and easy-to-clean, durable products. That being said, this has the added bonus of being shaped like a hammer which, all things being equal, is awesome.

Rick and Morty Glass and Silicone Bubblers

This is a badass piece of glass/silicone right here! Who doesn’t want to rip some massive, smooth hits off a bubbler that goes right through Rick? It’s a bonus that these bubblers come in glass and silicone giving a premium smoking experience combined with protection from silicone. Glass tends to be more fragile but also easy to clean and, generally, one of the most popular materials to choose from. Silicone, on the other hand, is also easy to clean but avoids the perils of dropping (and breaking) a glass piece. With this cool bubbler, you get the benefits from both materials, plus you get to hang out with Rick every time you smoke!

rick and Morty glass and silicone bubblers

Push-and-Clear One Hitter Pipes

One of the biggest complaints about one hitters is that they can be notoriously difficult to clear. That isn’t to say that cleaning them is difficult – just that sometimes they clog up pretty intensely given that there is just a straight tube. In comes the Push-and-Clear! Instead of getting red in the face trying to clear a clog simply operate the clearing mechanism to get even the worst, stickiest resin out of there. All told, this inexpensive addition to a one hitter is absolutely ingenious!

Long Stem Glass and Silicone Bubbler

Generally, bubblers tend to be the preference for people who need the smoothness of a bong but don’t want to sacrifice the mobility of a pipe. Moreover, these awesome pieces come in either glass or silicone to really maximize utility. That being said, of particular interest is the fact that these bubblers come with an extended stem. This helps prevent burnt eyebrows as well as giving the smoke a chance to cool off a little before being inhaled. This can hamper mobility a little bit, but given the burnt eyebrow and throat alternative, it is a small price to pay for smooth hits.

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