Aspire Vaporizer Reviews & Company Analysis

Aspire Vaporizers

Established in 2013, Aspire has been lauded for their technological innovation and impeccable user experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Since its creation, the company has primarily focused on developing cutting-edge vaporizers that provide an unrivaled experience when vaping your favorite e-liquids. Aspire’s product line is diverse and features super customizable box mods, highly compact pod-based vapes, and super atomizers with mind blowing airflow. Needless to say, vapers of any stripe will be able to find value in Aspire vaporizers. For those looking to replace traditional tobacco products without the complicated nature of a box mod then Aspire’s pod-based vapes like the SLX, AVP Pro, and Tigon AIO would be a great choice. If ultra-powerful cloud producing box mods is your thing then Aspire’s Nautilus GT or Rover 2 should grab your attention.

Aspire’s ultimate mission is to produce groundbreaking vaporizers that set new trends instead of following them —case in point being the Nautilus series with BVC coils, which brought adjustable airflows to vaporizers for the first time ever. It doesn’t stop there however. Aspire’s Atlantis series forever changed the industry by bringing sub-ohm vaping to vapers in 2014. It would be an understatement to say that the impact of these products has been huge. Today. sub-ohm vaping and adjustable airflow systems have become the gold standard for a large percentage of the vaping community. Indeed, the company’s motto of “Aspire to be excellent, aspire to be..” continues to hold true. Whether you are just starting out with vaping or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, Aspire is worth taking a look at.

Vaporizers Offered by Aspire

Aspire’s product line is quite sizable but definitely not the biggest. Regardless, shopping for an Aspire vaporizer can be daunting nonetheless. In an effort to make things easier we have curated a list of Aspire’s most notable products that suit multiple vaping lifestyles.

Nautilus GT

The Nautilus GT is the newest vaporizer in the Nautilus series, which put Aspire on the map with its adjustable airflow allowing for an incredibly smooth vaping experience. This edition of the Nautilus has a 75W output that is fully adjustable via an OLED display with +,- buttons. The kit includes a stainless steel wrapped glass atomizer with a 3ML liquid capacity. Filling the GT is incredibly simple with convenient top filling, unscrew the top and fill away. Of course, airflow can be easily adjusted with a rotatable airflow ring that features five airflow holes making this ideal for cloud chasers. This is easily one of the most balanced vaporizers within the Aspire lineup due to its compact size and beginner friendly design.

Rover 2

Aspire’s Rover 2 is the perfect combination of a highly compact design with the legendary performance of the Nautilus. The Rover 2 is powered by a robust 2200mAh battery with an adjustable 40W output giving it plenty of power for most users. This vaporizer’s kit includes the Nautilus XS atomizer which utilizes the Nautilus X coil. The atomizer has additional quality of life features such as top airflow adjustment, easy drip tip, and cooling fins next to the mouthpiece which reduce the amount of heat in your vapor. Essentially, the Rover 2 is a more compact version of the Nautilus GT with more power than similar vaporizers in its size class. If having the highest wattage range is not at the top of your list then the Rover 2 is a perfect fit with its simplistic design and intuitive features.


An updated version of the AVP, Aspire’s AVP Pro is a highly compact and incredibly sleek pod-based vaporizer that is both functional and great to look at The AVP Pro lacks a firing button and instead utilizes an auto draw system making your vaping that much more effortless. This vaporizer features an adjustment slider to change airflow settings and has four wattage presets available —10, 12, 14, and 16W. The pod itself has a leak-free bottom fill design that magnetically attaches to the battery base. A vape such as this will be perfect for users wanting functionality and the greatest portability possible.

Tigon AIO

The Tigon AIO is another handheld pod-based vaporizer in the Aspire lineup. This vaporizer is powered by a 1300mAh battery with a max output of 28W which will easily last all day without needing a charge. The pod in this vape uses a simple twist-lock design making it super easy to take on and off. Another notable feature with the Tigon’s pod is its 4.6ml liquid capacity which should cut down on the number of refills throughout the day. Users can adjust the airflow on the Tigon with a slider, much like the AVP Pro.


Continuing the trend of highly compact vaporizers, Aspire’s SLX is the definition of portable and will easily fit into your pocket. This vaporizer utilizes a 2ml pre-filled disposable pod that can be replaced with ease. In comparison to other pod vapes in the Aspire catalogue, the SLX has one of the smallest battery capacities at 450mAh. That being said, there is still plenty of power here to get the job done. In our opinion the SLX is ideal for people who just want to get vaping and not spend tons of time fussing over the details.

Aspire Vaporizer FAQ

At NY Vape Shop we are aware of how complicated vaping can be if you are just starting out. In an effort to make things easier we have gone ahead and answered some of your most frequently asked questions.

Which Aspire vape is best?

It is 100% true that Aspire has a lot of unique vaporizers to choose from, each with its own pros and cons depending on your preferences. At the end of the day, the idea of a ‘best vape’ is nonexistent. When choosing an Aspire vape it is best to make a decision based on one’s lifestyle and preferences. Folks who tend to be more casual with their vaping will probably find more value in Aspire’s pod based vapes. That being said, Aspire’s box mods equally cater to experienced cloud chasers and casual users alike. We recommend you choose the vape that is best for you.

How to adjust temperature/wattage settings?

Firstly, it is important to establish whether your vape allows for temperature or wattage changes. There are some vaporizers out there that lack any form of temperature or wattage control. If you can adjust the settings on your vape then the steps to do so will be entirely dependent on the vape itself. For example, the Nautilus GT utilizes + and - buttons to adjust wattage which you can see on the OLED display. Other vapes like the AVP Pro use a single button to cycle through different wattages. It is recommended to consult your vape’s manufacturer instructions on the best way to change these settings.

How to fill an Aspire vape?

Filling up your Aspire vaporizer depends on what type of atomizer/tank you have. Aspire’s pod vapes are largely bottom filled while their box mod atomizers utilize top fill technology. Once again we urge you to consult your vape’s filling instructions.

Is an Aspire Vape worth it?

In a word, absolutely. Aspire’s brand has become a legend amongst the vaping community with their technological innovation and user friendly vaporizers that will never let you down. We cannot recommend this brand enough for both new and experienced users. There truly is a lot of value in these products.

How to charge an Aspire vape?

Practically all Aspire vapes have a charging port built into the vaporizer itself. The type of cable/port will vary between Micro USB and 2A Type C. Regardless, simply plug in your vape and relax. You will be vaping again in no time.

How to use an Aspire vape?

The beauty of Aspire vapes is the fact that they are designed to work right out of the box. For box mods simply attach your atomizer to the battery base, power the unit on, set your wattage, and press the firing button — we recommend you slowly inhale at a consistent rate to ensure a smooth vape. While their design is different, Aspire pod vapes are just as easy to use if not easier. A vape like the SLX is the definition of simplicity with its disposable pods — just take a draw and you are good to go. Depending on your vape setup these steps may change.

How to maintain an Aspire vape?

We recommend users follow standard cleaning/maintenance requirements for your Aspire product. Mainly, make sure all of the unit components are clean and free from e-liquid residue (spills DO happen). To guarantee greater longevity out of your batteries it is best to fully drain them between uses before charging your vaporizer. Also make sure to fully charge your vaporizer before use.