CF710 Electronic Nectar Collector Review

The Boundless CF710 Wax Vaporizer is really an Electronic Nectar Collector. This review breaks down the general concept plus the pen itself.

by: Lindsey C. | 06/11/18 1:30PM


The Boundless CF710 is the first wax pen ever released by Boundless Technology. It is also the company’s first attempt at the subcategory of vape pens called nectar collectors or honey straws. Since Boundless is primarily known for making quality dry herb vaporizers, the CF710 is quite the change for them. Boundless appears to know what they are doing thanks to an above-average battery and the choice between two different oil cartridges.

The Boundless CF710 Kit

Included in the vape kit, or really you can call it an electronic nectar collector kit. But inside there is the CF710 vaping device, a glass dish to hold your wax, a dabbing tool to load your wax into the dish, two difference vape coils to choose between, and a USB charging cable to keep the CF710 up and running.

Boundless offers a choice between a dual quartz coil and a ceramic coil, both of which gives you a very different vaping experience.



  • Stem-straw mouthpiece
  • Pen style
  • 900mAH battery
  • Five-second heat up time
  • Compact 5.5” design
  • 100% stainless steel


How Do You Use the Boundless CF710 Kit?

If you have ever used nectar collectors or wax pens, then you will find that the Boundless CF710 is very easy to use. You can even choose between two separate ways to use the CF710. The first is on-demand heating, which is a more traditional way found in wax pens. You simply press and hold the button to heat the coils while you vape. The second method is for someone who wants more of a session style hit. In this method, you click the power button three times, and the device will continuously heat for 15 seconds. This heat allows you to take multiple draws without having to keep pressing the power button.

Temperature Flexibility

A somewhat disappointing aspect of the Boundless CF710 is that it does not offer any temperature control, whereas some others in the same price range offer one or two heat settings.

The only way you can attempt to control the temperature is by how long you hold down the power button. By pulsing the power button in short bursts, you can experience lower temperature draws which will give you a better flavor.

If you are looking for more vapor clouds, the best way to achieve that is through holding the power button for a more extended period and taking longer draws. While you will experience a less smooth vapor taste, the payout is more cloud production.


Vapor Quality

Since the Boundless CF710 gives you two different oil cartridges to choose from, it will allow you to customize your flavor a bit more. The dual quartz coil provides excellent flavor, but you can expect to get less vapor production from it. The single ceramic coil is wrapped with a thick Clapton coil. This coil is more for people who want huge puffs of vapor. The ceramic coil is harsher than the quart coil, and the flavors will be less evident due to the increased heat. The clouds you can produce with the CF710 is only limited by the size of your lungs.


Design of the Boundless CF710

The Boundless CF710 is not the smallest vape pen out there – and really it is more of an electronic nectar collector. It has a 20mm diameter and resembles a highlighter marker more than a pen. Most of the weight of the CF710 comes from the battery on the top. The chunkier design seems to favor function over fashion. However, since the material is stainless steel, it can hold up to significant amounts of wear and tear.

The CF710 also is well designed to be able to vacuum up all the wax on the surface, but not all of it can be vaporized. After using your CF710, you might see a glob of wax that has dripped out from the air vents under the coil. Once the oil cartridge is unscrewed, you will see more wax pooled at the bottom. You will see the wax because you are inhaling non-stop on the vape coil, which means that liquid wax gets pulled into the air before the coil has a chance to vaporize it.


Battery Life

The CF710 comes with a 900 mAH Li-Ion battery, which is quite a good battery. Most wax pens will come with just a 650 mAH battery. The stronger battery means that the Boundless CF710 should last longer than most other wax pens. You can expect to go a few days in between charges. Because you only need to use the nectar collector for 30 seconds at a time or so, there isn’t as much stress on the battery in day to day use. A full charge can get you up to 500 or more inhalations or up to an hour of constant use.


Ease of Use

The CF710 has a heating tip featured on the opposite end of the vape mouthpiece, helping to make the vapor path as long as possible. To vape, dip the heating tip into a glass wax concentrate jar while pulling through the stem-straw mouthpiece. Because the heating element is kept as far away from the mouthpiece as possible, the vapor has a chance to cool off a bit before it reaches you.

Perfection with Practice

While it may seem like this type of electronic nectar collector is easy to use, it can take a while to get used to. The CF710 makes it difficult to see if your coil is touching the wax. That makes it hard to know if you are even consuming anything. Because it is made of steel rather than glass, you can’t see the vapor running through the air path. In addition, the wax must be transferred to the included glass container. You should only ever try to vape using the glass because the hot coil will inveterately touch whatever the wax is resting on. If the coil touches parchment paper or a plastic container, you could be accidentally melting plastic and adding some unwanted fumes to your dabs.

Take Proper Angle for Dabs

Make sure to properly angle yourself when using because if you can’t the coil touching the wax, it can make it difficult to know how much you are getting at one time. Therefore, if you are trying to be conservative with your wax use, you have to make sure to transfer the amount you want to dab into the glass container. You should also make sure to notice how much wax is needed for the best results. Most nectar collectors need quite a large amount of concentrate in the dish to function properly, and the Boundless CF710 is no exception. If you aren’t paying close attention in your sessions, you might find that you run out of wax much faster than usual.

After you use the nectar collector, make sure not to touch the hot, exposed coil afterward. Unlike many other standard concentrate pens, the Boundless CF710 vaporizer has replaceable heating coils. Even though ceramics and quartz are known for their purity and durability, they can be changed easily if ever there is an issue.

To clean your Boundless CF710, simply unscrew the cap and battery from the body and wipe the parts that are dirty with an alcohol wipe.


CF710 is small enough that you can take with you. However, since you have to vacuum up the wax from glass, that means you always have to the container with you and use to dab. That means it is not easy to use the vape on the go and not very discreet.

Is the CF710 Wax Pen Right For Me?

The Boundless CF710 does offer a different and robust way to hit a vape pen. If you need something to use on the go, then this problem isn’t the wax pen for you. The Boundless CF710 wax pen is a niche item that most likely will not appeal to more casual vapers. Even though it is more specialized, it is a quality curiosity if you are interested in concentrates and can be a great introductory pen into the world of nectar collectors. The CF710, however, is an excellent choice for someone who wants big hits that will produce tons of vapor clouds.


Boundless CF710 Wax Pen vs. a Nectar Collector

A Nectar Collector is a relatively new type of dabbing tool that utilizes a straight tube design that is similar to drinking out a straw. Nectar Collectors are created specifically for smoking waxes and oils. They can be made of glass or steel. The advantage of using a glass Nectar Collector is that you can see the vapor running through the air path and you can see what the hot coil is touching a bit easier. If you are a beginner, then the Boundless CF710, which is made of stainless steel, might take a while to get used to because you can’t see what you are touching.

Both provide a unique vaping experience. Neither can be used very easily on the go because you need a glass bowl to keep you wax concentrate or oil, but you can bring it with as it is fairly small. Both are able to produce big clouds and have smooth flavors. Ultimately, what you end up choosing comes down to preference.

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