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Oil Cartridge Adapters for SteamCloud Mini

These magnetic adapters help keep a secure connection between the SteamCloud Mini vape battery and any skinny, 510 threaded oil cartridge. A dropped cartridge can be a broken cartridge, so get new or back up adapters with FREE shipping today!
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  • Product Details

    Listing Includes

    • FREE USA SHIPPING - Priority, Signature Priority, plus International options available
    • 510 Magnetic Cartridge Adapters for the SteamCloud Mini & Mini 2.0 Vape Batteries
    • choice of multi pack options

    Product Details & Specifications

    • The replacement adapters will screw into all skinny, 510 threaded oil cartridges
    • The magnetic adapters will securely attach the cartridge and vape battery

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    • User Manual

      Are these adapters what I am looking for?

      If you own a SteamCloud Mini, yes, these are the little, magnetic, metal rings that connect any 510 oil cartridge to the battery. This vape part is specifically meant to screw into the bottom of a 510 oil cartridge so that it can securely connect to a vape battery via magnets, a vape such as teh SteamCloud Mini. The rings work with any skinny 510 tank, so if you have a vape similar to the SteamCloud, it may work with it too. Especially if you tend to lose things, or if you are gifting this product, it is always a good idea to have some backup adapters on hand. The battery and cartridge can technically operate without them, however, the connection will not be secure and the cartridge can easily slip out and break - it is better to be safe than sorry. Plus the magnetic connection is very strong so its an awesome perk for the vape.