Are Cannabis-Infused Pre-Rolls Worth the Cost?

Dispensaries are filled with more and more options nowadays. So you may be wondering, are infused pre rolls worth it? Read this blog post to learn more about the value of infused pre-rolls, why they are so popular, and whether they are the right choice for you.

by: Joe C. | 10/11/23 1:30PM

Introducing pre-rolls available to purchase in dispensaries took the cannabis market by storm. However, the infused pre-rolls are even more popular than regular ones due to their availability in various potencies and flavors. So, are infused pre rolls worth it?

Many people prefer to buy infused pre-rolls even though they are more expensive than regular ones. Let's dive in and find out if they are worth the cost!

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Are Infused Pre-Rolls Worth It?

Since infused pre-rolls are made with cannabis concentrates either inside the joints or on the paper, their price is understandably higher. Many different concentrates and oils are available for the infusion of pre-rolls, and they offer higher potency levels, enhanced flavor, and aroma profile. Pre-rolls infused with cannabis are a quick and enjoyable way to improve your cannabis experience.

Moreover, they might provide a more intense feeling than conventional cannabis joints by fusing premium cannabis flowers with potent concentrates and oils. Considering the benefits when evaluating the value of infused pre rolls vs. regular, they are well worth the cost.

Cost Analysis: Are Infused Pre-Rolls Worth the Investment?

Dispensaries make and sell infused pre-rolls in various sizes with high-quality extracts and concentrates. Since large pre-roll production takes time, hand-making them is not feasible for dispensaries, which is why they use other methods.

Infusion robots are one way that dispensaries can create many infused pre-rolls in minutes. You can check some high-tech, innovative solutions at Sorting Robotics. Innovation is key to meeting the rising demand for automated pre-roll infusion robots.

Infused pre rolls may cost anywhere from $12 to $30 for one 1.5g pre-roll. But the price may be even higher depending on the brand and ingredients. The pre-rolls usually contain 1.5 to 3g of cannabis and 1g of extract.

Different Types of Concentrates

As one of the most convenient ways to smoke joints, cannabis pre-rolls have become incredibly popular. Today, pre-rolls are available in various strains and infused with various concentrate types. Some of the most popular concentrates are the following:

  • Diamonds
  • Hash
  • Wax
  • Rosin
  • Moon Rocks

What is a Diamond Infused Pre-Roll?

Diamonds are sauce-forming crystals that are practically flavorless because they are formed entirely of cannabis and have very few terpenes.

Diamonds contain THCA, which, when heated by decarboxylation, transforms into the mind-altering THC and is not psychoactive on its own. The extract is clean and pure since no solvents are used during production.

Diamonds are a little more expensive and are renowned for their potency due to their excellent purity and the labor-intensive nature of their extraction. Yet, if you want flavorful pre-rolls, something other than diamond-infused joints may be for you.

Hash Infused Pre-Roll

Hashish, sometimes called hash, is a potent type of cannabis made from the plant's sticky trichomes. The trichomes are removed from the plant material to make hash using various physical techniques, such as sifting, shaking, or ice and water.

Hash is created by pressing or heating the gathered resin until it solidifies or becomes semi-solid. The heat and pressure alter the trichomes' texture, appearance, flavor, and potency, turning them into hash.

Wax Infused Pre-Roll

Wax joints are one of the most popular infused pre-rolls available today. Wax extracts are neither solid nor liquid. Many wax concentrates are different in appearance and texture based on the marijuana extraction process.

This results in wax concentrate subcategories, such as crumble (honeycomb) or sugar wax. Another reason wax-infused pre-rolls are popular is due to their high potency.

Rosin Pre-Rolls

Rosin is a product that can be prepared at home or bought in practically any dispensary and is created by applying pressure and heat to the buds of marijuana or hash. It is a great at-home alternative to the best hand-made joint.

Rosin has the following qualities:
  • Fresh Press: Retains a sap-like consistency.
  • Cold: Cured in a cold environment. After that, it is whipped, giving it a creamy and silky consistency.
  • Sauce: Resembles sauce in terms of its syrupy texture.

What are moon rocks?

A relatively recent invention, moon rocks infused pre-rolls are recognized for their strength, with an average THC content of about 50%. They are produced by dipping cannabis buds in cannabis extracts before rolling them in kief.

"Cannabis caviar" is one well-known phrase used to describe moon rocks. However, that phrase only refers to buds dipped in extract and not wrapped in kief.

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Evaluating the Value of Infused Pre-Rolls: Why Are They Popular?

Pre-rolls have gained massive popularity over the past several years. Infused pre-rolls are popular among busy working adults who do not have the time or want to hand roll them. Instead, pre-rolls offer convenience and the ability to customize THC or CBD amounts.


The convenience of pre-rolls is among the top reasons people consider them worth their cost. Convenience is also why they are among the fastest-growing markets for cannabis products. Consumers can purchase a pack of pre-rolls in several sizes, and have them ready to smoke, much like cigarettes.


Infused pre-rolls contain a blend of cannabis and terpenes in various potencies. This means you can purchase a pre-roll with specific amounts of each substance.

For example, some consumers prefer a half-and-half ratio of cannabis and terpenes. Others like to experiment more with the ratio to bring out different flavors.


Infused pre-rolls are available in all kinds of flavors. With infused pre-rolls, anyone may find a product that fits their tastes. For instance, if someone uses pre-rolls for their effects only, they may not like the taste and smell of marijuana.

In this case, infused pre-rolls mask the smell and flavor of cannabis, allowing people to enjoy the benefits.


Buying pre-rolls ensures that each cannabis joint consistently has the same specific ratio. You do not have to worry about the next pre-roll in the pack being more potent or weaker. Consistency is a great reason which makes the price of pre rolls worth it.

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So, are infused pre rolls worth it? Absolutely, especially if you want convenience and variety in flavors, potencies, and smells. Infused pre-rolls offer something for everybody. Whether you want a joint with a higher potency or lower, choose a flavor that best fits your tastes and needs.