Does CBD Help with Back Pain?

Physical pain is one of the most common complaints in today’s modern world. Everything from pulled muscles to broken bones and arthritis plague our society and are responsible for keeping the pharmaceutical companies afloat. Fortunately, alternatives exist that are effective and come with very little side effects compared to prescription drugs. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at CBD and how it can help with back pain and other ailments.

by: Anthony E. | 05/09/22 1:30PM


What Can Cause Back Pain?

Sometimes life happens and we all eventually experience pain in our bodies. The most common type of pain is back pain, with it being responsible for more prescription medications than any other ailment involving pain. Chronic conditions that involve sleeping positions or even repetitive movements at work can result in back pain.

Accidents can also happen where one requires surgery, physical rehabilitation, or some sort of therapy such as massage and chiropractic work. Prescription medications are often given to patients who suffer from these causes, which can create other problems in time. Back pain can also be the result of obesity or just from sitting too long at work.

Whatever the cause, back pain is common, and one should not have to subject themselves to taking prescription meds that only serve to dope you up and get you addicted. CBD is one of the few medications that you can easily acquire without a prescription and can give you relief without the negative side effects that accompany other harder substances.


How Can CBD Treat Back Pain?

Unlike THC or other medications that can alter your senses and perception, CBD does not get you high and will not hit you with negative side effects the way other medications will. CBD is best when combined with other modalities and natural approaches to pain relief. Alone, CBD will accomplish very little unless it is in a broad-spectrum form at a higher dose.

You can take CBD with a dual approach when it comes to back pain. One method is to apply it topically until it absorbs in the skin directly over the area of pain. Another method would be to combine this with taking CBD orally in a high enough dose to provide pain relief. This can be further compounded when combined with another herb such as turmeric or ginger.

Together, these natural herbs can work synergistically to provide pain relief and effectively reduce inflammation throughout the body. The best part is that they will not give you debilitating side effects the way a prescription pain med will. Lifestyle changes will also determine the outcome of someone who suffers from back pain when using a CBD regimen.

How Much CBD Should I Take for Back Pain?

The amount of CBD you can take that will provide you pain relief will differ for everyone. It all depends on several factors which include your unique body chemistry, rate of metabolism, weight and size, your diet, how much you took and how, and whether the CBD itself came from a reputable source for high-quality.

Always start out small and work your way up to bigger doses until you find the amount that is right for you. Since CBD has an accumulative effect, you will be able to reduce how much you take over time as a little will go a long way. Since back pain can have many different causes, you will have to adjust your dosage to one that is safe and efficient.

Make it a point to discuss a CBD regimen with your doctor prior to treating yourself with CBD over the counter. Even though CBD is safe, you will want to exercise caution not to take too much or end up with a product that is inferior. Apply it topically first to see if this brings you relief, if not, increase the dosage and consider taking it orally as well.


Why CBD is Better Than Prescription Drugs for Back Pain

It is no secret that prescription meds are loaded with unnecessary ingredients and serve to capitalize on your health problems instead of curing you of your ailments. This creates an incentive for drug companies to market medications that serve as nothing more than mere band aids for some pretty debilitating conditions.

Prescription drugs also carry a great risk of overdose and can open you up to a host of other problems and addiction. The side effects can go beyond drowsiness and can keep you virtually zombified if you’re not too careful. Therefore, people turn to alternative medicines such as CBD. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and when it comes to the most common type of physical pain, CBD can provide relief without all the risks.

While CBD might be quite expensive, you can gauge the price easily by considering how much your health is worth. The truth is that your health is an invaluable commodity that cannot be replaced, and so it must be cared for and maintained. CBD is one of the most therapeutic substances to ever be discovered from the cannabis plant.

Final Thoughts

CBD is not a cure-all. The truth is that CBD is a much better alternative to prescription drugs. To heal yourself completely will require some effort, and CBD can be your guide in doing so. It is not enough to merely take CBD the rest of your life. If you have a debilitating illness that requires lifelong supplementation with CBD, such as certain forms of epilepsy, then that is one thing.

Back pain sufferers do not have to rely on prescription meds when they have an equally effective method that can help them heal without the side effects. Always strive to incorporate as many things as possible to eliminate pain from your life and get back to doing the things you love. Back pain can be bad. CBD can help reduce the pain and allow you to make the journey back to good health.

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