How to Vape Appropriately? Let us Guide You!

Vaping has become hugely popular as technology has seeped into the smoking world. No longer do you see people lighting up cigarettes right outside in the cold. Instead, people are vaping just about everywhere. If you are a beginner or pro, read on to make sure you know how to vape appropriately.

by: Joe C. | 01/23/23 2:30PM


Vaping is an art form but not particularly complex. Here are some quick ideas to guide you in the correct direction.

Suppose you're a beginner vaper using something like an Elux Legend or Randm Tornado 7000 (best for beginners). In that case, you may have been dissatisfied with your initial encounters. People sometimes encounter this issue while trying to use their vapes.

Let's explore the right method of vaping together and get the most out of our vaping experience!

First Thing First, select a Suitable Vape Device!

It's critical to begin with a portable vape device if you're new to using an e-cigarette or other comparable vaporizer. Beginner vapes of high quality and affordability will make it simple to get started and achieve a great vaping experience. If you are looking for some good disposable vapes, you have many options.

Especially while you're learning, you'll probably want a disposable e-cigarette, or a disposable or refillable pod system so that you won't have to worry about any sophisticated upkeep.


Choose a Suitable Flavor for your Vape

The process of choosing the ideal e-juice for you might be difficult. Significant considerations include PG vs VG, nicotine content, and flavors. Higher-PG juice offers more intense flavors, and more potent impacts.

No matter what, experimenting is the best method to locate the vape juice that is ideal for you. Your vaping experience will significantly enhance if you've found the correct concoction of elements.

The Waterfall Vape Trick!

The secret is slowly releasing vapors over a flat surface. It is simplest to do with a higher VG liquid or a more potent device, such as a box mod vape. Allow the vapor to naturally exit your mouth without exhaling it. Any other container, such as a bottle, may be used for this too.


The Ghost Inhale Vape Trick

The Ghost Inhale technique requires you to exhale a substantial cloud of vapor in the shape of a ball and then inhale it again. Despite appearing difficult, it is simple to learn with some practice.

The trick is important to learn early since it is employed in more complex tricks. After letting the vapor rest in your mouth for a short while, gently expel it with your tongue without inhaling. As soon as the vapor escapes, quickly re-suck it in.

The Dragon Vape Technique

The Dragon technique simultaneously exhales vapor from the corners of your lips and nostrils to produce an impressive effect. Exhale through your nostrils while letting some of the vapor out of your mouth once you've filled them up.

It is difficult to exhale from your mouth and nose simultaneously. Still, with little practice, it is not a difficult skill to acquire. Keep your lips closed in the middle without keeping the corners too tight.


So, these are some basic tips and tricks to vape like a pro. Again, if you ask us for recommendations, Elux Legend is on top of our chart for all the right reasons. Try it yourself and share your experience with us!

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